How Diggy Went From Supermarket Cashier to Digital Nomad

Do you find it hard to stay motivated long enough to grow a successful business?

In this episode, Daryl sits down with Diggy to discuss how to get started, building up your business, and mindset traits that you need to run a successful business and then scale it.

With the wrong mindset, your business will fail. Learn what Diggy does to avoid these failures.

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Links and Resources Mentioned:

  • MarketingInc (Diggy’s site on how to start an agency)
  • JVZoo (Commission Platform specializing on products to make money online)
  • ClickBank (Commission Platform focusing on information products)

Topics Covered:

03:33 – The difference in the mindset of someone who goes out and executes, versus someone who doesn’t.

08:52 – The tricks to make sure you stay motivated

14: 11 – How to pick a specific niche

21:13 – The best methods for pricing your product

28:49 – How to initially set-up your funnel

33:47 – How to set the right goals to focus on


Daryl Rosser: Hey guys, Daryl Rosser here. I’m here in Chiang Mai Thailand at Chiang Mai SEO Conference and I decided to kidnap some of the speakers, some of the attendees, direct them back to my apartment here, and interview them, just for you guys to get some exclusive content. So let’s get straight into it, enjoy.

Hey guys, Daryl Rosser here, welcome back to another episode of the Lion Zeal show. I’m joined today by Mr. Diggy, and we’ve talking about getting started, building up your business, and general sort of mindset traits. Between us, we’ll coach, thousands of people on how to start their businesses, how to scale their businesses, and we were able sit down and discuss, like I know this may seem kind of boring to some people, but frankly, I think it’s more important than the strategy. Everyone thinks like they need a strategy, “what’s the email template to use to go out there and get clients”. I believe that biggest mistake that you will make isn’t, like, the strategy, it’s usually like, they don’t have the mindset in place to actually do it. I give out the email template to thousands of people, and guess how many of them actually go out there and actually send the emails? Very few.

So I want to talk about the differences in someone that actually joins a program, and or gets the email template, and looks at it like “Oh this is kinda cool” then just quits like a week later and does nothing. Versus the guys that go out there and the guys that we meet at this conference that’s gonna and get us some massive results, take massive actions, ultimately changed their lifestyles. So that’s what we’re breaking down, what we believe our differences are, between those types of people, also the trait you should aim to create in yourself, and really how to think about that and get started and start building up your business. I hope you guys enjoy the interview, let’s get straight into it.

Diggy, thanks for joining me man, it’s awesome to catch up again and hang out again, talk some business.

Diggy Dirk: Good to be here.

Daryl Rosser: So for anyone that hasn’t seen our previous interview. Introduce yourself, what it is that you do, that sort of thing.

Diggy Dirk: Yeah, so I’m Diggy, and I’ve got stuff like 2 products online about like making money online. So one is how to start an agency, which is marketinginc., and the other one is more of like, how to build an email marketing business with affiliate marketing and paid traffic. So two different aspects I guess.

Daryl Rosser: Sure. And that’s what you’re known for, but also you’re not some like, like make money guru, that’s like, credits and products,

Diggy Dirk: Yeah

Daryl Rosser: That’s staying in your mom’s basement like you actually have like legit businesses as well. Like, that’s not legit, you know what I mean.

Diggy Dirk: Yeah, yeah of course. So I’ve been… I’ve done this for like, almost 10 years now. I started in 2008, and I went through the whole process of you know, like trying to figure it out. Setting up blogging, then affiliate marketing SEO, client stuff, like, clearly everything. And uh, just because my own journey took me so long, like I just, I got into the info product to be able to just share with people what I’d learned, to help them like, shortcut, to learning curve. And mostly for my own friends and family. These people always asking, like “Oh, what are you doing, how do you do it, and like, instead of explaining it over and over and over again, you know, you make serious videos. Like, okay, “Here’s the training”

Daryl Rosser: Do you notice the same thing that I notice though? When I give training to a friend, or family member or something and they don’t… They don’t do it. Like I give them all these training and…

Diggy Dirk: That’s the majority of people. Even people who buy the course, you know, they’ll be 90-95% of the people, might not even go through the entire thing, and just, you know, put it in a shelf.

Daryl Rosser: That’s the sad reality in this business.

Diggy Dirk: Right. And that’s why we’re talking today, to really inspire some people, and see if we can get them taking action with what they already know, right?

Daryl Rosser: Is there any differences you notice on how someone thinks that actually does take action, actually does try the training out? Versus the guys that just like, look at a video and “Yeah, that’s cool” then-

Diggy Dirk: Yeah, you can see it immediately, I mean, a lot of the time in the action part is where the difference is. And also much like, staying motivated, is the big thing also. Very easy to be like, enthusiastic about something, like, defining product, you start, you do something for the first week, or first three weeks. But then, you stop. And then you know, just completely dies.

Daryl Rosser: I actually agree. I think that’s probably yes, not that they don’t do anything, it’s that they stop, sometimes maybe focus on their own thing, and then like, a week later, like the motivation is gone. For like a thousand dollars is like, it’s been a thousand dollars course, “Yeah, I’m gonna do this shit” and then like–

Diggy Dirk: The consistency is gone, right? That’s what makes it difficult. That’s why most people don’t succeed, coz they don’t have that consistency. Like, anyone who’s successful, well, you can ask their struggle for like years, you know. And doing the same stuff, for like, people’s overnight success, usually take 10 years or whatever.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, like you were doing 10 years. Like, along the way also you worked you like, had struggles, you lost businesses, you worked in a supermarket for a while, like, how do you stay motivated for that kind of shit? Sorry to remind you again.

Diggy Dirk: No, I mean, yeah, so I only had one job for like a month. Which was working for a supermarket and hated it, and first day I wanted to quit, and I quit after 30 days and I never went back after that again. It was pretty bad. And just, I guess it’s… I always ask this to people also, you know, like if you’re successful and you’re an entrepreneur and stuff, do you think that’s something you were born with or not? And I find, like, a lot of people who would do have the motivation to keep going for stuff. They do have this like, inherent kind of resistance to authority and like people telling you what to do and that kind of things. So I guess I also have that. Like, I really don’t want someone telling me like you have to be here at 8AM and if you’re not, you know you’re gonna get fired.

Daryl Rosser: I’m actually exactly the same. You know. I never had a real job at all, and I hate being told what to do. I don’t know why. I don’t know, with that stuff, you know that entrepreneurs all have, or just like, we just bunch of us are just having, I don’t know, just like, required. Just like fuck authority, to actually be successful. That just–

Diggy Dirk: Yeah, I don’t know actually. But I think it’s definitely something where, even if you don’t have that, it’s just that, you get to a point where you’re so sick of your current situation.

Daryl Rosser: That’s true, yeah.

Diggy Dirk: You know. For different people, it takes longer. I mean, you might be so sick of having debt, or not being able to do the things you want, or you know, being there if you have kids. And like, you can’t go watch their football game or whatever.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Diggy Dirk: And then it gets to a point where you’re like, okay, now I’m gonna go and do something. And like, the pain of staying in your current situation, is bigger than actually just going out and taking an action.

Daryl Rosser: I think a lot of people have to get to that point, to really, like you said, to really actually bother to take the action. I mean, that’s the big– I don’t– was that your driving point, or were you like, so sick of this shit, or you’re just like, I’m gonna do it.

Diggy Dirk: Yeah, totally. I mean, I’m sick of not having money. That’s why you’ll see. Like, a lot of people are really successful, they were actually broke or homeless, or anything like that. They have that pinpoint, right? So they came from there, and they got so sick of that, that they just like, so yeah.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah I guess for me, like, my life wasn’t exactly that bad. Because I live with my parents and stuff, and I hated it. Like, my hometown, it’s like, all people like all factory jobs. “Oh you make 30 grand a year”, like they think I made it, “he’s successful”. Fairly grand a year, it’s not much money, really. And I just wanted to like, get out and I made some money before that and travel a bit like I don’t wanna stay here. I wanna get away, that was like, it was kinda painful.

Diggy Dirk: It’s about the freedom. That’s actually all that its about. It really doesn’t matter. Like, there was a study I think it says $75,000 a year, it’s like, your happiness level or something. I personally think it’s closer to like, a hundred and fifty dollars.

Daryl Rosser: It depends where you live, I guess. And the cost.

Diggy Dirk: Right, but if you have a certain point, it doesn’t really matter how much more you make, like you have the freedom to live anywhere, to pay for your bills, pay for someone else and your kids, and maybe your parents or whatever. I think that’s enough. That’s… I guess why a lot of us start like to do the online stuff.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, so you’re definitely hitting over the 75 and 150,000 a year. A lot more, right? So, how do you, like, you’re pretty happy with how your lifestyle is going, right?

Diggy Dirk: Right.

Daryl Rosser: So how do you stay motivated? Like, coz you don’t have that pain anymore, you’re not like, fuck this shit, this all sucks, like “I wanna build my business, I need to get away from here.” Like, how do you stay motivated now?

Diggy Dirk: Well, I kinda still have that, to be honest. I mean, it’s about surrounding yourself with people that are doing better than you. So that’s why I try and do it. Like right now, we’re here in Chiang Mai, for this conference. Like I try and go to conferences, I buy masterminds, from people making more than me. And then it’s like that competitive thing also. You know, it doesn’t really matter, coz like, if I would make an extra, whatever is that in figures, this year, it’s not gonna change how I’m living, right now. It won’t matter.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah I know.

Diggy Dirk: But it’s like, the money is the measure of success that you’re doing, and then you’re seeing other people who are doing so much better, so you’re like, “Okay, how can I get my business to that level?” I guess like athletes, you know if someone else is doing better, they run faster, whatever. You wanna do better, right?

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, I’m sure there’s some people who are watching, like, 7-figures wouldn’t change much. But when you get to a certain level, right. It’s life– you hit your lifestyle goals.

Diggy Dirk: It really does not change much. So if you can pay for all your lifestyle, if you’re living nicely, like sure, you can go and buy more expensive car, more expensive watch, you can fly first class, whatever. But that stuff doesn’t make you happier. Like, you know.

Daryl Rosser: You’ve tried that.

Diggy Dirk: Right, yeah yeah. So.

Daryl Rosser: For the guys that just don’t know how, a lot of them I hear like the numbers are talking about stuff, even like, some people are 150k a year, like, for us, it’s well, that was a big number for starting out. So I’m curious for those guys who just started out from scratch. Maybe they’re in that pinpoint now wherein “Screw this, this sucks, I want a change” something. What do you do, if you lost like that question I was asking if you somehow lost all your money, but you still have your skills, your knowledge, but you don’t have your team and all that stuff. And maybe you just have, I don’t know, $200 to your name? What would you go out there and do? Yeah, so that’s–

Daryl Rosser: Put you on the spot.

Diggy Dirk: No, no, it’s good. To be honest, I think the easiest way to get started is what we teach, is what client marketing. Like, if you’re really in a desperate situation, like you can take action, and you can make money. Right? If you know, you just, you have to help other people make money, right? So that’s the easiest way to get paid. So if you can make someone’s life easier, solve a problem for them, help them and make more money, they’re gonna pay you, right? So, with the client stuff, is if you can go out there and you can help local businesses, you can easily help them with basic stuff. Even like, you know, like use your website as a cell secure. You know, is it mobile optimized? Etc. So if you go out there and you just find directories of businesses, you get on the phone and you start calling, like, a hundred businesses a day, you know, it sounds like a lot. But it takes a few hours. Right? If you wanna make money, that’s what it takes. You’re willing to go and take those steps–

Daryl Rosser: You got to the point where that pain is greater than the fear of doing this course.

Diggy Dirk: Right. So, like, do you wanna be homeless? And have no money, or do you wanna, or are you gonna pick up the phone and like, you know, start calling?

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Diggy Dirk: Right? And initially it’s gonna suck, but the more you do it, the more you’ll have answers for people. Like you’ll get the same questions over and over. So the guys can say, “Oh, do you have some previous examples? Or do you have any referrals? Or like, why are you so expensive? Like, the first few times, you might be like, “I look like an idiot.” Right?

Daryl Rosser: I’ve done it. Yeah.

Diggy Dirk: But as you do that, more and more, first of all you’re not gonna be as affected by it, you’re not gonna take it personally anymore, so you’re not gonna be like, “Oh, you know” And then, secondly, you’re actually gonna have an answer. You’re gonna be able to tell them, like, you know. “I have this example, I work with these clients.” or “I’m gonna show you exactly what I’m gonna do for you.” Like, you walk me through it. Like, what you always say, so.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. So you just pick up the phone, you just call people?

Diggy Dirk: Yeah. If I really, if I was starting from scratch, and I need to make money, I’d start with the client stuff, and I’d get that up to, I think, you can get that up to $10,000 a month, in profit. I’m not talking about revenue. Right, so you’d have to get to about probably, 20, 25,000 dollars a month revenue. Tanking your profit. And then use that money as seat capital. As like, a cashflow business, to build something that’s not relying on clients, so whether that’s my own products or services, and maybe even e-commerce, something like that. And then build up a business like that, that can run without the client stuff.

Daryl Rosser: Okay, so you like, you left clients for like, the cash flow? But it’s not like something you personally. Not that there’s anything wrong but you personally don’t wanna scale that model.

Diggy Dirk: Yeah, personally I like my freedom, which is why I started the business, right? And I like something more like that I could control, for example with running the paid traffic, and having the products and services. You can have a team running the customer support, I know with the agency stuff if you build it out, you can build out a team, and you can have like customer support people and things like that. But ultimately, you’re still responsible, and you might have to still get on the phone with clients and things like that.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Diggy Dirk: So as a long-term thing, I wouldn’t want that for myself.

Daryl Rosser: It’s like more people are into business.

Diggy Dirk: Right, right. It depends on what you have. Maybe you like talking to people, and that’s a cool thing to do, right?

Daryl Rosser: I’m going to put you on the spot again, and so, you’re gonna start on getting clients, you’re gonna call them up, or just strain us out of, what, yellow pages or something like–

Diggy Dirk: Yeah, so I probably just, I’ll probably go for the States.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Diggy Dirk: Because I think there’s more money there. Like, we’re in Thailand now. We’ll be able to sell like SEO to like, Thai businesses right? So I just find, probably like a medium-sized city in the States, so I would avoid the big ones. I wouldn’t go for like LA, or like… Maybe, suburbs in one fo those cities. Right? I’ll just start calling people, and like, I have an idea, kind of a list of you know, the average customer value would be like, a thousand dollars a month, to that business.

Daryl Rosser: Sure.

Diggy Dirk: So like we always talk about you’re not gonna go after like headdressers or things like that.

Daryl Rosser: So you’re gonna make a thousand dollars at least.

Diggy Dirk: Right. From a client. Because if you wanna charge someone like, 2 grand a month, they’re gonna have to get an ROI from that. And the easiest that you can make that from just a few leads, because from there they’re just gonna keep paying you. Right?

Daryl Rosser: Yep.

Diggy Dirk: And then just, phone people. And try and help as much as you can, right?

Daryl Rosser: Of course.

Diggy Dirk: The more value you give, even if you’re getting on the phone, and say, “I’ll give you consultation for free”, you know, “I’ll do this stuff”, or you know, do that at discounted rate. If you wanna get started, you wanna make money, that’s probabaly the easiest way to do it.

Daryl Rosser: Would pick a specific niche, or something?

Diggy Dirk: Uhm, to be honest I couldn’t think of one on the spot right now. You can probably get away with I don’t know, plumber, maybe dentists. Something like that.

Daryl Rosser: There’s tons. Yeah.

Diggy Dirk: Times you can understand the chripractor’s but

Daryl Rosser: But you’d focus on one, right?

Diggy Dirk: Yeah, I’d focus on one. But actually maybe if I was starting out, and I really leave the money I would just phone businesses it wouldn’t matter too much.

Daryl Rosser: Just get the money.

Diggy Dirk: Right. That’s the thing, when you’re starting up, you kind of have to… I know we focus on like you have choose a niche, you have to do this stuff, but the main thing is you wanna get yourself in a position where you have like the power to say no, to people. And you can only do that, once you have enough money to pay for yourself. And to pay for your business stuff, right?

Daryl Rosser: Absolutely. So, let’s say you’re a little bit further along, let’s say that you built this up now, you’ve got the agency running, and maybe you put together, I don’t know, a couple of hundred thousand dollars of cash in the bank, you got the agency that’s kinda running. What would you put that money into?

Diggy Dirk: Yeah, so we talked about that, so if you have nothing, and you have money in the bank? Or what?

Daryl Rosser: Let’s say, like–

Diggy Dirk: Or you have an existing business?

Daryl Rosser: Let’s say you’ve got up to $200,000. And the agency, for some reason, just shut down. I don’t know what happened. The government just like, screw you, like, shutting you business.

Diggy Dirk: Right. So you have some money. But then–

Daryl Rosser: You have cash, but you have no business now. What would you do with the money?

Diggy Dirk: Okay, so knowing what I know, what I–

Daryl Rosser: Yeah no one’s like… whatever, anything.

Diggy Dirk: I’d honestly go with the products way. I’m a big fan of info products, I think it’s one of the easiest ways. I mean, there’s such a huge shift that’s happening now, where, like, traditional colleges and universities are just being seen as a scam. Because it’s —

Daryl Rosser: It’s because it is.

Diggy Dirk: It’s literally costing tens and thousands of dollars, you get a piece of paper that doesn’t mean anything, doesn’t guarantee you a job. I mean, look at all the graduates, working at Starbucks. Right? And these people were like 2, $300,000 in debt, you know, they studied for 10 years, it’s gonna take them another 10 years to make that money back and just be at zero, right?

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Diggy Dirk: So, I think there’s a lot of interest in people learning online. So you just go online and find you a course about something, and you can learn more than the average person. And true, you don’t get a piece of paper, or a degree or anything, but I mean, the skills are what’s important. You see a lot of people are just hiring based on skills, not on degrees anymore.

Daryl Rosser: Not looking on degrees or anything. Yeah.

Diggy Dirk: Exactly. So, there’s a huge market for people to create information products and you can just take your knowledge, turn that into a product to digital product, we do it. You know, you do it with Lion Zeal, I do it with my products, and you can sell that. So if you build up say range of products even just one product, but you have upsells, and you have your different levels, where people can learn from it. And then you can build out an automated funnel, and run paid traffic, so you can literally just get your product in front of the right people, without having to spend months and months building up an initial audience. So you shortcut that by just paying for it. And you know if you have money, if you have a hundred, two hundred thousand dollars, you can build a product and a website and everything if you’re doing it fancy, it’s gonna cost you 10, 15 grand. To get it all done, you outsource the copywriting, the website design and all that, and the rest would just go into Ads expense. And if you’re doing it right, you know, you tweak in over time, then you’ll get to a point where you’re spending X and you’re making X + 1. Or even if you’re just spending X and making it back, you’re building up an audience and a list in the process.

Daryl Rosser: That is such a really good nugget. So let’s like, step back a little bit on that stuff. Like you’re starting out like, what niche to go into, what product to incur or like that coz I think a lot of people get stuck there.

Diggy Dirk: Yeah. I’d honestly say… So it has to be a combination of two things, it’s gotta be something that you’re interested in, otherwise you’re like, “I don’t care what people say, like, “oh you just have to choose the money and follow your passion” whatever, right? But you have to be interested in it coz otherwise it’s like that thing we talked about, you’re gonna be interested for like 3 weeks and then you’re gonna stop, coz–

Daryl Rosser: True enough.

Diggy Dirk: Like for me, I enjoy teaching people what I’ve learned coz it’s a big part of my life. It was part of my journey. And it’s gotta be something where the market is there. Where the demand is there. So it’s gotta be an evergreen nice, whether it’s finance, maybe health, and relationships. Those are the big three. So ideally, a subniche within one of those niches would be good to go for, you know. So if you choose for example, health, that can be anything. Like, nutrition, it can be, weight loss, it can be you know, getting muscle, that kind of stuff. And if you have expertise in one of those fields, build an name for a product in there.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah I think you’re right. Like, how wealth relationships like anything in those people spend a lot of money on.

Diggy Dirk: Right.

Daryl Rosser: Like you said, I agree into think people just get past that, so I have the issue like the current SEO training, and six-month time is irrelevant after redoing that whole thing over and over again. Which we create in recurring products. Okay, but to have like a core product, I think you’re right, like it’s evergreen is so much easier.

Diggy Dirk: Right, coz you create it once and you can sell it for five or ten years or maybe longer. Wheras if you create something like Facebook Ads, training or YouTube training which changes like, every two or three months or something, you have a problem.

Daryl Rosser: Exactly. So what do you create, like, you created like courses, you created like ebooks and stuff, like–

Diggy Dirk: I did in the past. But these days ebooks don’t really sell that well anymore.

Daryl Rosser: So what did you do?

Diggy Dirk: Uhm, I think digital memebership. So you get like a log in, right, and you have access to a member’s area and you have different videos. I think bite-sized videos are the best, so 5-10 minute videos, and just the A-Z kind of process. And I think one thing that I haven’t done which I’m gonna be changing now with my own products, is to turn it into like an 8-10 week training program.

Daryl Rosser: Backtracking.

Diggy Dirk: So instead of just being like, “Here’s 60 videos”, you know, like some people want that and they’ll figure it out–

Daryl Rosser: Have fun.

Diggy Dirk: But you break it out into sessions like, week one, this is what you need to do, you give them an instruction, week two, week three. And uh, like a proper course, you know, if you go to college, you have classes, and like, “This week we’re gonna do this, this week, that’s all, right?

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, it’s like a curriculum, or almost like in school.

Diggy Dirk: Yeah.

Daryl Rosser: So you’re gonna have like a six-week or a full-week program, and it’s gonna show you XY set of results. Like how to go out there and get better at dating, how to improve your relationship, how to improve your health, something like that, right?

Diggy Dirk: Yeah. And every week you just build on it, right? So for example if you’re seeing how to get better at maybe talking to people, you’d like, have a few things. Like maybe in the first week you can like, address your parents or whatever, and like, week number two, you talk about like public speaking. And week number three, like, go out and talk like 10 people a day. Kind of thing. And you can turn that into a product, and sell that.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah I agree completely, that’s really awesome. How do you, like you create this product and I don’t want to get into technical crap because, not that fun. Uhm, but it’s not like just paste on something. (21:07 crossover) So let’s skip the technical stuff. How do you price this? How do you know what you got there and price to that?

Diggy Dirk: Well, pricing is really something you have to test. I mean, it depends on the niche also, you now, so if you’re talking about maybe a dating product, that could be anywhere between like 50 dollars and maybe, 4, 500 dollars?

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, roughly.

Diggy Dirk: But they have upsells also you know, where they have like, in person whatever bootcamp and stuff for 2000 dollars. So that’s also possible. But, purely digital products, I’d say anywhere from probably 97 dollars all the way up to 2000 dollars, depending on how intensive it is. It’s like a small, you know 5-video product, which isn’t a bad thing, I mean if you’re just teaching a specific thing. I mean, the shorter the better. If between getting result, right? So if it’s just a small product teaching you how to do one thing, for example, how to build a one-page affiliate site, you know, you create that, you can sell that for 47 dollars you can see it all the time. Like on JV Zoo, Clickbank and things like that. Or if you want to create like a massive training, like what you have with the immersion, marketing inc, that kind of stuff, like, you know, really intense 8-week course. Yeah, you can sell it for 9 or 97 dollars, even 2000 dollars. Right?

Daryl Rosser: Yeah exactly. I’m curious on your input coz like when I create this immersion I think when you create marketing like it took forever. Like it’s two or three months to create this course. Would you go that route of just like sitting down for like, 2-3 months for creating the videos, creating presentations, your content videos, paying someone to edit or what not. Or do you kind of like, drip it out and just like, I’m gonna create week 1 now, I’m gonna sell it, and then I’ll create with two, three four after.

Diggy Dirk: Yeah, so that’s what I talked about also. Creating the 8-week program. Right? So I recently did this when I launched 6-figure income sites. I spent 3 months. You can create a whole product with sales from everything in 3 months. But it’s like stressful.

Daryl Rosser: It is.

Diggy Dirk: It’s so much work, right? But if you create it as an 8-week course, you literally, you plan everything out, so you know exactly what you need to create, but you only create the first week or the first two weeks. If you wanna give yourself a bit of a breathing room.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Diggy Dirk: And then you launch it. So instead of taking 3 months, you can get it done in a month, and then as the weeks go on, you can just create the rest of the content. So, that’s what I learned also.

Daryl Rosser: I think it’s good, like, even like for guys who go out there doing SEO, anything else, like, figure out how to do it first little bit, and then just go get the clients.

Diggy Dirk: Execution is a base thing. Like, speed, to get things done. You know, I feel like I’m pretty slow with launching stuffs still, and the quicker you can get stuff out there… I mean, it’s also a win, right?

Daryl Rosser Yeah.

Diggy Dirk: Coz you get tired, like, if you’re not like, stubborn like I don’t want to sit there for 3 months creating it.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah it’s… Actually if one thing, like we’re talking about mindset stuff before like, when you act like there’s… We’re actually in Chiang Mai right now, and we’re at the mastermind, we’re meeting all those people. Like these guys take massive action fast. Like, they still give feedback out and take feedback and just to it. And it’s not like some people, like, usually guys I just found out, they’re not so fast. If they get an idea like, “That’s interesting, I’ll think about it for three months, is that, I know if I give you an idea now that you know you can make money from, like if you’re done like a week or two.

Diggy Dirk: Yeah, you have to take action. Especially like, talking about conferences. Like you come here, you’re like, all excited, you have all these notes, and all yes, if you don’t go and implement that within the next few days, it’s gonna be like a to-do list, that gets put like, you know, somewhere, and you’re gonna look back to it, and you’re like, “Oh yeah, I should’ve done that. But…” So…

Daryl Rosser: Exactly. So I was talking about like the mastermind is like, I had a few ideas last time that added 6 figures a year to my business. And they were just two, really really simple ideas. Like, it’s nothing. It could’ve set in in like, one sentence. Both of them. It didn’t really mean that much, but they meant a lot, because I just actually took it and just went and did it.

Diggy Dirk: Right.

Daryl Rosser: And that’s where all the results come from same with the courses .

Diggy Dirk: That’s the difference, what you were talking about, like what separates people. Pretty much everyone knows what they need to do, right? Like even, what we were just talking about. Like, people know right now what to do.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Diggy Dirk: But the difference between the people that are gonna succeed are the people actually gonna take action.You know. Maybe you can start calling businesses now. After watching the video.

Daryl Rosser: I wish someone would actually do that. Just like, pause the video and be like, you know, “Let’s not watch this shit, let’s go out and do something.” Yeah.

Diggy Dirk: And get a client by the end of the video.

Daryl Rosser: That would be awesome.So, what would you, like, you got your product created, you got the pricing sort of sorted, and not gonna create the whole product because just wanna take some action ultimately. Uhm, what would you, like, you gonna put some of the money towards that product created that turn your grant, and I guess the rest of us are gonna go, like, The Funnel, and Paytraffic. Right?

Diggy Dirk: Right.

Daryl Rosser: So…

Diggy Dirk: I think that’s just the quickest way to grow. Right, so you can do it organicly. But it’s gonna take you years, probably to build a sizeable audience.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Diggy Dirk: So if you just pay for it, you could run like…

Daryl Rosser: You can get like 10,000 dollars tomorrow if you.. like you wouldn’t coz you can’t scale that much really, but if you wanted to you could throw the money into the ads.

Diggy Dirk: Right. And you can start building up your social profile and your audience in the meantime. Which is important, so it’s not just about making money right of the bat, that’s also about okay when you’re running the ads, you’re gonna get people following you on Facebook, on Instagram, on Youtube. And then you have an asset which you can leverage in future, so once you have the audience, all you need to do is create another product and you’ll just do six-figure launches every single time, right?

Daryl Rosser: Absolutely. And that applies for like, even agency just going out there and knowing how to use paid traffic to acquire anything, like, not even just clients, just how to build an email list, and then you can go out there. And we’ve talked about this multiple times already but you can go out there and use that email list to acquire clients specifically on demand. You have like  a legit asset and business rather than running around trying to get the next client list, it’s like I’ve seen guys’ big waiting list, right? And the client, just have the waiting list and just email the guys and like, “Hey we’re taking in one more client and they get a client, and it’s like on-demand, rather than… And when you learn the stuff also, you can actually just implement a dozen service for clients too, you know. Yeah. If you could get it, having webinars, you can create a whole funnel for your clients. You know. People are doing that, like digital marketers charges 20, 30,000 dollars to build out a funnel for people.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, make sense.

Diggy Dirk: Yeah. Coz it’s something that you can benefit from. Like you can go and take email marketing, and build out a funnel for your clients. You know, use their existing customers, and build out a sequence for them and just double their revenue, like that.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, that’s awesome. So, we talked about funnel stuff coz we’re into tge same sort of thing. We’re doing like, some super advanced funnels and this is gonna have this and if that happens and this is like really really advanced. I imagine when you started out you just have just one product, would you create any more products or just one initially?

Diggy Dirk: Well, you start with one.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Diggy Dirk: And I ideally you want to have an upsell.

Daryl Rosser: Okay, so there’s two.

Diggy Dirk: Well, it’s part of the same products. You have the product, which is the core that includes most of what people need, but there’s always gonna be a percentage of people who want more.

Daryl Rosser: We’re in a different medium, it’s not like you’re withholding content, right?

Diggy Dirk: Right. But just an extra step, right? Like for example, you have economy and you have economy plus, and you have business class right, still in the same plane, it’s still gonna get you at the same place. But some people prefer, you know, to have the extra, whatever, the extra features or the extra training, maybe a bit of the extra handholding, so it’ got an info product, you know, your upsell could be like a personal, like weekly coaching session, or Skype sessions or whatever, and some people want that.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, absolutely. So with this funnel, would you keep it nice and simple initially? Coz we’re going like, super advanced. And again, I like to take action like now, I like to go out there and make some money. Today, ultimately like I can. Uhm, because that’s just, I don’t see the point of wasting six, twelve months on getting stuff right when I can just go out and do it today. So, would you keep the funnel like really really simple initially?

Diggy Dirk: Yeah, I mean ideally you just want an opt-in page, whatever that is that might be an automated webinar, whether often you get the lead, with follow ups, you get the value, you get them to the sales page and you get them in there. And then later you can be like, “Wow, okay these people click the link but they didn’t or, like re-target them..

Daryl Rosser: You’re don’t do that like, straight away

Diggy Dirk: Well, you wanna try and not waste your traffic. So for example, you do wanna have your pixel set-up and all that kind of stuff to make sure that you’re just maximing that, but yeah for the rest just keep it simple and start running traffic and based from the feedback that you’re getting tweek it, and then slowly build it up. But like, we said the most important things, taking action. So…

Daryl Rosser: You called me out recently on those sites that I’m not having a pizel installed, I think it was the Google Youtube one. So thanks for that. Uhm, it’s actually useful coz we they get it sorted. But actually you’re right. So many people, myself and clearly a family on that one site, that don’t have remarked and pixel set-up, and it’s like the easiest way of making some extra like, money like how much of traffic–

Diggy Dirk: They see like, 30 seconds

Daryl Rosser: Even if you don’t run the ads, just having it set-up when you build your audience up.

Diggy Dirk: And even on Youtube, I don’t know if you’ve got a setup in your channel, you can just set up to automatically build a re-targeting list of anyone who watches your videos. Right? Anyone who visits your websites, anyone who watches your videos.

Daryl Rosser: Definitely some ads guys.

Diggy Dirk: Right. So… everyone at Lion Zeal, yeah. So basically, just build up this audience and people have already interacted with you, so they already know your face, maybe they’ve watched multiple videos, and more likely to buy your product, right? So that’s a quick tip.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, absolutely. So with all that 200 thousand, just go into setting this up, and then running the ads?

Diggy Dirk: I mean, you’re not gonna start up with 200 thousand at once, right? But if you have that amount of money, sure you start running ads. And it gives you, if you’re able to, to have your funnel be profitable. Like sure, go and spend more. Scale it up if you have that cash flow.

Daryl Rosser: In reality, even if you went that route, which isn’t. If you’re struggling for cash, like like you said, get clients, this is easy as going to give you cash flow. But you don’t have to spend like, it’s just a turn, I don’t know why we made that number up as an example, but you don’t need to spend that much to start off that information marketing business.

Diggy Dirk: No, no. We said that because, you like, you know, if you have money in the bank, what would  be the best way to use that, right?

Daryl Rosser: But if you have like 20,000 you can probably do the same approach.

Diggy Dirk: Yeah. I mean, it’s why 15 grand, set up a good product, if you want to do that, and you probably want 15 to 20 grand to put into ads if you want to do that. But I mean, again, you don’t have to spend 15 grand to create a product. You can literally create a product for like 500 dollars if you want to. You can take your iphone you know, and start shooting the product, and for the ads, you said, like if you have clients, let’s say you’re making an extra 2000 dollars per month from your clients, even if it takes you long, you can spend that 2000 dollars every single month on ads. Just try and grow.
Daryl Rosser: So curious, uhm, you’ve had like, thousands of students who go through like, your different courses  and stuff like that, especially if you’re building up like a marketing or SEO or something like that. Is there sudden things you notice between people that kind of drop off like 2-3 weeks, versus the guys that succeed? I’m kind of just curious with the specific things with that type of—

Diggy Dirk: I think the people that succeed are initially from Day 1 they’re taking action. They live in the forum or the Facebook group.

Daryl Rosser: I see the guys as well that do that, and then after a week they’re just… gone.

Diggy Dirk: Yeah.

Daryl Rosser: Put you on the spot. Like, logically, why is this thing happening?

Diggy Dirk: Yeah, I don’t know, I guess it’s the consistency thing. At least if you’re acting in the forums and stuff, you’re making an effort you know. You’re going out there, you’re holding yourself accountable. Or like in Facebook group and stuff you’re interacting with other people, and I think that’s a big thing. Accountability.

Daryl Rosser: I’d say it’s well I guess like, persistence, right? Like, you get in the form, you take and ensure your progress and stuff. You talk to people, you’re takin an action, but it’s the understanding that like, dude you’re 10 years in. Like we’re doing this 10 years, and you’re doing wow but like that’s a long time. I’ve been here 8 years, I mean not SEO specifically, but doing this online marketing stuff for 8 years like, it’s easy to look at us and be like, oh wow these guys are doing so well, and they’ve already been publicly well-known, for like a couple years or so. And like two years and they’re doing so well, like it’s easy to get caught up in the trap, of thinking you’re gonna get started today and like next month you’re gonna be like travel to Thailand and living there. You know Thailand is not that expensive anyway. But, I think a lot of people will get this. Like trapped into thinking they’re gonna get as fast, rather than–

Diggy Dirk: Ye, its the magic bullet kindof, overnight success thing, right?

Daryl Rosser: Exactly.

Diggy Dirk: Yeah, consistency is the main thing, I guess, and just don’t have like a results-based kind of thing. And don’t focus on money as a goal. I think that’s the very important thing. So don’t be like, I wanna make five grand a month. Or 10 grand a month, rather than focus on I wanna learn these skills, I wanna master these skills, and I wanna you know, build a successful agency, I wanna land clients, I wanna help businesses. If you have that mindset, like the money would come. But if you’re like, Oh I just wanna make 10 grand a month–

Daryl Rosser: I was kinda like both, I wanna make 10 grand a month, but I also wanna build an agency, I also wanna help people out and stuff.

Diggy Dirk: Well if you have like, I wanna get 10 grand a month, you have to hink like, how do I get that? What steps I needed for me to get to 10 grand a month. You have to be realistic, you can’t just be like, you make 10 grand a month. No, you have to be a cook here. “Maybe I need 10 clients at thousand dollars per month.” And to get clients, you’d have a conversion rate of 1%, it means you know I need to go like reach a thousand people, have a thousand prospects. to be able to get those ten clients. So…

Daryl Rosser: Yeah like the presentation in the conference, right? Like I broke down the numbers because most people don’t do it. Like no matter how much you wanna make, right? Like, if you wanna make it a million dollars, you need to know how to actually get that, you have to say, “Yeah I just wanna make a million dollars” it just some arbitrary goal that means nothing unless you break down exactly how exactly how do you get to that level.

Diggy Dirk: Yeah, and the more you break it down, the more easy it seems I guess

Daryl Rosser: Yeah

Diggy Dirk: It’s way easier to say “Okay I just need to contact like, 10 businesses every single day.” rather than, “I need to make a million dollars”

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. You just go out there and just do whatever like, probably like more than actually you think is needed. But you find out the numbers, here’s what I have to take care, to say, “I have to get 10 clients or a thousand dollars a month.” And to get 10 clients, you have to send, 12 emails a day, and my presentation is like, but then coz it’s just 120 a day. I just go crazy with that.

Diggy Dirk: I think Grant Cardone’s 10x thing comes to play, right? So you know you need to talk to 10, rather go and talk to a hundred. And that way even if you only talk to 10, you still reach your original goals. So…

Daryl Rosser: Absolutely. Is there any differences in how you think today? Oh I know there is personally you can think of, how you think today to how before, you can say, 2 or 3 years ago?

Diggy Dirk: Yeah definitely. I’d say the biggest thing is just thinking of things like a business for a long-term thing. So I’ve always gone from like projects to project, and like build something up, and just sold it, and then started from the bottom again and instead of having something that you can build and work on for multiple years

Daryl Rosser: Yeah

Diggy Dirk: You know, solve for a larger… and then actually– That’s the– If you look at pretty much any successful people, that’s just worked on something for multiple years.

Daryl Rosser: It’s a long term thinking, right?

Diggy Dirk: Yep.

Daryl Rosser: Where you’re just tryna like make money from this and then focusing a little bit too much on the money I guess like in the short term.

Diggy Dirk: Right, and you kinda get bored and you start over, but,

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Diggy Dirk: The problem with that is that, you’re actually working backwards, you know. It’s gonna take you much longer doing that starting from scratch, coz the hardest part is getting the momentum, right?

Daryl Rosser: Yeah

Diggy Dirk: Look how long it took you to build up Lion Zeal, but now that you have it, like you’ve learned to be grown so much quicker.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, exactly, like, if we double the size, we have 10 people in the group and then you get 20 people, like it’s not enough double, the size of 15,000 that’s 30,000 people in the group. Like, it snowballs, I guess.

Diggy Dirk: Yeah, so if you would sell it and you had to start from scratch, you need again those first 2-3 years to build that up, which is such a huge waste of time and effort.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, absolutely. So, it’s hard there, right? Because sometimes, it’s just like, you just want to change direction. Like, it’s like, you already feel like you’re not quite working on the right thing. How do you know, if you should just like, scale this one thing, or if you should like, change? Coz you’ve done a lot like switching from one thing to the next.

Diggy Dirk: Yeah. I think it also comes down to what we talked about earlier is you have to have an interest in it. Like, you have to see. Like, is this something that I would enjoy working on for the next 5 years? Right?

Daryl Rosser: I think  you should actually do that form like, day 1.

Diggy Dirk: Right. But a lot of people don’t. You just start out and just looking for a way to make money. So you’re like, okay maybe I wanted… I’m gonna start building affiliate sites, but maybe don’t enjoy doing that at all. Right? Or maybe you start doing e-commerce, but you feel like you’re not adding value to the work, so you’re really just gonna keep doing that, and then you get to a point where maybe you start making money, pretending it’s cool, but then you ran out of motivation to keep doing it, coz you don’t really care about it.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, there’s a guy, I spoke to a friend of mine actually. And he’s got a couple of clients and doesn’t like dealing with clients. But then he needs cash, and he’s really struggling, he’s ended barely having any money, and he’s like, “I want to go out there and build an agency, I wanted to get 10k a month.” And when the actual challenge broke down, what he’s doing he realized that he has zero interest with running an agency. His plan was basically to get 10k a month. Stop dealing with clients completely after a while, put an end to affiliate, and go to something else. Like, don’t build a client agency, that was the point in spending the next year or two years or whatever, building up this business that means nothing to you just to get some cash.

Diggy Dirk: Yep.

Daryl Rosser: And it’s harder to make that decision I guess. When you’re starting out, you should–

Diggy Dirk: Of course, coz you want to do stuff just to make money. But if you can and you do it right from the start, that’s better. So, the long-term thinking is definitely important, and also it gives you the chance to really get big and to be able to build something that you can sell in the future. You don’t wanna just do something and just gonna stop, 5, 6 months from now and you have to start again in a year and keep doing that. You know. There’s a lot of people doing that, like, for example, even in the info products space, on like warrior forum and jvzoo and stuff, they just continuously have to launch stuff just to be able to make money. And that’s terrible.

Daryl Rosser: So one thing that I actually notice like, we’ve known each other for couple years or so now I’m gonna guess. And one notable difference to me, is that, for both of us actually, when we started talking, our respective money was siginificantly lower than it is to day right? And I think that actually changes, I think that’s a good thing. Because, if you’re in a scarcity mind set, where you’re like, a thousand dollars or 10,000 dollars a month is a lot of money, it’s significantly harder for you to make 10,000 dollars.

Diggy Dirk: Right.

Daryl Rosser: Like, significantly harder. Because, like, to you and your head, there is a lot of money. Towards now, like 10,000 dollars, obviously that can change someone’s life. But it’s not much money and our perspective to the world we’re in today.

Diggy Dirk: And you have to see the ROI that you get from it. And stop seeing it as an absolute amount. Right? So, instead of treating all these course that costs a thousand dollars, it’s so much money, but if a thousand dollars can get you a six figure a year business, it’s the cheapest thing you can buy compared to, you know, like go into college, or whatever. Like, but then people go out and and party and spend a thousand dollars a month just on alcohol and stuff. You know, that’s just realities there.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. A lot of people have bad priorities there. Uhm, I forgot where I was going with that. But yeah, it’s just that, I’m not sure how you do it really, aside from, how did our perspectives changed, I guess we add more money and also, I think more so than anything else, like we go to events like this. Like in Chiang Mai. And going out there and meeting new people. When you’re in a room full of people and you think that you’re really doing well then you meet some of the guys and he’s got like a, multiple, like tens and millions of dollars a year. Companies like them, okay I’m not doing something…

Diggy Dirk: There’s always different levels, right? And I guess just as you start building a business and there’s expenses and more and more you start to realize, okay if you spend money you can save your time and you can focus on other things like for example, with the info products like if I outsource my web design, sure it’s gonna cost me 2000 dollars but I could never do it as good as the guy, I think it would save me hours, right? The same with the copywriting, stuff like that, then you get to a stage, where you kind of look for the ROI and stop looking at it as an absolute amount, and see what do you get back for it.

Daryl Rosser: It’s actually a big shift if mind set I think. I’ve gone through a lof of other guys didn’t notice, how we think to a lot of other people, is that, like a business owner. So it sound like a course. I see a course for like a thousand dollars, 500 dollars, I’m like, cool that’s just gonna help us out. I will buy it. Like, hmm, 500 dollars is not gonna change anything to me, anymore. But, I’ll just go buy the course. Because I know it’s gonna add value, and I’m thinking, in terms of ROI, some people, like clients and stuff, stuff like, “I’m not sure if I’m spending like 2 or 3,000 dollars on ads.” But I’m like, I wanna spend like 50,000 or 100,000 dollars on ads because I know if I could spend that, I’m gonna make far more than it back. Which is like investor or business mindset versus the whole scarcity thing, simplify it down to that. I think that’s one massive shift that you see in how we think, and how guys that are doing better than us think, guys who are starting out like “I don’t really want to spend like a hundred dollars a month for an SEO tool.” It’s like, a hundred dollars a month for a tool, but you need to run your business.

Diggy Dirk: Right. Coz it brings you so much more in return, so…

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, I think it’s also more like a big, important event. I’m curious, what do you think, and again, it’s like putting you on the spot… What do you think like big mistakes that, maybe 2 or 3, make it 3, big mistakes you’ve made in your business so far?

Diggy Dirk: I think the biggest one would be shiny object sydnrome. Everyone has.. you know you start out in the beginning, and you try something, and then you see someone else doing where the grass looks greener, and okay maybe I should try that–

Daryl Rosser: There’s a downside of getting that perspective from people, yeah.

Diggy Dirk: Right, and then by moving around, like you start over so many times from scratch, but you never really get anywhere. So that’s a big problem. I had that. I still have it every day. When you see all those enemies. And you get to a point that you just have to say no to like, 90% of things and just focus on that one thing, and stick with it. If you know it’s proven, if you know it works, and you see other pepple doing it, like you can stick to that one thing and make it work. Another big mistake is probably not re-investing and being as aggressive as I could possibly when something goes well.

Daryl Rosser: Possible getting some bus stops instead of some ads…

Diggy Dirk: No but I mean like not taking advantage of the momentum when something is going well, right?

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Diggy Dirk: Like we had link business, and those go really well. And I was like, okay cool I’m making all these money. Just sit back and watch series and stuff and instead of being like well if I take all these money, and I take one month with that money and put it back into ads, maybe I could triple the business. Right? Because you have that momentum, and things are going well. And you probably know, with every type of business there will always be things that work well for a while, but it doesn’t always go well.

Daryl Rosser: It never does.

Diggy Dirk: So if you’re in that position where things are going well, you know, take full advantage of it and try to be as aggressive as possible.

Daryl Rosser: And it’s also, it doesn’t last that little opportunity where it’s going so well, it doesn’t just stay there forever. Like, you gotta notice the opportunity then double down it right now as you are working.

Diggy Dirk: Exactly.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Diggy Dirk: So that’s a big thing that I learned when I left a lot of money in the table.

Daryl Rosser: Number 3? One more?

Diggy Dirk: Upsells.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah man.

Diggy Dirk: From marketing inc, we don’t have upsells. We still actually don’t have an upsell. And if you know that between 20 and 30 people take the upsell, you know if you do a hundred thousand dollars in sales, you’re missing out 20 to 30,000 dollars by not having an upsell.

Daryl Rosser: And that again applies to you. Every business. I have clients upsells now. Even just more SEO, I think a lot of guys will get into clients for say, a thousand, 2,000 dollars a month. And they don’t realize they can upsell a client on 3,000 dollars a month, $4000 a month to do more keywords–

Diggy Dirk: Maybe not everyone’s gonna take you up on that, but maybe 1 in 4, 1 in 5, even 1 in 10.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. Exactly. Cool, man. Is there anything, final words for someone who would, like, watched this the whole way, that you could think of adding?

Diggy Dirk: Take action. Really that’s the biggest thing. Maybe you watch this–

Daryl Rosser: Do you have some advice for taking action coz like we always say, and we kinda take action obviously. Is there advice for how to take the action? That’s gonna help them?

Diggy Dirk: There’s no easy way, you just gotta do it, right? You know you need to go to the gym, and you know you need to train. There’s no easy way to do it. You just have to go to the gym and pick up the weights, right? I think there’s just have to go and build the website, phone the clients, or whatever it is. And like, initially it’s difficult to get started, but as soon as you sit down and get into it, for 10-15 minutes you’ll find it easier to continue with it, and you just gonna make it a habit.

Daryl Rosser: That’s actually good point, yeah. Like make the time and just force yourself. Don’t just sit there. And also you can do like productivity stuff. But it’s not gonna get you there, right? I’ve blocked sites and stuff like that when I’m doing like some session, I’ll be like a pomade or as I said, I do like them, I’m sort of sessions, but that’s not gonna force you to do anything. You still have to make a decision. But also don’t make yourself just sit there and block everything if you have to and make it like, okay this is my 25-minute work session right now.

Diggy Dirk: Right. And I’d say there’s also the consistency. So even just getting started, maybe just commit to the next 90 days. Okay that’s 3 months. Anyone can do that. Next 90 days, just everyday and take action. Little bit take a day by day.

Daryl Rosser: Actually I’m gonna say like in forming habits, like a lot of people will buy your courses, and when they do things is there action and says “This isn’t right.” and drop it like some little action and like bam, they’ll quit, and it doesn’t work out. Right? If anything that’s probably gonna pay is just to slowly ease into it. Like, I’m just gonna send 10 emails a day now. And then, now I’ll send 50 and now I send 20 and slowly bit over time, and not like, forcing themselves like, “I’ll sell a hundred a day” because at the end of the day they’ll burn themselves out and quit.

Diggy Dirk: It’s like marathon, right? Really, like, if you go on and exert all your energy in the first like mile or kilometer or whatever, then you know, it’s gonna stop. So you have to be able to pace yourself to stay motivated and have the energy to keep going.

Daryl Rosser: Absolutely, man. I think that wraps it up. I don’t think we have much time.

Diggy Dirk: I think so, I mean. I hope we gave some good value here and got some good tips to people.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, man. So again, thanks for joining me.

Diggy Dirk: Awesome. Thanks for having me.

Daryl Rosser: And hope you guys enjoyed the episode.


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