How David Added 4 SEO Clients To His Business In The Last 2 Weeks

For episode 19 of the Lion Zeal Show, I’ve brought on David Longacre. So David isn’t a “guru”, he’s also not doing crazy high numbers. But he’s putting in the hours and getting results because of that.

In this episode, we get into some of his recent successes, specifically, how he’s added 4 new clients of $1,000+ per month, within the last 2 weeks only.

You’ll learn:

14:30 – A simple step by step process for acquiring clients

12:18 – The cold email template David uses to get a 7-10% response rate

17:40 – How to find businesses that are highly likely to pay multiple 4 figures per month

22:55 – The reason David is now managing to find clients easily, compared to before

34:26 – How to track prospect clients that are visiting your website

44:52 – The most effective way to land clients on the phone

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Daryl Rosser: Hey, what’s up, guys? Daryl here, welcome back to another episode of the Lion Zeal show. This episode, I’ve brought on David L. who’s a client SEO guy. He’s been going at this for quite some time, but recently he’s been getting some pretty awesome results. So David was kind of unsure about coming on the show, he doesn’t think that he has the amazing results out like guru or anything to shed. These cools stories of his guru-ism’s or anything like that. But, he’s actually doing some pretty interesting stuff and I knew that you guys would really like to see it. So, in the last two weeks, as an example, David has taken on four new clients paying him there, or there abouts, around $1,000 per month. Now, some of them have paid him more obviously and some of them are paying him less. But that’s around $4,000 per month added to his income in just the last two weeks alone, as of doing the interview.

So, this is very interesting stuff and in this interview we basically break down step-by-step exactly what he did to get his clients and exactly what he’s doing to get more clients as we get into this. This is real actionable step-by-step training where you can go through tours of process and stuff he does to manage it all. And even the processes of managing the clients once he gets them on. So, it’s very actionable stuff in this interview, there’s not much fluff or story time. It’s a lot of step-by-step, here’s how to get clients and it breaks down how exactly he’s doing that and what’s worked for him the last two weeks to get four new clients. So, with that said guys, I hope you enjoy the episode and let’s cut straight into it.

David, what’s up, man? Thanks for coming on the show.

David: Hey Daryl, thanks man. Thanks for having me.

Daryl Rosser: I saw a post in my private group the other day, I thought we’d start off with this, I thought it was a pretty cool post. You said that it’s been a great week of prospects and closing this week, I closed one client on Monday for $750, one yesterday for $2,000, one today for $1,800, so that was a few days ago now. It was a pretty awesome post. Do you want to explain a little bit about what you’re doing roughly to … Obviously you are doing clients, what is it roughly that you’re working on?

David: Yeah, really it’s kind of been an upward stretch as far as expanding into client acquisition and I’ve just taken massive, massive, action. So, specializing in one niche, in that authority niche and acting like the authority when I come across, mainly on the phone now, I’m pretty much acting like I know exactly what I’m talking about with their niche and kind of going forward with that.

Daryl Rosser: Okay, it makes sense. So, specializing in one thing, I think is pretty common in our industry now. How did you pick that niche to get into then?

David: I actually started off with web design. So, I started off, maybe five-six years ago with web design. I learned a lot about web development and then I got into SEO maybe … Probably four years ago, but hard-core, two to three years ago. I was picking up a couple of clients through web design and then I kind of converted them over to SEO saying that I knew how to do SEO properly and as I was learning to go, I was kind of using their money to get paid through it.

Daryl Rosser: That’s awesome. Fair enough. I think a lot of people start that way, convert the client, and use their money to get started. Did you start out with PBNs and stuff?

David: No, I actually started out the old school way and started … Well, I did a lot of gray-hat stuff. I’m pretty particular when it comes to clients that I do a lot more white-hat, gray-hat on theirs. I still use PBNs now, but when I first started off with SEO, I was just using high powered web 2.0s and building those up. Kind of like strong PBNs through web 2.0. So, that’s where I was at.

Daryl Rosser: Okay. So, is it like spammy?

David: What was that?

Daryl Rosser: Like spam the web 2.0, just power-up, or?

David: Yeah, I used to do GSAs and tier 2 and tier 3 a lot. That was my big thing back then. Which, before penguin every rolled out, maybe in 2013, it used to work really well. After 2013 I still didn’t get hit, so I continued to use that tactic.

Daryl Rosser: Nice.

David: Until about 2014, to where I really got hit. Not on my clients sites, but mostly on a couple of my personal projects.

Daryl Rosser: At least you didn’t get your clients destroyed.

David: Yeah, no, actually I had one client that got knocked down to the second or third page and then I did a double 301 redirect on his site and used one of his other domains that he already had. I did actually have a couple of PBNs there, so I was testing out if it was the PBNs or some of the other stuff. So that’s kind of the stuff that you come across when a penalty does come apart. You just have to pick apart what didn’t work and what works.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, and you got them ranked within a couple weeks, with the double 301?

David: Oh, yeah, yeah. Double 301 works really well. Of course, Diggity recommended it a while ago, but I actually knew about it quite before that. Just playing around with stuff, with redirects and seeing what works and what doesn’t. As far as getting into the niche that I picked, it was mainly just because I already had clients in that niche. He had been a web design client and then I got into SEO. Started doing SEO for him, and then as the better I got, I actually started off with a … It was a website that wasn’t his main website, so he wanted to test me out on two separate sites that we built. One of them was an easier site and I got that ranked pretty quickly within two to three months. It was a less competitive key terms.

Then, the other site, I was able to get him to the first page and in that time he actually had … And I’ve come in contact with a lot of guys in my industry and other industries, but they’ll always have like a web guy, an AdWords guy, an SEO guy. They’ll have all these different parts because they don’t really know who to trust and who not to trust. With him, I was the web guy and I’m still pretty much his web guy, because most of these guys don’t really know what SEO is, or any of the other stuff, so …

Daryl Rosser: Fair enough.

David: I came into the website, started ranking his first website and in the meantime he had another web guy who worked on his site, wasn’t doing much SEO from what I could see and he actually got hit by a penalty. I think it was the penguin back in 2014. Then, he saw that I knew what I was doing on one of the other sites, so then he hired me to do his main site. That one, now he’s number one and so that was my proof of concept. So, I got into the niche mainly because he was such a good client. I had ranked three of his sites. He was perfectly happy and I kind of figured from watching your tutorials and a couple of others out there, specialize in one niche. Because I also have a local Orange county agency site as well. I have seen that specializing in niche and having that authority it has really helped traumatically in getting clients.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah definitely. I agree, I think it’s easier and one of the first questions a lot of companies will ask is have you ever worked with a client in our niche before? So, when you say that we’re the experts that work with clients in our niche’s, it’s such an easier sale and closing.

David: Yeah, exactly. It’s funny because having a local agency site, you’ll still have people that call you and they’ll be like, have you done my niche? I’m like, you’re calling me. You’re calling me because you know I’m the expert and I’ve ranked my site obviously and that’s how you found me, but have I done your niche, doesn’t really matter because I can apply the same tactics to you, but when you are prospecting, it is a lot different. When you call them, they want to know, have you done my niche because if you haven’t, then they don’t feel comfortable and it’s kind of one of the sayings, if you’re not local or if you’re not in their niche, they just don’t feel comfortable with doing business with you.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, you have to build a lot more trust to overcome that. So, you got that first client with was web design that you converted to SEO on a test site. Then you got the full client and from there you stuck with that niche until today? That’s your main niche today?

David: Yeah. He started off and I wanted to test out, so I ranked my local agency site and it’s ranked all over the place. I thought that would bring me a ton of calls, and it really didn’t. I tried out a couple of other things, I’m into paper lead and affiliate stuff as well, so I wanted to test out a bunch of different ways of spreading out your income. With a niche agency, I wanted to test that out. I know a lot of guys were talking about that last year. So, I picked up on that. Learned a lot about prospecting and a lot about building your agency, so I built a nice converting website. Of course, I thought that was still pretty important. Which it is, and it isn’t. You don’t have to have an amazing website. I’m just kind of a perfectionist. I spent a lot of time on it.

After that, I was like, let me give it a go and go all-in with pretty much learning and applying everything, taking action on exactly what I’ve learned from a lot of your courses, and some other guys as well.

Daryl Rosser: Awesome man. I’m interested in what you’re doing today for prospecting, but before I ask that I’m quite curious, how many inquiries do you get from the agency site? You said that’s ranking really well.

David: Yeah, and it’s kind of weird actually, there’s a couple things I think I could change on the agency site but I’ve seen a lot of other guys agency sites, which are pretty horrible. I don’t know how many inquiries they get. In the summertime I was getting maybe 2 to 3 a month, but it really wasn’t that much. There’s probably a lot of cool things my site, I could probably put that on my website and probably get a lot more inquiries. But since I picked it up going into the niche agency site, that’s been my focus for the last six months.

Daryl Rosser: Okay, so for the niche agency stuff and that’s what you’re doing today, and I guess that’s how you got back the three clients within five days or whatever that was. What exactly are you doing?

The cold email template David uses to get a 7-10% response rate

David: Yeah, so there’s a lot of different tactics out there that people are using either lumpy mail, I know there’s Facebook ads. Pretty much a lot of the things are cold emailing because people are afraid to get on the phone. I tried different tactics of cold email, we even tried a contact forms, which I know are pretty big. And so we tried a couple of different tactics, a lot of testing out what works and what doesn’t. I’m still testing today, my emails. My start of it is pretty much a cold email, which I know there’s a lot of cold email programs out there, even some new ones that have recently came out, but what I’ve learned through the process of cold emailing is, these guys in my niche and I’m sure a million other niches, they get emails all day long from marketers.

Daryl Rosser: All day.

David: These programs are meant to make it easier for you and to do quite a bit of emailing throughout a day to get a good conversion rate and response. But, from what I’ve seen, mail merges, and I’ve used quite a few tools already, but there’s plenty of tools out there that will go and find you prospects and you can go and scrape the web and you can go and do all this stuff and email them, but from what I’ve seen, the best thing is to get a list. Obviously you can use a BA or a scrape. And, you can go and scrape your niche and being in the US we have a huge market. There are so many major cities and there’s so many smaller cities, so if you’re starting out with SEO, or whatever, you could start out with smaller cities, to go after the smaller guys kind of close them a little bit easier.

A simple step by step process for acquiring clients

Starting off with a cold email, so a cold email would just be, it was a lot of basics of trying to explain myself and who I am and how I can help them and all this other stuff. Which, people have tested different stuff, I’ve seen different results out there, and I only know what is working for me right now. There have been other people like, okay explain yourself, explain who you are, but really all I’ve learned is majority of people and business owners are very selfish people. They only care about themselves, they want to know how you can help them and what their pain points are and how you are going to fix those pain points. Come off as very helpful, helps with the trust of having a niche agency site.

So, I have a niche agency site, I have a website where I have a business email from that agency site, which I’m emailing through. So it’s all on a lower volume, but from what I’ve seen I’ve had way higher conversions. So, annually doing this stuff, coming from my actual niche email, so agency niche, forwarding and sending them email saying, “Subject, Hey I made a video for you about your website”. Something like that as a subject line. Coming across like I’m not just some average internet marketer who can rank your website to number one in two to three months. I’m trying to come across, anything like that. As I’ve seen, I’ve tested different subjects and I’ve seen that that subject line really makes them want to open up. If someone made a video for me about my website, I would click it to figure out … Then I go into a little bit about who I am, which they can kind of get a configuration, but it’s really a brief … My first sentence is pretty much, “Hey, I checked out your website, this is who I am, and I’m listing the top three competitors that you have, and this is what I’ve checked out, what they’re doing, and what you’re lacking.

There’s other guys that go out and, everybody had different tactics, but everyone will try different stuff and so there are guys out there that are just doing video audits of every single persons website that they come across. Which, to me, takes a lot more time and is even more personal than I’m doing, but really what I’m trying to just do is gain a factor if they’re really interested or not.

How to find businesses that are highly likely to pay multiple 4 figures per month

Let me back up to how I’m actually finding these guys. So, I get a VA to pretty much scan exactly all of the top guys and I’m going, really I thought about going for every single person, but really I’m looking for the guys that can actually afford me. An SEO is not cheap. My lowest SEO client is about $750 to $1,000 per month. I don’t usually try to take on lower guys, because they will nickel and dime you and try to get whatever they can. If they can barely afford $500 per month, they are going to be blowing up your phone and you just don’t want those guys. I’m going for guys that are on either the bottom of page one, or page two, or page three.

Daryl Rosser: Okay, is that your only requirement?

David: What was that?

Daryl Rosser: Is that your only requirement? Or, do you check the …

David: I’ve checked for using AdWords as well, but and there’s a lot of guys out there that recommend, if they are already spending money on advertising, they’re going to be more apt to go with you and spend money with SEO as well. But, there are clients that I have right now that are not doing AdWords and I was able to pick them up. I don’t really try to just base it off, if they’re not doing AdWords, what I actually am doing, and I think that there’s some automated tools out there that, kind of look at this data, but my main requirement is … Penguin, SEO has changed so much in the last two to three years, so what happened and what I’ve seen a lot is that I use SpyFu and SEMRush. That will give me analytical data on each website that I enter, so what I’ve seen is that a lot of guys used to have great years in 2013 and 2014. So, I’m actually getting a VA to go look at certain years where these guys were killing it back then and are not killing it now.

A lot of guys, what happened is they were on page one, and I’ve talked to a lot of guys and they will tell you, man I was killing it back in 2013-14. Well, I’m here to help get you back to that spot. I have a spreadsheet of exactly that guys that used to be killing it and they’re either on the second or third page, or even the bottom of the first page. And, I’m going back to how much traffic they were getting back then, and how much traffic they’re getting now, and where their spots are. So I have a spreadsheet of that and then I am just cold emailing through the process of going through the bottom of page one, page two, page three. Emailing all those guys, doing some manual stuff, but I have a lot that the VA was able to acquire some phone numbers and emails that you can acquire. I’m just emailing them and saying, hey I see this is what your competitors are doing, if you reply, I’ll be sure to send that video over to you. Recently I’ve been testing different closing questions, asking a question to get them to respond back to me. Since I asked a question, if you respond back, I will send you that video. It’s been maybe one out of ten people have been responding now. So, pretty good.

Daryl Rosser: That’s pretty … Yeah. Is that out of the open rates, or out of the amount sent?

David: That’s out of the amount that have sent.

Daryl Rosser: Wow, that’s a pretty awesome rate.

David: So, people have been, and I’ve actually had since I changed the subject line, I’ve had probably 7 out of 10 people have been opening it.

Daryl Rosser: Nice.

David: I’ve been tracking that and it’s really just because if I can find the owners name I’ll put that in the subject line as well. Being as personable as possible, not only in the subject line, but in the email. Hey, this is what I do, I can see where you were, so I see that you are number eight on the second page for niche with keyword, that’s the first sentence. Then, your pain points, this is who your top three competitors are, I see what they’re doing and I see what you’re lacking. This is how I can help, I’ve made a video for you about it. Would you like to see it? I’ve had pretty good responses with that and even the guys that will …

The reason David is now managing to find clients easily, compared to before

I’ve been tracking if the guys have been opening it or not and even … I don’t put an actual link for them to click over to my site, but I do have a signature at the bottom, so it’s kind of discrete, but there will be a lot of guys that are curious. Obviously, I have a website in their niche. So, these guys are at the point of, their curious and the ones that when I wake up in the morning and I come into the office and I see they guys that clicked over to my website, not only did they open the website, but they clicked over to my website. Those are the first guys I call. I get on the phone and pretty much, and this has been a process for me for a while, because I am good at sales but I’m not good at … I wasn’t competent enough with cold calling. So, that’s really what’s changed the game recently is that I just decide, if you’re going to reach out to these guys, because they’re a lot of people they will cold email you all day long. But there are very few guys that will take action to actually pick up that phone.

Daryl Rosser: Very few, yeah.

David: If you sound competent with it and you specialize in their niche, they will at least give you that five minutes to listen to you. Those are the first guys that I’ve been picking up, calling, and I’ll just say, hey I’m so and so, I specialize in your niche, I see you are on the second page for this key word and back in 2013 and ’14 you were absolutely killing it. I’m here to get you back to that spot. Do you have five minutes to listen to me? And, I’ve actually had a pretty good response, just coming off something like that, something really easy. You get pretty good response with that, some guys will be like, either “a” I’m not interested, “b” I don’t have to talk right now, and let’s schedule an appointment. And boom, I take it to the next presentation call. Or “c”, let me hear your spiel right now.

I’m kind of like, I will have their website pulled up, I’ll have where they are in Google pulled up and I’ll have them in SEMRush pulled up. So, if they do give me that “c”, give me your spiel right now, I’ll go into a good five to ten minutes about a brief analyzation. Hey, I see your website sucks, I see that you’re not doing that well in SEMRush, or I can see that your traffic is not that great and then going into that brief. Of course, their next question is always how much is it?

I go into, it’s like buying a new car without knowing what you’re getting. Let me at least give you a presentation of exactly what I can do to show you what I’m going to be doing to help you to pass your competitors. That right there gives it a little bit more trust, I don’t have to just sit there and spend the next 30 minutes with the presentation and them tell me, no. Because the price is to much. So, usually what I do after that, and I have to say, let me get a couple of questions about you and so I’ll go into a little bit of more of a trust factor. Right before I end a call, exactly what they’re doing with their business, have they done any marketing? What are they doing? How big there business is, all that kind of good stuff.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, okay. If we go into the sales process, all like the presentation and from that, could we quickly go through the email stuff again? So you go through Google in your niche, you check pages, the bottom of page one, page two, page three. You check them on SEMRush and stuff and see where they used to rank if they lost rankings from the first page.

David: Correct, yeah, so I think there are some automated tools that, will see if you’ve done it in the last three months. But my big one was hitting them with a pain point of, obviously the last three months is super important, but a majority of it is that these guys have got hit by penalties. 2013, 2014, is really when the penguin penalties were last updated. Those are the big ones that, that’s where it hurts most, because it’s now 2016, it’s been two years since they’ve had that traffic and they know what it’s like to get that traffic. So, they have maybe downgraded their business, down sized in yearly revenue, maybe down sized in workers, down sized in trucks or whatever that they have for their business.

Daryl Rosser: They know the potential as well.

David: They know the potential, exactly. So they already know. Some of the guys, like I said, it doesn’t really matter even if they are doing AdWords, they already know the potential of SEO. Those are the best guys, to me, to come upon. Get the guys that we know that were are doing well and you want to go and help them back to that process.

Daryl Rosser: And you email the owner’s?

David: I email the owner, correct. You know, every single niche and every single business, I think has their own kind of hurdle to get to that owner. I do a paper lead site in the plastic surgery niche and when I first started that I had to find partners before I actually ranked the site. That was a hurdle of its own because that actual niche is insanely hard to talk to the surgeon. They are never available. So I think every single niche has its own hurdle to actually talk to the owner. I, coming across, as the owner of a niche agency site is pretty easy for me to get past the office person when I’m actually calling. As far as emailing, I don’t know if the owner’s actually getting it, or not, but that’s when I’m calling and following up. I think that that’s the big thing that separates it, is the guys that are just emailing and they open it and then maybe you don’t follow up with that and you email again the second week and they still maybe open it. Well, the problem is that they are business owners. They are busy as crap.

Daryl Rosser: They get distracted. Like one minute they’re reading it and the next minute something comes up and they forgot about it.

David: Exactly. I’ve got clients and other prospects that I talk to and they will talk to you for two minutes and be like, I have a call coming in, I can’t talk … All right, you have to kind of role with that. The email is actually just the process for me to kind of have a reason to actually call. Because then it’s not really a cold call, in my mind at least, and that’s really at that’s important, is what’s in your mind. How confident you are when you’re picking up that phone. Hey, I’ve already emailed you, I’m not just some guy out there that’s calling you. So if you come across in that in that way, I’ve already emailed you and so I’ll say this is David with so and so agency, have you looked at my email? Some guys will say yes, they’ve looked at it. Some guys will be like, let me check. And, I’ll wait the two minutes for them to check it. And they’ll go and check and they’ll be like, oh okay. Or, yeah, how can I help you. I’ll go into my thing, I see where you are at in SEMRush, I see back in 2013 it used to be a great year, and I’m here to get you back to that number one spot.

Daryl Rosser: I think that’s important that when you got on the phone with them, you’re not saying, let me send you the video. You’re actually just walking them directly through the exact same information on the call.

David: Yeah, exactly. The guys that will respond to me, I will go and make that five minute video. So, I will go and audit their website and do kind of the same thing that I would be doing with the call. But, really what I’m trying to do is email them, of course, if they respond and they want a video, I’ll go and make that video. Once I send the video off, I’ll follow up with the call again. But really, what I’m trying to do, and I’ll have guys that will even ask about the video while I’m on the phone with them, and they’ll say I see you made me a video, send me that. I’ll say, yeah, no problem. But, if you have five minutes I can kind of go over with you. And that right there is like, people will watch videos but if you can kind of go over it within five minutes and actually talk to a regular person instead of watching a video, it’s a little bit more personal.

The email I still think is important. I think it gives you that confidence of knowing your emailing, knowing that someone was able to see it. I could see that if they saw it, if they tracked, if they clicked over to my website, stuff like that. But really, it’s kind of just a confidence booster for me to get on the phone and have a reason to actually call them.

Daryl Rosser: Gotcha. Do you have any tools and stuff that you use to make the emails better? So, for tracking and do you use anything to help find the owners email address.

David: There’s quite a few tools out there. I really have had best luck with my VA, just training them how to prospect, but there are ones. I can’t remember the tool off my head. But there is one that finds through LinkedIn, so it will go through LinkedIn. There’s probably ten tools off the bat. There’s Local Scraper, there’s a couple of them, even automatic scrapers that I have. That will go and scrape the generic email, but really it’s about getting as more personal with the owner as you can. So, getting a VA to go and find, at least on the About page, on their Yelp page, on their LinkedIn, finding in those areas where you can get the owner’s name and email. Because in my niche, it is info at website, in the majority of the websites. So, if they’re small time, it will go directly to them. Because there are a lot of guys that like to micromanage and they like the emails to go to them. But, the bigger guys will always have an office person that is checking those emails. But, like I said, when I’m calling, it’s actually pretty easy to get right past that office person.

Daryl Rosser: Okay, and what about tracking the … You said you know how many people open them and stuff.

How to track prospect clients that are visiting your website

David: Yeah, it’s Contact Monkey, it’s very basic.

There is plenty of other ones that are probably 100 times better, but I’m not using it to its full potential, but I’m also not doing a mass amounts of emails. I’m doing it simply to see if you opened. I mean, it’s got the basic features, I know it hooks up right to my Outlook. I use Outlook, so it hooks up with my business email, it hooks up to my outlook, and then I really just, all I want to know is if they opened it. What time they opened it. It will tell me what time they opened it. What they opened it with, maybe a Gmail, or whatever they opened with. And I’ll see, in Gmail, a lot of the times you’ll see multiple opens and that’s just a Gmail setting for some reason. It looks like they’ve maybe opened your email five times and get all excited, but it’s just a Gmail setting. So, all I’m looking for is when they opened it. If they opened it recently, I’ll get on the phone and call them right there and act like I didn’t know they opened my email.

Daryl Rosser: Okay, like saying that I’m stalking you. I’ve seen you open this.

David: Yeah. Exactly. All I’m looking for is if they opened it and especially the guys that clicked over to my link. So, I’ll go ahead and call those guys right off the bat. If they’ve already checked out my website, that means they were a little bit more interested, they read my email, they know exactly what I’m about and then they’ve already went into my website as well.

Daryl Rosser: Okay, so you’re emailing these people that have lost their ranking. You’re focusing on their competitors and what they’re doing differently. Can I convince you to share your email template. Because most people probably won’t be on the same niche.

David: Yeah, you know what, I think it’s probably in one of our private groups and I think I shared that. So, honestly I don’t mind sharing it. It’s not anything particular, I didn’t really make it up, it was more of just piecing other people’s together. So, it’s a lot of testing, but yeah, I don’t mind sharing a generic version of what I have.

Daryl Rosser: Awesome, so you send this email. Everyone that opens it, you call them up, as soon as you can?

David: Yeah, as soon as I can. A lot of my guys that I’m emailing are on the east coast, so then there are different time zones. So, they’re three hours ahead of me. I try to get in the office and when my brain is working the best, I just get in there and start calling. I have that little bit of caffeine confidence.

Daryl Rosser: Nice. I presume most of the time it’s a gate keeper.

David: Yeah, the majority of the guys that are on, especially if they’re on the bottom of the first page, you will get gate keeper. Second page you will still get a gate keeper. Third page, not the majority of the time. And that’s what you will learn is through the process and that’s what makes you an authority in a specializing in that niche, is you’ll learn your niche after even a month worth of taking action. You’ll learn your niche and as long as you know 10% more than them about their website and their campaign, they will listen to you. So, all I’m doing is learning about their niche, which I’ve been in the niche for a while but I know exactly what they’re doing on a regular basis, to how to market, how they’re getting their forms and a lot of websites are absolutely horrible. So, that kind of tells me right there if they’re spending money on their campaign, or is it important to them.

You’ll see even guys that are doing AdWords, spending money with Google and their websites are horrible. Coming from a web design background, it’s easy for me to, in a nice way, pick apart their site. I have a case study on my website, but I also just kind of point that out, when I’m talking to them.

Daryl Rosser: Okay, a niche relative case study?

David: Yeah. Exactly. Hey, this is a guy I’ve already done. We introduced this, this, and this on his website and we saw a 35% increase in conversions. And that right there is another pain point. Hey, this guy’s doing this and you’re not doing it. You’re spending money with Google AdWords, or this is why you’re currently not converting as well. Most guys, they won’t know their conversions. They won’t know how many calls they get. They won’t know how many forms they get. It’s pretty insane coming across business owners, what they actually know, and that’s really where your competence comes in. If you know more than they do about their own business, they look to you as, you’re an authority, you’re an expert, I need your help. How can I sign up?

Daryl Rosser: So, you’re sending these emails out, you said before that you’re getting, in the last few you’re getting one in ten responses. Is that from your email?

David: Yeah, that’s just from the email.

Daryl Rosser: Then you call them up. Do you have any idea what sort of … How many calls you can get scheduled out of that?

David: Yeah, so I’ve been doing, right now, I’ve been kind of doing a trial test is 30 calls. So, I’ve been doing emails on one day, because emails is kind of … It’s less, you don’t have to be on your toes. I mean, it’s just emails right. You’re doing a little bit of research on their business and then you’re emailing them and then you’re setting your reminder tomorrow morning if they looked at your email or whatever, then you follow up. So, I’ve been doing 30 emails a day. Usually on a Monday. Then I’ll do calls on a Tuesday. So, I’ve been doing about 15 calls on the following day.

Daryl Rosser: Okay. Awesome.

David: And it’s usually to the guys that have opened my email, or the guys that have responded and wanted a video. I’ll kind of put that off a little bit and wait til later on in the day. Then I’ll go and make a batch of videos. So I try to segment my processes of work. If it’s all email and researching, then I’ll do all email and researching. If it’s doing all audit videos, then I’ll do all audit videos. If it’s all calls, then I’ll do all calls, because your mind works in that certain way to where your brain will respond to those certain things. Especially when you are on the phone, if one guy says yes, that sets your whole day to call the rest of the guys all day. And you think everybody’s going to respond the same. Not everybody is, but …

Daryl Rosser: Yeah definitely. It’s difficult to jump between things. So, for the calling do you have any idea the rough percentage of what people don’t answer, what people tell you to get lost, and what people you can actually have a chat with and maybe schedule something?

David: Yeah, and it’s kind of hard to actually put those numbers in because there’s so many factors that go into it. One, I found that the ones that had really good years in 2013-14, they respond a lot better. The ones that are currently getting traffic right now, maybe don’t respond as good. Or, the guys that are already at the bottom of the first page to where if I can show them what this number one spots like 29% and your down at 1%. If I could show that in a real five minute spanned, or I can just tell them what their competitors are getting, how much they are trafficking, how they’re not. It’s kind of hard to predict how many guys will respond but as far as the guys that are answering, it’s probably one in three that I can get on the phone and get past the gate keeper and talk to them that same day.

The guys that are actually responding and saying, yes I’ll listen to you, is probably maybe one in four. So, I’ve had pretty good conversions with actually getting them to the presentation call. And that’s my whole goal with that call. My goal is to sound as authoritative and expert as possible and get them over to that presentation call. Because I’ve set up my presentation pretty well, which has taken me a long time to setup the presentation process as well, which I’ve learned from your course that educate close as well. That really helped with knowing how to get them to that point, but the process of learning to get them to the presentation was me just kind of testing different things, saying different things, right when they pick up. Having a, not a sales-y voice. I know a lot of guys out there that are super sales-y. They’ll come off and they’ll say stuff very quick and they’ll be like, hey this is how I can help you … Can you listen to me. And I’m really just coming off analytical-

Daryl Rosser: A genuine person.

David: I have SEMRush in front of me, so I have more knowledge about their website then they do. That’s been super important.

Daryl Rosser: That makes sense. How many emails are you sending in roughly a day?

David: About 30 a day. Sometimes I’ll go more, sometimes it will be less. But, I try to set a goal of about 30 a day.

Daryl Rosser: Okay. Let’s cover a little bit on the presentation. We’re getting quite far into this, we’re like 43 minutes, but we’ll do a little extra. What are you doing in regards to the presentation?

The most effective way to land clients on the phone

David: It’s really kind of the same thing. I’m trying to stick with the same kind of program. So, with the email, it’s pain points about where they were and what they’re competitors are doing. So, then on the setting up call, it’s a kind of brief thing. Exactly the same thing about that. What I was talking about on the email and the presentation is really just a long process of exactly that. So it’s a tool, I think it’s called local site submit. There’s a bunch of them. It’s kind of like a site auditor. They’re citations, like Brightlocal has it, a couple other ones.

But really, it’s just that tool, it’s SEMRush of their first three top competitors. So, I have probably about ten tabs open and when I’m going through this presentation, it’s just join dot me. I’ll get them on the phone, I’ll do a screen sharing. That way, I’m on the phone with them, they can hear my voice but I also have everything laid out for me within those ten tabs.

Daryl Rosser: They can see the visuals as well.

David: They see the visual and I’ll just sit there and lay all that stuff out. That way, I can just go over tab after tab after tab and walk them through the exact process of, this is what this person’s doing. We can see that they are number one, they’re obviously getting a ton of traffic. They’ve been there for a while. And then I’ll just go into either Majestic or Ahrefs. I like Majestic just because it has trusts and I use trusts as a factor.

They don’t know what it means, but I use trusts as, this person is trustful, Google likes them a little bit more. A part of the reason why they are doing it, it’s not as good as far as analyzing all their backlinks, but as far as … Most of these guys don’t know the majority of what you’re talking about anyway, so that’s what I’ve learned.

Daryl Rosser: It proves to them.

David: Yeah, it is just being as technical as I am at trying to tone that down, and give them what they know and what they understand. Which is, where they are at in the rankings, how many forms they are getting, and what their competitors are doing better than them. So, SEMRush is a great tool. Majestic is a great tool, then I just go straight to their website. I have seen, talking about their competitors websites and talking about their website has had a huge improvement.

Me being a web guy, I know the pain points of what a landing page should look like. Home pages are your landing page in this industry. Which, the majority of industries I’ve seen they are that way as well. That’s where you get the majority of your traffic and a lot of these guys will be sending traffic to their homepage, and I treat, and when we build these websites like a landing page. I have everything laid out on this homepage so you don’t really have to go to these other pages. And so, I kind of lay it out in that sense and I’ll show them another clients site that I’ve built. That this is what this person is doing and this is the 35% increase that we’ve seen. That also shows proof of kind of like a case study right there. It’s this guy’s doing so much better than you. This is why. But I’m really I’m trying to say it in the nicest possible way. But I go to their competitors site and say, okay this guy’s got his phone number in the right hand corner. He’s got a form on the left hand. Or, his websites not that great. If we build a better website we can beat him not only in traffic, but in conversions as well.

I’m trying to come off as not just an SEO, I’m not just trying to come off as a web guy. I’m trying to put conversions, websites, and SEO all in one. And that really has put me as the authority in why I’ve had such a good close rate lately.

Daryl Rosser: That makes sense. So, you are educating them on everything related to that website basically. They are losing money as a result of.

David: Exactly. And that’s what I’ve seen. Like you said, you really don’t even have to have proof of being in their concept. I like to throw it in there, obviously I have proof, so it helps me, but if I was to start off. You really don’t need proof of, I’ve already ranked this guy, or this is the website that I built that’s doing so well. You are really just going off their website and they know their competitors most of the time. They know the top three guys that are killing it. They’re very envious of them, so you can bring that up in the nicest possible way and mention it, this is why they are doing this. And this is their website, and then I just go down the tabs, one, two, and three. So, SEMRush, Majestic, and their website.

And then I just do that on the first guy. The second guy and the third guy, I’m pretty brief because I’ve already stuck that dagger in there. They already know what’s going on and then I’ll go straight to their website. And then I go a little bit more deeper into their website then I do their competitors. They these are the key words that you are currently ranked for, this how much traffic they were getting back in 2014. You’re ranked for keyword “city”, you’re on the top of the second page, which you are in a great stop, we can get you back to that first page and you’ll even get quite a bit more traffic than you’re currently getting right now. You’re also getting this amount of percentage with this key word. And, we can easily with some onsite stuff, a couple strong backlinks, all that kind of other stuff.

I don’t really go in to deep of what I’m going to be doing as far as backlinking. I’m pretty much just trying to educate them on exactly what they’re lacking.

Daryl Rosser: Okay, that makes sense.

David: I just do a brief analyzation of all their citation stuff and then I’ll just go straight into my proposal. And the proposal is just kind of an educated, exactly what I laid out. Talk to them, I’m specialized in this H and C stuff. I do have a case study in my proposal. I kind of scroll down. When I’m scrolling down it has the case study. I just say, this guy’s number one, he’s getting 50 calls a day. Dagger right there. So, keeps scrolling down and then I’ll go into this is what we do on a month-to-month basis and then at the very end, it has the price. I confidently say it. This is a competitive niche. You’re guys are paying this price. If they have current SEOs working on their stuff, this is the price we do and either, would you like to get started today is my close.

Daryl Rosser: Okay, so you soft close.

David: Yeah. What I’ve tried to ask certain questions at the very end. What’s stopping you from getting started today? Or, do you have any questions? Most of them will say no. And they’ll just say, send me the proposal and we’ll talk later. Which, I thought I needed to close them right then and there after the presentation, but what I’ve seen is most guys are just trying to … You’ve laid out everything that they could possibly want. You’re entirely educating them on what it is, so they can either afford it, or they can’t. The majority of the guys on the second page, if you do a presentation correctly, they have enough income coming in to where they can’t afford it. And, if you do a good enough job on your education, then they will move around some stuff and stop paying the yellow pages or anything crap that’s not working and they’ll go and invest in you and your company.

Daryl Rosser: Awesome.

David: It’s really just all about building the trust of being an authority niche and then going straight into the education part. Then, just being really good at your … Being confident enough to ask those questions. Can we start today?

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, it’s huge.

David: And you can tack those sorts of questions on the end proposal. But being confident when you say the price is really the most important thing.

Daryl Rosser: So, what sort of closing rate are you getting then?

David: Lately I’ve been doing pretty good. I mean, I’ve had eight presentations in the last two weeks and we closed four of those guys.

Daryl Rosser: Awesome man. Is that on the call, or after.

David: Yeah, there was about four of the guys said either call me in three months, or I just can’t afford it right now. I haven’t had, you’re way too much. But one thing I did want to mention that has helped me recently, I don’t know if I made it up or what, but it’s an incentive program. Really, a lot of these guys that I’m kind of getting are on page two. So, what I’m doing is, if I come at a guy for $1,800 per month, which I exactly did this process. He spoke with his partner and he said, it sounds good, your presentation sounds awesome, we want to move forward, but $1,800 is a lot for us right now. And I said, no problem. What I’ll do is, I have an incentive program. I actually don’t do this for a lot of clients, but I do want to take on you as a client. You sounds like you would be a good client to take on. And I say, I’ll drop it down to $1,400 a month until we get to that first page. And then once we get to that first page, I’ll get up to that $1,800 per month.

Daryl Rosser: Okay, that makes sense. Are you closing most of these on the call, itself, or are they getting back to you afterwards.

David: I would say that 75% of them are getting back to me afterwards. So, I actually don’t let them get off the phone with me right then. I actually just say, a lot of the guys will say, your proposal looks good, will you send it over and I say, yeah no problem. What a lot of people do is, they’ll sit on that proposal, think about how much it is, and then they may be indecisive. They’ll say, call me in a week, or something like that. What I’ve been doing is just saying, no problem, I’ll send that over to you, if you have any questions in the meantime, be sure to email me or call me. But, let’s set up a time to talk in two days. So, if it’s Tuesday, I’ll set up a time, let me call you at this time on Thursday. That gives them a scheduled time to know that I’m going to call them again. Then, they actually take the action to go and look at the proposal again and then I will go ahead and call them on a Thursday. That’s been kind of been my closing day. If there is anything that I’ve learned through the call, while talking to them, I try to bring that up again in that very closing call.

So, it’s kind of like a prospecting email, an opening call, a presentation call, and then a closing call seems to be. So, that kind of process of doing all that has built enough trust to where they’re willing to hire you for $1,800 a month.

Daryl Rosser: That makes a lot of sense. They are really cool prices man. Let’s wrap this up with a few final questions. We’ll keep it kind of quick and brief.

David: Sure.

Daryl Rosser: So you’ve taken on four clients in the last two weeks, you said. How the heck do you manage them?

David: Yeah, so before I started actually doing a lot of prospecting, I actually built up all my VAs beforehand. And, as I’m growing, I’m able to hand a lot of that stuff on. I kind of have a system down of, this is my client form, once it goes to the client form, this is the stuff that I start off with and then from there, it’s kind of like handing a lot of that stuff over to my VAs that already know exactly the process of doing this. Doing the clients acquisition, then the clients opening, the clients forms, I send them out all that stuff, make sure they know what they’re getting and then it goes straight into client fulfilment for my VAs on that part.

Daryl Rosser: Okay, so that makes sense. So, VAs and outsource things like that.

David: Yeah, exactly. And at the rate I am right now, I think I should probably be able to bring on a client a week is my goal. I’m trying to get-

Daryl Rosser: For how long?

David: What was that?

Daryl Rosser: For how long?

David: Probably about two to three months. And then at that point I think I’ll probably take a break, because I’ll have more clients than I need. Not a break that I’m going to do, just being able to make sure that my VAs are doing exactly everything’s in order. I’m just trying to correct a problem right now, that I don’t have enough clients. Once I have to many clients, I will just make sure that everything’s in order and makes sure that all the client fulfilment’s are good and ready. Then, if I’ve built my system up enough, and I hired more VAs to be able to take on a lot of the stuff. I’m going to try at some point to kind of take myself out of the prospecting emailing part. But, right now I like to be in the trenches, I learned so much of it and that’s why I kind of want to give back a lot of the stuff that I’m learning because a lot of guys, they’ll have all their VAs do it and they don’t actually know what’s going on from day-to-day and how to test what’s in the trenches.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, that makes sense. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made since running your agency?

David: The biggest mistake is not setting the right guidelines when you take a client on. When you are in need of clients, you’re a little bit more eager to take them on and not to exactly tell them what the guidelines are, so some guys when they think you’re a web guy, they will blow up your phone. And so, setting those guidelines from exactly how much you can talk to me, how many appointments we can set up, and exactly what you are going to get on a month-to-month basis, and also SEO is a long term game, don’t call me in a month or two when you are not exactly … When you phones not blowing up, but I have seen with these guys that are on page one, two, and three, it is going to be a lot easier to get them. So, I will be able to make them happier on a quicker process whereas if they are on page eight, or nine.

Daryl Rosser: Okay, so that makes sense. You’re setting very clear expectations so they don’t treat you like a slave.

David: Exactly. Yeah, that’s been the biggest mistake is not setting clear expectations from the start. So, that’s huge especially when you are trying to scale this at a mass scale. Taking on as many clients as you want to. You need to set clear expectations from the exact start. So there is no differences later down the line.

Daryl Rosser: I can’t think of any other questions. I’m already just over an hour on the call. It’s been really cool. Let’s do one more. If someone’s just starting out, and they want to get their first client, what would you recommend they do?

David: Yeah, so really, it’s super simple because my system that I’ve built is really easy to duplicate in any kind of niche really. So, I would not even specializing in any niche. Anything that your friends, or someone that you know in niche, go get SEMRush, or any one of these tools. You can even get a trial version for 14 days. Go get SEMRush, you can get an easy WordPress or whatever kind of site that you want. Put that up quickly, get a business email from that. Pick a niche and a city. Go to that first, second, and third, page and enter that in SEMRush and have your prospecting list of maybe 20 or 30 guys and this can be in a 2 to 3 day span. So you can really get clients pretty quickly. There was a lot of times when I would sit there and do this whole process and get a client at the end of the week.

Daryl Rosser: Nice.

David: So you really can just get … You can do this entire process within 2 to 3 days. Get your business email. It doesn’t have to be a beautiful website. They’re probably not even going to look over it. And really just getting into that email sending that personal email. Being as personal as you can, analyzing what they are doing and what they’re not doing. Sending that email and then just being confident enough to pick up that phone because the majority of the time these dudes are not going to tell you to f-off.

Daryl Rosser: The majority.

David: What was that?

Daryl Rosser: The majority of the time.

David: The majority of the time. There are going to be some guys, but really the more personal you come off, and the more you sound like you know what you’re talking about their niche. Then they are going to be more responsive to talk to you.

Daryl Rosser: Do you have any tips to get the guts to call people up, or is it just pick up the phone and even if you suck you’ll get over it.

David: That one has been a tough one of me because there has been times that I’ve picked up the phone and was still nervous and it really just changed it. It’s just a mind set change of psyching yourself up to know … Really, it’s the cold email thing that has been a little bit more confident of being able to pick up the phone. And having my agency niche website, that I’m in your niche. If they go to it and it sucks, whatever, it doesn’t really matter. You’re just saying that, I’m in our niche, I help other guys and to me, making it seem like I’m already in your niche and I already have clients in this niche, then that’s kind of fake it till you make it.

Daryl Rosser: All right man. Awesome, this has been really fun and the cold email stuff, especially with the cold call follow-up, most people I don’t think do that. We’ll have the guts to do that so hopefully you can inspire some people to pick up the phone and makes some calls.

David: Yeah, if you want those four clients in two weeks, you will pick up that phone.

Daryl Rosser: Exactly. How badly do you want it?

David: Exactly.

Daryl Rosser: Awesome man. Is there anywhere people can find you if they want to reach out and ask some questions, or connect?

David: Yeah, so I’m big in Facebook groups. I’m in a lot of Facebook groups, on there. I respond to a lot of guys on Facebook as well. So, I’m also big on Skype, but usually you can just add me on Facebook. David Linacre, it’s pretty easy to find me. I usually respond the majority of the time to a lot of guys. So, as I’m learning a lot of stuff, I don’t mind giving back to the groups. Because I’ve learned so much from other groups.

Daryl Rosser: Awesome man, so I’ll link up your Facebook. Cool.

David: All right.

Daryl Rosser: Thanks again for coming on the show, it’s been really fun.

David: Yeah, thanks Daryl for having me man.

Daryl Rosser: All right, awesome. All right guys, thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you guys in next week’s episodes.



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  • Alex - New Frontiers Marketing  September 15, 2016 at 1:52 pm

    Great stuff Daryl (and David), but is there any chance of getting these interviews transcribed in future? I’m one of these people who much prefer to have a written record of something than a video one.

    Transcribers are waaaay cheap these days on upwork, fiverr, peopleperhour etc.

    • Daryl Rosser  September 15, 2016 at 2:57 pm

      Cheers Alex. One of the next things I’ll be adding, first thing to do was outsource the damn editing lol.

      • Kyle Milligan  December 4, 2016 at 8:23 pm

        Daryl, I’ve PMed you on facebook regarding transcribing your interviews.
        Hope to hear from you!

    • Darryl Smith  January 8, 2017 at 3:25 pm

      If you would like a free transcript of these or any other YouTube video, go to the YT video page and click ‘More’under the video (next to the ‘Share’ and ‘Add To’ buttons) and the drop down list will have a transcription with timings right there. You can also get statistics and a full report on the video too!

  • Sonam Lama  September 15, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    Daryl thank you so much for all the value you provide for our Lion Zeal community. Man you are an inspiration and it’s so refreshing to hear from a real SEO how to grow an SEO Empire without the fluff and BS overhyped advice that we so often hear in this industry. So just wanted to give you a heartfelt thank you brother. And David thank you so much for being so generous and providing in specific detail of what’s working for you right now for getting clients. I actually closed a few clients a few years back using this video review strategy on Linkedin. And now I’m so excited to hear it also works with cold emailing since that’s my prospecting strategy right now. David can you please post a link to your email template? Thanks again brother!

  • Mathew  September 15, 2016 at 9:59 pm

    Hi Daryl,

    Thanks for sharing information , I learned a lot from it. I think everyone can learn something useful from this video. But the main idea is that if you work hard enough your will succeed. It could be in a year, it could be in 20 years. Eventually, your hard work will pay off.

  • Charles Hoag  September 18, 2016 at 11:06 am

    Hello Daryl and David,

    Also wanted to chime in with the same note of gratitude for what both of you provided here, and of course to Daryl, in all your courses and videos. I’ve been working along with cold emails for a few weeks now without much results, so David, your talk shows me that it does indeed work, I just need to up my game in a number of ways. Thanks so much for opening my eyes a bit more as to what specific ways to do that to get the results I’m looking for and that they are out there.

  • Glenn  January 28, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    Really enjoyable video and been going through some of the other videos on you tube, it’s a great process of getting around cold call approaches for potential clients. There was mention of a generic email template being shared is this ready yet? I have joined the mastermind Facebook group so hopefully it’s on the inside of the group when I’m accepted.