How Jeff Lenney Made $35k in one day with launch jacking

For episode 46, I’m chatting with Jeff Lenney about affiliate SEO and launch jacking.

Jeff has a background in the internet marketing “guru world” and used that knowledge to get into launch jacking.

It’s an interesting model that I’ve seen several people have $5,000+ days with.

We get into what launch jacking is and how to get started with it in this episode, among other affiliate SEO topics.

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Topics Covered:

  • What is launch jacking and how to get started with it
  • Where to find out about big launches happening soon
  • How to do keyword research for affiliate SEO
  • How Jeff ranks his sites in 2017
  • An example walkthrough of Amazon keyword research


Daryl Rosser: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of the Lion Zeal show. In this episode, I’m sitting down with Jeff Lenney to talk about affiliate SEO and launch jacking.

Most people I’m sure know what affiliate SEO is, where you go out there and you rank for, say, a product name, product name reviews sort of terms, and anything related to that niche. You promote a product, and you’re going to get paid say five, ten percent or so as a commission for every sale that you generate.

Well, launch jacking is kind of similar, but basically you’re going to get a massive surge of sales in a very short amount of time. Launch jacking is where you anticipate say in a month’s time, two months’ time, that a big product launch is happening, a big guru product launch, or anything related. Just some sort of product launch.

You go out there and you rank for similar sort of terms, again. So the product name, product name review, stuff like that. And when someone searches that on the product launch date or dates, then they’re going to find your website. They’re going to buy it through your review link, and then you’re going to get paid, say, if it’s an information marketing product, up to like 50%, 75% as a commission for every single sale you get.

On a good day, in Jeff’s example, he made $35,000 in sales in a single day as an affiliate because he was launch jacking. So we’re going to get into how exactly do you do launch jacking in this interview, how you can get started with affiliate SEO. Really go through the basics there, and good advice, basically, of doing affiliate SEO, building up great website stuff like that.

I really hope you enjoy the episode. Let’s get straight into it.

Jeff, what’s up man? Thank you for joining me today on the show. It’s very cool to have you here.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah, for sure man. By the way guys, for those watching at home, this is actually Daryl and my, our very first time talking ever. I just spoke with Collin briefly on Facebook. He’s like, “Hey man. Do you want to do a call with Daryl?” I’m like, “Cool. Okay.” So we have not planned any of this. I have no idea what we’re going to talk about. I mean I think I have a little idea, based on our previous conversation like 30 seconds ago.

Daryl Rosser: 30 seconds, yeah.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah, so I mean it’s going to be fun. But no, I’m doing great, man. I am in California. It’s eight o’clock here, so I’m just relaxing, having a nice adult beverage.

Daryl Rosser: Makes it more interesting.

Jeff Lenney: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Daryl Rosser: Cool, man. So for anyone that isn’t that familiar with you yet, do you want to do like a little intro?

Jeff Lenney: Oh, I have to talk? Jesus. Yeah, no. What’s going on guys? My name’s Jeff Lenney. I am out of beautiful Orange County California. This is my home office in my home. I live up in the Anaheim Hills. It’s kind of the fancier Anaheim I guess you can say. What else, what else, what else? I got started with the whole internet marketing thing probably 10 years ago. I was-

Daryl Rosser: Wow.

Jeff Lenney: Well, that’s when I got started. It took me like five years to make money. I got started probably in 2007. I was working an IT job for a sub-prime mortgage company making $45,000 a year doing IT. $45,000 a year, that’s awesome for some parts of the US.

Orange County, not so much Orange County. It’s not a lot. So I was in a one-bedroom apartment in Costa Mesa with my girlfriend who’s now my wife and the mother of our awesome beautiful son Steven. But yeah, I wanted to find ways to make extra money online. I saw people doing things on Ebay. I saw people posting on Ebay about how they were able to make $3,000, $4,000 extra a month doing this stuff.

I realized, “Wait. This person’s selling this thing on Ebay for 30 bucks. He sold 200 of these courses on Ebay.” I’m like, “Son of a bitch. This dude’s making like six to 10 grand a month selling this course.” So I kind of copied that concept. I started selling information products on Ebay. But it was different things, so based on what my search found. How to unlock your Pioneer car navigation unit, so you can actually-

Daryl Rosser: How did you come up with that?

Jeff Lenney: I saw people selling it.

Daryl Rosser: Okay. So you straight up copied.

Jeff Lenney: Then I googled it, and wrote my own guide. People were selling things like, at the time, how to unlock your Pioneer unit. Basically, if you’re driving, you actually input addresses. Now I found on a car forum how to do it. I put together a quick five-page guide in about 15 minutes. I sold that. I was doing things like, how to buy Iraqi dinar and get rich. Of course that probably never happened.

I forget it’s been 10 years. I’ve got my account still, opened up in 2005. But I just tried different things here and there. It was awesome, because I was making like $1,000 a month. And when you’re first starting out, it’s fantastic. It feels amazing when you do that. For those of you guys watching at home, for you, Daryl, it feels amazing when you get that first kind of big payday consistently.

But it was taking me like six or seven hours a day. I was having to find new product ideas. I was having to make sure my prices were competitive with the competitors. I would have to fulfill the orders. It was just a pain in the ass. It was like a big raise at work, which is awesome. 1,000 extra bucks a month is $12,000 more a year. But it was draining me, and my girlfriend was like, “Okay, Jeff. This internet thing. What’s going on?”

Sorry. Her and my son are outside. Did you hear him or no?

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, I could hear a little bit of noise.

Jeff Lenney: He’s a year and a half. He’s probably running back and forth. “Ah ah ah!” Awesome kid. So yeah, it was taking just too much damn time. I started reading other things and I heard of this site called Again, I had no idea what I was doing, still. But I bought this product on Clickbank. Excuse me. Have you ever heard of Bookmarking Demon?

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, yeah. I have, yeah.

Jeff Lenney: It was Bookmarking Demon. I started building really, really, really crappy-looking niche websites because I had no idea what I was doing. I really didn’t. I started building pages on Blogger. I was building little free sites on Blogger that looked like crap.

I’ve still got a few of them in my account. I was like, “Wow, that’s embarrassing.” I was just driving a bunch of back links to those with the Social Bookmarking Demon, and it was really doing nothing for me. I was just kind of struggling and struggling and doing so much stuff.

Then I was watching a YouTube video. This is after a year of doing like nothing on Clickbank and promptly in 2010, maybe 2011, I saw this Clickbank product. I forget what it was called now, but this was back in the Clickbank glory days of scams nonstop.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Jeff Lenney: It was promising you could make $35,000 by clicking your mouse three times overnight. So there’s still reviews on my old Vimeo channel of me doing this stuff. It was just me on the camera like this, no screen, just saying, “Oh my gosh, guys. I just checked out this product. Blah blah blah. It’s BS. Here’s why that’s not going to happen. You’re not going to make thousands overnight by clicking your mouse. It’s BS. Just save your money. Don’t waste your time.”

That’s all it was. That’s all it was. Then people started finding my video on YouTube and Google, and they go, “Hey Jeff. Thanks, man. Thanks. I appreciate that.” So another product came out and I did the same thing. “Cool, Jeff. Thanks, man. I appreciate you saving me 30 bucks. That’s awesome. I owe you a beer.” Then I did a third one and maybe a fourth, and someone said, “So Jeff, what do you recommend?” I was like, “Light bulb!”

I actually found a product I did like. It was by this guy named… I want to say “Matt Clarick”. I could be wrong, but he was a guy from New Zealand. He’s a friend of Mark Lynx, who’s an affiliate marketer. It might be Matt Clark. But he had a product. It was an Amazon product that taught how to do SEO for Amazon review sites. It was actually the first decent course I reviewed on Clickbank.

I did a review. By this time I got fancy. I got Camtasia. I started showing people my screen, not just myself yelling at the camera pretty much, which was funny but it was effective because it was real which is awesome. So just for the record, guys, for those of you that are brand new, I had zero budget.

It was just me yelling at my freaking webcam. It was like a $20 webcam from Best Buy electronics store. And that worked. Of course I had to kind of get over my shyness, initially. Well, not my shyness. I’m not shy, but my lack of video experience per se.

Daryl Rosser: And you put on a weird video voice and stuff like that when you started out.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s like, “Hey guys. What’s going on. This is Jeff.” You know exactly what I mean. So I did a review on Matt’s product. I forget what it was called, but I was like, “This is good.” So then I went and I started doing newer videos. I said, “Okay guys. This product is crap. This is why.

I do not recommend this, but if you want to know what I recommend, click here.” And I’d put a little caption on YouTube to show you guys what I currently recommend. Then people would click through and they would watch that video, and I started making money.

I started making $30, $40 bucks a day, $100 bucks a day, $200 bucks a day, and I started finding more products that I actually liked. Because the thing is, I’m never going to blindly review a product and recommend it if I don’t try it myself or if I don’t at least know the person that did it, and know that I can trust them. I’m not going to sell it.

Some people do. That’s how they make money. That stuff pisses me off. Yeah, so it’s like, Seriously, it’s ridiculous. Anyways, I started doing more and more product reviews. I was up to like a few $500 days, and then, you remember SEnuke X, right?

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Jeff Lenney: I was on top of Google for SEnuke X, SEnuke X review. I was making like $1,000. Because that’s when it actually worked, before Panda and Penguin and all that crap. It actually worked pretty well at the time. So just for the record, guys at home, it used to work amazingly well. Maybe now for the second- or third- or fourth-tier links.

But yeah. I was probably making $1,000 bucks from SEnuke X, $5,000 to $6,000 a month from my other products on Clickbank. So yeah, $6,000, $7,000 bucks a month. Considering I was making $3,000 a month from my day job, that was amazing. By the way, I should clarify guys, by the time I got to this $5,000, $6,000 bucks a month, this is probably four or five years later, in probably 2010, maybe 2011.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Jeff Lenney: The reason it took so long is I did not have a method. I did not have anything I stuck to. I just kind of tried everything on my own, and I got lucky when my online rants were well-received and I started doing that stuff there.

Daryl Rosser: How did you go from a guy on a low budget ranting into a $20 webcam to ranking number one for SEnuke X?

Jeff Lenney: I finally eventually helping a friend of mine locally in Orange County. Good question by the way. Thanks. Keep me on track here. By this time I understood WordPress, and I understood the basics of SEO. So I helped him build the website from scratch for his massage therapy business. Excuse me one second.

That’s water. Excuse me. So I helped him build a website, and I ranked him. I ranked him number one for Orange County massage, Orange County massage therapy. I was like, “Okay, you know what?” That was kind of like the confidence boost I needed.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Jeff Lenney: So I think I actually launched maybe 2010, 2011 or so. It really, really was no kind of direction at first. Long story short, I really had no direction at all. That’s when I finally started getting mentorship and I finally started finding people that I can trust and actually follow in their courses, and not just jumping around like so many people did, myself included.

I found what I was able to do and I was able to do well, and it’s kind of funny because my YouTube channel. It was probably myself and John Pennworthy. I don’t know if you know John or not, affiliate guy from the UK. Super-awesome guy. But him and I were probably two of the first people doing honest reviews on YouTube.

I know a lot of people started flagging both of our reviews as scam, as spam, as junk, as nudity, as porn, whatever, et cetera.

Daryl Rosser: Wow.

Jeff Lenney: I had this YouTube channel with a few thousand followers. I had a small list by then that had an open rate of 30% to 40%, which for email marketers, that’s fantastic.

Daryl Rosser: That’s good, yeah.

Jeff Lenney: I can’t even do that now. It was because of the trust. And I got a video reported as spam, and YouTube removed it. I’m like, “Well that sucks. It was an awesome video.” Then about five minutes later, a second video removed and reported. Now when you have that second video flagged, within a short period of time, YouTube blocks access to your account for a week and you can’t do anything there.

Daryl Rosser: Yikes.

Jeff Lenney: Kind of sucks. And so about 10 minutes later, a third video was flagged, and YouTube banned my account completely. Now again, it sucked. When this happened, that $6,000 or $7,000 bucks a month, it paid for my wife’s engagement ring. I was paying a lot of my bills and everything. That kind of went from $6,000 to $7,000 bucks a month to pretty much nothing overnight.

Daryl Rosser: Yikes.

Jeff Lenney: It sucked. Yeah. “Yikes” indeed. I was devastated. At that point, I had to really kind of hustle. I had a small email list of maybe 2,000 or 3,000 people. I forget. But they loved me, they trusted me. So I did what anyone would do. I made another YouTube channel.

Banned within a day or two because the same competitors reported me. So I made a third one. I think that one got banned again, and then I think I had an old one which I’ve still got if you search me on YouTube now. It was an old niche site, it’s “How to get ripped fast”. When I didn’t know what I was doing, I was just doing a bunch of YouTube niche sites.

My internet marketing YouTube channel, currently now, is actually “How to get ripped fast”, which is kind of funny. But yeah, the YouTube thing wasn’t working out, and so I kind of started getting into niche websites and doing product reviews in a much more thorough way.

Of course I discovered PBNs a few years ago. I’ve got some amazing PBN builders for me now that I can buy them from, or have them build them for me for a reasonable price since I pay them thousands and thousands a week anyways as it is.

Yeah. I mean it really is. It’s a long story. I’ve failed more times than I care to admit, but it’s that failure that really drives you to succeed.

Daryl Rosser: Absolutely.

Jeff Lenney: I already had that taste. I already knew, “Okay. If I can do $6,000, $7,000 in a month, I can do double that. I can do triple that.” And hell yeah, I think the most I’ve done in one day is $35,000.

Daryl Rosser: Nice.

Jeff Lenney: Which, it was fantastic. Of course that’s not every day. That’d be fantastic if it was. But you know, it’s nice to know that if you don’t give up and if you really push yourself what’s possible. It’s funny. I’m a fairly successful affiliate marketer, but I still really am, in all modesty, at the bottom end of all the top-end guys.

I’ve got so many people that call me a guru and everything, and they look up to me, which I love and I honestly do love. But I’m like, “Wow. I’m just an affiliate making decent money online.” It’s fantastic to get this kind of feedback and have people respond well to what I do.

I mean, now I’ve got an email list that’s not huge. 15,000, 20,000 people in the IM niche. I have spoken at a few pretty big events. Do you know [Dory Friend 00:15:25]?

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. Well, know of.

Jeff Lenney: I spoke at [Dory’s 00:15:28] event at SEO Rockstars, which is how I got to meet Holly, who recommended me to Colin, I believe. But yes, I spoke at Dory’s event on launch jacking back in November down at Disneyland, which is about 15 miles that way from me.

Yeah. It’s funny, because I kind of networked my way. I started doing video, and I started doing webinars because people liked my videos. “Hey Jeff, do you want to do a webinar for us?” I’m like, “Sure. Why not? Never done it. Let’s do it. Sure, why not.” It worked out pretty well.

For those at home who are familiar with Anik Singal, I ended up becoming Anik’s head coach for about three years. For those that don’t know Anik, he’s kind of one of the top IM guys. I think he did about $11 or $12 million last year with his business, which is phenomenal.

Daryl Rosser: Wow. I keep seeing his ads, actually.

Jeff Lenney: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. They’re spending. I can’t tell you how much. They’re spending a lot per month. There’s my son again. Sorry. So I still work with Anik occasionally. I was chatting with him on Facebook and Skype today, actually. But I was Anik’s head coach for like three or four years. I did webinars for him every single week. I’ve literally done 1,000-plus webinars for Anik and other people.

It’s funny. I got there, I got to that point of meeting Anik and everything simply because I did videos people responded well to. If I wouldn’t have done those videos, I wouldn’t have met Anik and so many other people. It’s just kind of funny how you find your way into this stuff.

Of course, that opens you up to more networking events, more opportunities, and so I really did. I networked my way, I don’t want to say “to the top”, but I networked my way to where I am now, which is in a pretty good spot.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. I like the approach you took almost accidentally to begin, and kind of like how I built this up, actually, this brand. But you built a personal brand. You’re not just ranking. I don’t know how you do it, but I presume you’re not ranking EMDs and stuff. You’re actually building up a personal brand, like “Here’s who I am,” and building up-

Jeff Lenney: Yeah.

Daryl Rosser: that list and everything and it’s like an asset, not just like a temporary spam while a launch is going on, that you lose like a week afterwards.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah. No, the EMD industry I’ll still do work if you have quality content, quality back links. Mostly I prefer to build up large sites. I mean, my site, it’s my main marketing site. 120 pages maybe. I’ve got a site that I co-built with a PBN guy who you probably know, I won’t name. We’ve got a probably 200-page dating affiliate website.

So what I’ll do is, I’ll actually build out some other websites. I’ll try to build something brandable. I’m trying to find a brandable name, something that sounds clever, something people will remember, that if it works I can make it bigger and bigger.

I heard someone, and I don’t know who I got this from so if you’re watching, I’m sorry. But it’s called the radio test. When you buy a domain, you want to say it out loud and see how it sounds to yourself. You know, I’m not kidding, by the way. I’m not making this up.

One of the domains I bought was Hence, how to get ripped fast. So it’s “how to get ripped fast with a bunch of”. I just built it out with Autoblogger. Think about that. “Okay, for more information, guys, check out how dash to” It just sounds ridiculous.

Now I try to come up with things that sound clever, sound brandable, things that people remember. I had one for a while. It was called I might have not renewed it, but I don’t work with it now. But it was a squeeze page for an offer I had for personal development.

It was called It’s brandable, it’s clever. It has nothing to do with my keyword. In fact, it wasn’t even for SEO, but it was a brandable domain. I could have built that further if I wanted to.

I would try to take something brandable that sounds brandable and clever over exact match domain any day, because it’s going to take me a tiny bit more work to link it, and it’s just going to sound a lot better. Yeah.

Daryl Rosser: Absolutely. What sort of offers are you promoting today?

Jeff Lenney: I can’t tell you all of them, but I’ll give you some of the general niches. Internet marketing, dating. Dating is huge. How to get your example-girlfriend back. How to save your relationship.

How to get a girlfriend. How to get a boyfriend. How to save your marriage. How to have better sex, et cetera. Health and fitness. Anything you think of, I’ve got a site for that. Finance, general finance in general. What else?

I’ve also tried different things. I’ll tell you what’s funny is, I tried building things before not based on passion but based on search volume. I built a site once. It was on how to build your own chicken coops at home.

Daryl Rosser: That’s a popular sort of IM example niche.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah. It’s there. There’s people, my neighbour’s got chicken coops. It’s not really a common Orange County thing, though, but people love to have their own chickens at home. They get their fresh eggs which I hear sound amazing. But that doesn’t interest me. So I built a site, and I just didn’t really have that interest or that passion. I like eating chicken, that’s about my extent. I don’t want to keep them as pets.

Daryl Rosser: Close enough.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah, I like building things now based on passion. Or if it’s not something I’m passionate about, something I find interesting enough to learn about if that makes sense.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Jeff Lenney: You probably can see, I’m not fat but I’m not exactly fit. I’m not a huge fitness guy. I haven’t worked out regularly in a couple years. But I built a big health and fitness website with an internet marketer who’s a body builder. He’s a nutritionist, and so I was able to partner with him. He does the content. He builds the site. I help optimize it and rank it, and that worked out pretty well.

Daryl Rosser: How do you find some of these niches? I know you’re in a whole bunch of different niches these days. It’s not just like reviewing products. How do you actually-

Jeff Lenney: Yeah. It’s tough. I like to find things that are evergreen. They’re going to be around for a while. So again, health and fitness. I’ll go to Google and I’ll search for weight loss tips for example. Or I’ll go to one of the many Google suggest tools. Key word, [“” 00:21:41], pardon my French. Übersuggest , which I think I think got bought by Neil Patel, which is a bit different now. Love you Neil, if you’re watching. So I’ll try to use Google to come up with different niche ideas, and I try to drill down.

I mean, let’s say I’m going to start with health and fitness. I mean, there’s so many things you can do in health and fitness. You can do weight loss. You can do dieting. You can do working out. You can do body building. You can do yoga. And there’s sub-niches for those, for working out. There’s crossfit, there’s body building, there is cardio, there’s diet. There’s literally thousands of sub-niches within health and fitness.

You’ve got dating. You’ve got get a girlfriend. Get a boyfriend. How to get your ex back. How to save your marriage. General dating advice. Dating advice for men, for women. So I try to find really, really broad niches. I’ll take a couple hours and I’ll just really try to narrow things down into 10 or 15 sub-categories. Narrow those down, narrow those down, et cetera.

It’s not something I can exactly explain in like a 10 or 15 minute conversation. But-

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. Do you find the niche first, or the offer?

Jeff Lenney: Yes. Both. I’ve done well both ways. I try to find offers that are converting really well. One thing I would do, and I probably shouldn’t give this away, but I will anyways, is I’m a big fan of private networks. I do stuff on Clickbank, but I’d much rather go into the private CPA networks where they’ve got guys in there spending $100,000 a day on traffic for one offer.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Jeff Lenney: $100,000 a day. There was one offer I’m ranked on Google five times for on page one for the product name. Two different websites, a press release, two YouTube videos. I’m not going to give away the niche or even a hint as to what it is, but I found out about it because it was a top offer through a private affiliate network. I found out they were paying some affiliates $100,000 a day.

Those people are spending $200,000 a day to make that money, but that’s still a lot of money going in there to that traffic. So I built up a review and I ranked it, and I started making money off of that one, so I built up a second one. I started building more second- and third-tier links, raking those as well. Reddit and YouTube videos, press releases, other things as well.

It really depends. I will search for offers that I feel could be evergreen. I will see if there’s traffic based around that offer, see how competitive it’s going to be to rank for that product, and I’ll usually rank for two keywords, product name and maybe a product name review.

Then I’ll also plug those into Google to see what people are searching for that I can maybe add as either a new blog post or it’d be a H2 or H3 tag, or a subsection of that post, for example. Other times, maybe I’ll be doing keyword research, and I’ll find an amazing, awesome keyword that’s getting 150,000 searches a month but it’s not really SEO’d.

That’s hard to find. It’s not something you can do in 30 seconds. But there’s been a few where I’ve found those where it was just kind of wide open. I was like, “Damn. Okay.”

Daryl Rosser: That’s just by being in the niche, just looking around.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah. Exactly. I’ll be poking around. I’ll be doing key word research, and I’ll say, “Okay. That’s odd. There’s real low bids on that one. Let’s plug it into Moz or Traffic Travis or whatever. Okay. That looks really good.” I might just build a site, maybe five or six pages, around that keyword.

Of course before I do that, I’m going to find a product that I can promote, preferably with high search volume as well. So I’ll build out two things, first of all. I’ll build out my page.

Of course I’m going to have my About Us page with a real picture of either me or a persona. I’ll have a Contact Us page with a real email address to contact me. Actually a contact form, not an address, so you don’t get spammed that way. I’ll add a privacy policy and a terms and conditions in the footer. Very important if you’re going to be running PPC.

Then I will do maybe five articles to start. One article is going to be my main keyword. One is going to be a product review for that product. And usually, if you’re nice, you’re able to get a free sample if you can show them that you know what you’re doing, whether it’s going to be like a protein powder or a water pitcher. It’s usually pretty easy to get a free sample.

And if it’s not, you know what? Pony up. Spend the $30, $40, $50, $80 whatever, get yourself that actual product. Take pictures of it, if it’s an actual physical product. If you’re not camera shy you can be in it yourself.

I’ll do a nice review for that product, showing it. “Here is me actually using it. Here it is, see?” Smile, big smile. But the point is you want to build trust by doing that. You want to build trust by showing people, “I’m not just some guy trying to take your money here. I’ve actually used it, and here’s what I think. Here’s why I recommend it, or here’s why I don’t recommend it, I guess.”

Daryl Rosser: You’ve got like five blog posts on there. Are these like 500-word articles, 1,000 words? Do you have a rough sort of idea?

Jeff Lenney: I like doing 1,000 words plus. I like doing maybe 1,300 to 1,500 words ideally. I’ve got a great writer from India that does most of my content. He’ll do my articles for me. I do my own reviews. I’m really a control freak. I don’t like giving up too much control, even though I really know I should. So I do my own reviews, I have my guy write the content for me, and then I’ll still format it.

Yeah, and I’ll build a site. It’ll be five or six pages just around that content. You can do a mini-silo if you want. Do a little silo and rank it easier. If I find that I’m starting to get traffic, I’m starting to rank with the small PBN blast or whatever, I’m going to build that site and make it into a much bigger machine.

But I mean, I’ve got one site right now. It’s eight pages. It’s doing probably $300, $400 a day off one product that I found a year ago. Yeah. It feels pretty good to have that kind of success.

Daryl Rosser: Which page is it ranking by the way? The home page? The blog posts?

Jeff Lenney: I got lucky. Both.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Jeff Lenney: That one is actually an exact match domain. That’s one example when I did buy it. I bought the exact mass domain. So the home page ranks and my review ranks for that one.

Daryl Rosser: Nice. It’s perfect.

Jeff Lenney: Number one and two on Google. Again, guys, just to be clear for those that don’t know this stuff. I don’t know all of your experience at home. That’s not something you’re just going to find and get lucky with your first try. It takes a lot of trial and error. It takes a lot of falling on your face and failing.

Daryl Rosser: Actually, on that topic then, if you were to estimate, how many sites have you built, and how many out of that, as a percentage, were successful?

Jeff Lenney: Oh, geeze, man. I don’t know. I’ve built 100+ niche sites, maybe 20 or 30 successful ones.

Daryl Rosser: Okay. Interesting.

Jeff Lenney: Again, I failed a ton of times. But that’s okay.

Daryl Rosser: That’s how to find the successful ones, right?

Jeff Lenney: Absolutely. Absolutely. I’m going to pull my phone up real quick. I’m going to read you something. I found this picture online. Hold on. It’s a meme, but it says, “Life is very similar to a boxing ring. Defeat is not declared when you fall down. It’s declared when you refuse to rise up.”

Daryl Rosser: I like it.

Jeff Lenney: That’s cool. I had to save that, because that is so true. You can get knocked down so many times, but you’re failing when you refuse to get back up and try again. It really is true. I’m not big on motivational speeches and everything, but guys, yeah. That is so freaking true. I’m a living testimony of that being the case. But yeah, I’ve failed so many times. Even now when I do sites now, some fail still. But I’ve got a much better success rate now when I do them.

I’m starting to get into some physical things on Amazon. I’m starting to do a few big Amazon niche sites. Those are kind of still in the planning phase. I haven’t even launched those yet. But I found some pretty amazing keywords that I know I could rank for based on the existing competition and linking profiles.

I’m talking a lot, man. Do you have any questions? Do you want to jump in?

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. Actually, I’d be interested in cycling back to something you mentioned earlier, where you said, your best day was about $34,000 in a day. How does-

Jeff Lenney: $35,000.

Daryl Rosser: $35,000. Okay. Nice. How does someone make $35K in a day? What happened there?

Jeff Lenney: Okay, I don’t want to say I got lucky, but I got lucky. That was on a product launch by Anik Singal. He launched a product. It was a $3,000 product back in March of 2015 called Profit Academy. Now, this is kind of funny.

I was Anik’s coach, so I guess it’s almost like a insider’s thing. But people knew about it a month just before the launch, just to be clear. But I actually did the coaching for Inbox Blueprint the first two times that it launched. Anik did launch Profit Academy as a much smaller course to his internal list only. And I was also the primary coach for that.

That was successful. Anik built up this amazing, massive course which became the first version the public saw outside of his internal list. So I know that it was going to come, and I found out about it a month before everyone else. So I said, “Hey, Anik. Can I get access to the product, please?” “Yeah, Jeff. No problem, man.” So I built up a real killer review and I showed people screenshots of the member’s area. I listed the modules out. I did a video showing, “Here’s what I like. Here’s what I don’t like.”

There was some SEO competition, some tough competition. But I was ranked number one or two for both Profit Academy and Profit Academy review.

Daryl Rosser: That’s awesome.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah. That’s fantastic. That’s my biggest product line. I’ve done some close to that one, but yeah. I did $35,000 the first day. I forget my closing day, maybe $40,000, $50,000? But I think over that eight-day launch I did over $12,500 and $30,000 in commission, which was awesome.

Daryl Rosser: Yes.

Jeff Lenney: I have to say that was probably 80% SEO, maybe 20% my list. That was just a lot of SEO, and being ranked for the right thing.

Daryl Rosser: Hey, you said you ranked number one for launch jacking before this. Is that correct?

Jeff Lenney: Yeah.

Daryl Rosser: Do you want to explain for anyone that’s not familiar what launch jacking is?

Jeff Lenney: Yeah. In fact if you google at home, or if you’re in the US at least, if you google “launch jacking”, you’re going to find I’m ranked number one. I’ve also got the featured snippet right above it, so I’m actually ranked one and two. Did you see that there are two in Vietnam? Did you search it or not?

Daryl Rosser: I haven’t checked.

Jeff Lenney: I’m curious where I’m at in Vietnam. But I know I’m ranked number one for launch jacking and two with the same site, pretty much. But that’s what launch jacking is. You’ll find out about a product before it launches, and if you guys want to learn more about it check out my site. I’ve got a few resources on there. You don’t have to sign up. It’s on that blog post. But I’ll find out about a product launch before it comes out, and I will try to get access to it. The nice thing is, I’ve been networking so I know most of the product owners now, which makes it easier.

But even if you’re brand new, reach out to them. Say, “Hey, my name is so-and-so. I want to go ahead and promote your product via SEO and my list. Is there any way I can get access to it?” Even when I was new, I still got access most of the time. The competition’s a bit tougher now.

Not to put down any demographic, but there’s a lot more spammers out of Southeast Asia now that are kind of giving fake reviews It’s a bit more competitive. But I still beat them with good PBN links.

So quality content, number one. In fact a buddy of mine, Tyler, who I actually taught SEO to, he’s really good now. He’s on my level now. He was like, “Dude Jeff, I ranked for this product, but it’s not converting. How do you do it?”

Here’s the thing, guys. Ranking for something is nice but if you can’t take the people through that process to the final, if you can’t convert them into a buyer, it’s not worth anything. Just google “Jeff Lenney reviews”. That’s L-E-N-N-E-Y. Jeff Lenney reviews. Look at any of my reviews that are on my site, and you’re going to find my content is spaced out. I’ve got my H1, I’ve got my header, I’ve got my bullet points, my picture, my video, my H3, my H2. I make my content look nice.

I know Neil Patel for example does an image every three or four hundred words. Yeah, I try to do that. You want to basically keep people interested, and you want to show them you’re an authority. They should be paying attention to you. They should be listening to what you’re talking about. I forget the exact number, but I think you have five seconds, three seconds to keep someone on your site once they land there.

Daryl Rosser: Absolutely, yeah. Something like that.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah. I use the genesis theme. I had a logo made on Fiverr for $10. It’s 10 freaking bucks that increased my time on the site significantly, adding that logo by the way. So if you’re building a niche site, if you’re getting any kind of traffic, go to Fiverr. Get a logo made. Add that logo up there. It’s going to increase your time on a site. So simple, I know. But I promise it makes your site look more professional, and people are going to kind of really trust you more right away without even knowing why.

Daryl Rosser: Absolutely. I love that shift that we’ve kind of making. I got started with SEO specifically. We didn’t enter the [marketer 00:34:36] for years, but I started SEO specifically back in mid-2013. Back then it was like 300-word blog posts that were ranking and just straight up spam it with PBNs, and it’d rank so damn well. Yeah. I did the same when I started.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah, me too. Yeah.

Daryl Rosser: But these days everyone’s shifting towards having logos like you mentioned, having at least 1,000 words of content. I’ve seen like 5,000, 6,000 word articles ranking for review product terms.

Jeff Lenney: Oh yeah.

Daryl Rosser: A quality shift is going to happen, even with PBNs. I don’t know how you’re doing with PBNs, but even with them, people are starting to put logos on them, starting to make them look more like real sites, get some traffic to them.

Jeff Lenney: Oh yeah.

Daryl Rosser: Are you doing similar stuff, there?

Jeff Lenney: Yeah. Mine look real. Mine look completely real. They’ve got logos. They’ve got Contact Us pages, About Me pages. I’ve got ads in the widgets in the side bar, so at first glance they look like a real site. They’re not private WHOIS. They’re public WHOIS with fake names.

If you google “fake name generator”, by the way, it’s easy to create a fake name and address and persona easily doing that. You can either make the WHOIS private if you want, or you can simply just use a fake name, whatever works for you. For people in debate, both ways work better than the other. I know that people say if you have your WHOIS blocked you’re trying to hide something. I’ve done both ways.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, that’s fine.

Jeff Lenney: I don’t really care enough to test it either way. It works for me with whatever I do. But no, I’ll make my PBNs look like real sites. I’ll take the time to make my content look nice. Add pictures, relevant videos, do internal linking to those.

Something you can also do if you really want to get crazy, is you can also send traffic to your PBNs. That’s a whole other podcast we can do some other time if you like. That’s a whole other thing, but that also works. You can do it via crowdsourcing sites, or you can do it via AdSense, or Google Ads, have people go through and click through to your PBN site, and kind of guide them through your own article to click through to your money site. That’s ridiculously powerful as well.

But what’s really working well for me, and if I talk too fast, I do that because I get excited because I enjoy doing this.

Daryl Rosser: It’s good.

Jeff Lenney: I apologize. But what’s really working well for me and for a lot of people I know even some of the huge, huge PBN guys, is I’ll do a combination of both PBNs and guest postings.

Daryl Rosser: Interesting.

Jeff Lenney: I have had some guest posts. Another niche. I’ve got a big survival website. I’m not a survivalist. My brother is. Well, he’s interested in that. But it’s something that I found interesting enough that I can blog about despite the fact that I haven’t been camping since I was a kid. I’m not a survivalist type, but it’s something I find interesting enough and so I was able to rank on page one for “bug out bag” which is a huge survival phrase.

I’m not going to say which site it is, but I’m on page one for “bug out bag”, which is probably like the big survival phrase you want to rank for – kickass key words. But I was able to, just by doing manual outreach for guest posting, I was able to get guest posts on like three or four of the biggest survival sites in the world.

Daryl Rosser: Nice.

Jeff Lenney: This is the really cool thing, man. Some of those sites get crawled by other big sites. Or not crawled, but they’ll recopy and repost their content. They’ll keep the back links in place, and they’ll say, “Hey, thanks to so-and-so for this article.” I’ve done one guest post before and it got picked up by two other equally large survival sites.

Daryl Rosser: That’s awesome.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah, man. In fact this is kind of funny. I’m off-topic here, but write about things that people are going to want to link to. People are going to talk about writing link-worthy content. If you google “top niches” or “most profitable niches” Hi. I’m on page one for that one. I had about a week and a half ago-

Daryl Rosser: What is link-worthy content?

Jeff Lenney: You want to give people value. Here’s the thing. Even the content’s only sub-par, make it look like it’s the best article in the world. A really good example, look at the content by Brian Dean or by Neil Patel. Even before you read a single word, you’re just like, “Wow.

That looks awesome. It looks amazing.” So I will try to take my blog posts that are getting more traffic, and I’m going to make sure that I really give them more attention. I’m going to add more pictures, maybe do a custom video, maybe just find a video I like from YouTube and drop it in there. But I’m going to make it a valuable post that people want to share.

I got lucky with one. I’m ranked for “most profitable niches”, and I had a writer from, which off the top of my head is maybe the domain authority of [eighty 00:39:17] or so. They linked to me, which is a follow link. Then I also got picked up by a actual university, by a .edu site. A real university, not a fake one from India or whatever. So I got like two or three links out of that one as well, just because they liked my content.

Even if you’re not always reaching out. I really got lucky with that one, but if you create your non-salesy content just with the intent to actually help people, give valuable information, it’s going to pay off in the end in multiple ways.

Daryl Rosser: Absolutely. I agree. Hey, going back to something you said earlier.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah.

Daryl Rosser: I really like the point about joining private affiliate networks and stuff, not just like Clickbank and the big ones. How do you find them? People always ask me, “Which network should I join?”

Jeff Lenney: I can’t tell you exactly who I use for obvious reasons.

Daryl Rosser: Sure.

Jeff Lenney: Offervault’s a great one to find some products on there. Something I’ll also do is when I found… I’m trying not to give anything away here.

Daryl Rosser: Feel free to.

Jeff Lenney: We got how many thousands watching this, probably? When I find something that’s going really well for me, I will often reach out to the product creator if I know who they are. If not, I’m going to try to find a way to connect. I’m going to say, “Hey man. Listen.

My name is Jeff. You probably know me. I’m selling this many of your offer per day. Listen, man. Do you happen to know anyone else or any product that’s being promoted like crazy?” I basically ask if they can kind of give me a nudge in the right direction of maybe a hot product or a hot niche or whatever, and I’ll dig into that.

Daryl Rosser: Nice.

Jeff Lenney: With that one offer where I’m ranking like five times, I hit up the product and they’re on Skype and he pointed me to another person who’s got probably five or eight products under his name that you wouldn’t know about unless you were a top-level marketer. They’re probably doing a million dollars per day in traffic, all their affiliates towards them, every freaking day.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, insane.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah, so there’s a lot of opportunity. Excuse me. You just have to dig in the right place. So I’m a fan of asking around.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. I like that. Especially if you join affiliate networks, you just ask your affiliate manager which offers to convert and which ones are big, and they just tell you because it’s in their best interest. They want you to promote them.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah. I got accepted to a pretty big private network about a month ago or so, and they don’t have anybody doing SEO for their stuff, like nobody. Zero. And it’s a big network.

Daryl Rosser: Wow.

Jeff Lenney: Exactly. I was like, “Ching ching,” so I hopped on a 30-minute call with the account manager and the account rep. We talked for 30 or 40 minutes and Jen, the account manager’s saying, “Listen, if we like what you’re doing, we can also maybe block other SEO affiliates from joining if you’re promoting this well.”

Daryl Rosser: Wow.

Jeff Lenney: They want to help you. I mean, I was converting one of my offers at 3% to 4%. I still am now, which is an offer that they’re seeing a lot of paid traffic go towards. I don’t know what it usually converts at, but apparently around 3% to 4% was a big deal.

That’s a pretty good conversion rate. They’re going to want to keep you happy. You might not get accepted to the big, big networks unless you maybe get a referral or know someone, or you’ve worked with someone before. But start out small. Go to Offervault. Go to Find some offers on there.

Again, the problem is that with MaxBounty is, it’s a fairly public, well-known CPA and network. You’re going to find people still ranking for their stuff. But what I’ll do is I’ll simply find a product. I’ll check out the keyword planner. I’ll check out Moz. I’ll check out SEMrush. I’ll get an idea for the search volume. Is this worth my time or not? Then I’ll build a small page around that, and kind of go from there.

I could talk for hours, honestly.

Daryl Rosser: For anyone that’s starting this now, they’re at the beginner stages. They’re just starting out. What would be a good starting point? Finding an offer? Start looking at niches they’re interested in? Where should they start out?

Jeff Lenney: If you’re brand spanking new, I would have to say honestly go with your passion. Go with something that you’re passionate about. You’re going to find it’s going to be easier to kind of stick with it. You really are. It’s easier when you have an interest in something, or it’s either something you have a passion in or something that you’re maybe interested in, even if you don’t do it. Like survival. Survival, I think that’s cool. I don’t do it, but I was able to rank it because I think it’s kind of fascinating.

Yeah, again, build a four- or five-page website. Built out content. Again, I’m a huge fan of 1,000 words, maybe 1,500 words. Make your content look good. Pay for a premium theme. I use the genesis theme. I forget the sub-theme name, the child theme, but you pay for a premium theme whether it’s genesis or something else.

As much as I want to find free, awesome WordPress themes, I’ve only found a couple. They don’t compare to the premium. Pay for a premium theme. You’re going to be using that for a couple years, probably. Pay five or 10 bucks to get a logo. It’s going to make your site look a lot more professional, a lot more trustworthy. Having that logo, having that professional theme, right away before people read a single word that’s going to build trust right away, because it looks like you actually know what you’re talking about even if you don’t.

With your content, if you review my site – Again,, Feel free to take a look at how I do things. I try to make my content look attractive. like I said, I kind of model my stuff after what Neil Patel or Brian Dean do, is I make it look like it’s worth reading.

Daryl Rosser: Absolutely.

Jeff Lenney: It usually is. Not always, but it usually is. So really, appearance is everything at first. Do that. Get your content written out. Try to link internally between your blog post and the other blog posts. It’s going to keep your authority within the site, kind of like Wikipedia does, for example. Try to link from those blog posts to the product you’re promoting.

You can do a combination of two things. You can either do a soft call to action, where you simply, “Here, check out this review right here, click here.” You can even do kind of a hard call to action, where you maybe just link to the product directly, and maybe add a “P.S., here’s my review.” So you’ll be able to build those links up.

Now usually, here’s the problem. That in itself is not going to be enough to rank your site if it’s somewhat competitive. I would often start off with maybe a blast of five or 10 PBN links. Either maybe you have your own or maybe you use somebody. I can go to Lion Zeal or you can go to the PBN groups on Facebook for example, see who’s selling stuff on there. It’s pretty easy. You just do a Facebook group search for PBN or pages. You’re going to find people selling them all day long.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, absolutely. Hey, you mentioned something earlier that you’re ranking extra. Not just your website but extra profiles and stuff like that.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah.

Daryl Rosser: How does that work?

Jeff Lenney: I just [found 00:46:16] the crap out of those.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Jeff Lenney: When I find something easy to rank for, which is not often, I want to own page one. What I’ll do is I’ll start maybe doing some social media posting. I’ll do a Reddit post. I’ve got my own subReddit for reviews, for example. I might just do a Reddit post from that.

I’ll do a quick paragraph with a link to my site, my review which is to follow, and I’ll see where it ranks. If it’s in the first three or four pages, okay. No links? Okay, that’s cool. And so I’ll build a few more free links out. I’ve got a list on my office PC at my office. I don’t have it here, but I’ve got a list of free sites I build on, I forget off the top of my head. But you can do the press release.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Jeff Lenney: Embed your YouTube video into the press release. That’s powerful.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Jeff Lenney: What else? Hold on one second please. I’m talking so much here, sorry. What else? For the press releases by the way, use You can pay $100-

Daryl Rosser: Marketersmedia?

Jeff Lenney: Yeah, marketersmedia. It’s one of the cheaper for the premium. For $100, maybe $150 for a press release. I forget, don’t quote me, but whatever it is that’s $100. It’s $100 more for the premium release, where you’re going to get links from Yahoo and other big press release sites, if they accept it. If they don’t accept it, you’re going to be able to use that for another time.

I would say this, for the press releases, do not make your press release a review. Make it about your brand doing your review. I might do a press release, “Super affiliate Jeff Lenney releases his review on this product”.

Daryl Rosser: Basically, make it a press release.

Jeff Lenney: Exactly. Yeah, yeah. Exactly. Press releases, guys, should be third party. They should not be praising something. They should not be recommending, “Click here to buy now.” They should be 100% third-party, like someone who just saw your website is writing it on your behalf, and they don’t know if they like you or not, yet.

Use quotes from the product creators in quotes. If you google “press release template”, or “SEO press release template” you’re not going to find me this time, but you’ll find plenty of people to talk about that stuff.

Daryl Rosser: That’s the only one.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah, that’s the only one, yes. But that’s amazing to do. Then what I’ll do is, if I find that ranking as well. One press release that could be 500 back links to your site. Link to your home page, link to your review, add your video within that press release. Wait a couple weeks, see what’s ranking in the first three or four pages of google, and if you find something ranking halfway decent. I’ll go over to Blackout World or, and I’ll just buy 50 PBM links from there, the cheap ones. Don’t use those for your money sites, by the way. I’ll buy 50 or 100 PBM links and spread them across three or four of my second-tier links, my quality back link.

The thing is, those sites are so big; Reddit, Yahoo Finance, etc., that they can take 1,000 links. It’s not going to hurt them. Dropping 20 back links onto each of those is going to cost you $100, $150 total. Again, right now for one of my products, for the product name, I’m on page one five times, maybe six.

Daryl Rosser: Nice.

Jeff Lenney: I’m on page two twice, including two videos from the same channel.

Daryl Rosser: That’s awesome. So just set up the profile. See if it starts ranking the first three pages or so. Then, if it does, get some cheap, spammy links basically.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah, yeah. Again, don’t use the spammy links for your money site.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Jeff Lenney: Never do that. I mean, yes, it’s going to work temporarily, but it’s not going to be something you’re going to want to do long term. It might work for a year, maybe even two if you’re lucky, maybe three years. Then suddenly one day it’s going to be gone.

So you’re going to focus on quality, and again it’s funny saying quality for PBNs, but for PBNs there’s obviously always going to be a risk. But again, the links I use, like you mentioned before, they look like real sites. I’ve been using this for three years now from the same vendor.

Daryl Rosser: Okay. That’s the main power behind your ranking to the money sites is the PBNs?

Jeff Lenney: Yes. But for 2017, though, it’s been PBNs/guest posting. What I’ll do is I’ll use guest posts to build up links to my home page and maybe to some of my, like for example my survival site, bug out bag. I did a guest post on, I forget off the top of my head.

“Top seven things you want in your bug out bag for 2016”, for example. I was able to link in that post to my home page, to my Facebook page for that, and of course via that keyword “bug out bag” to my ranking site. That’s an actual link from an actual site with actual traffic.

One of the posts I did got over 10,000 views in the first week. It was a huge site.

Daryl Rosser: Wow. That’s real traffic.

Jeff Lenney: That’s real traffic. Not to my site. I got about 2,000 clicks to my site, though, that week. Which is fantastic. I think I added like 300 people to my email list. That person now, he said, “Jeff, any time you want to write for me, let me know. I’m also on this site, this site, and this site. And if you want introductions to these people, let me know.” Networking.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. Absolutely.

Jeff Lenney: Absolutely, man. Yeah.

Daryl Rosser: Let’s go through a few more final questions.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah. For sure.

Daryl Rosser: What is it you personally work on today, and what is it you outsource? What does your work day look like?

Jeff Lenney: You know, as I mentioned before, I really am picky. I’m scared of outsourcing too much. I outsource a lot of my non-review content. I found a guy on, he’s from India, who does amazing quality work. It took me a few months to find him. He does probably 85% of my blog content. I still do some of my stuff for my big posts, but I have him do a lot of it for me.

I’m too lazy to build my own PBNs, so I have my PBN-

Daryl Rosser: That’s smart, to be honest.

Jeff Lenney: Well, so I’ll either have someone build them for me, for my own network, or I’ll just pay for links on someone else’s network, which works as well because theirs is much bigger than mine. I use somebody that’s got a network of a couple of thousand sites to add 150 sites per month.

What did I work on today? Today was a pretty lazy day for me. I’m researching a couple of Amazon niches. Again, I’m not an Amazon guru. I’ve never done a big Amazon site before, but I just did some keyword research. What you want to do is you want to find a niche. It can be whatever. Chainsaws. Snowblowers. Leaf blowers. There’s so many things.  Go to Google and do a search on “best chainsaws”. In fact I’m not sure on my screen now. Can I show my screen?

Daryl Rosser: I think so.

Jeff Lenney: How much time do we have?

Daryl Rosser: It doesn’t really matter. You can just keep going.

Jeff Lenney: Let me hide a couple things real quick. Hold on. I wasn’t planning on doing this. Let me hide my bookmarks. All right. Let me see if can share my screen now. Hold on a second.

Daryl Rosser: I have no idea how this is going to look on the actual video, but we’ll find out.

Jeff Lenney: Guys, if you’re watching now, if you’re not yet, put the video to full screen, and make sure it’s in high def. It should look okay.

Can you see my screen now?

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Jeff Lenney: Okay, this is something I have not pre-planned. Let’s go ahead and do a search for “best chainsaws”. Look at that. 2017. Hold on. Look at that. People search for that. People search for that kind of thing all the time. “Best chainsaws 2017”. Here’s a nice thing. Look at that. This guy did the research for me. How nice of them. He did the seven best chainsaw reviews, so I’m going to go to the keyword planner. Let’s take a look at this list, now.

I know nothing, again, I’m not a woodsman. I’m not an outdoorsy type. I know nothing about chainsaws. I’m not just doing this stuff just to make you guys think, “Wow, look. He did this on the fly.” This is really me doing this on the fly. So what I’ll do is, as an example, I’ll take the phrase “best chainsaws”.

I’ll take the phrase maybe “best chainsaws reviews”, and I’ll take a look at these chainsaws, and I’ll those in the Google keyword planner. I’ll find other sites. I’ll go to Amazon. I’ll find sites on Amazon that do that same thing. Or I’ll find the bestsellers on Amazon. Let’s take a look. See, I’m curious now. Hold on a second.

Give me one moment here. I’m going to Chrome for the keyword planner. I mean, SEMrush is great. It’s great for keyword research and buyer intent and stuff. It’s not going to be as accurate as keyword planner for the keyword data.

Daryl Rosser: I love SEMrush for looking at competitors, seeing on all the keywords for ranking or anything like that.

Jeff Lenney: Exactly.

Daryl Rosser: But volumes are not as accurate.

Jeff Lenney: Yes. Let’s do this. Let’s do “best chainsaw”, “best chainsaws”, maybe “best chainsaws 2017”, and I’m going to go ahead and go to all locations. We’re searching worldwide. This might be a thought. I don’t know what’s going to happen here, but this is how I start off, though.

Daryl Rosser: Got it.

Jeff Lenney: So, “best chainsaw”. Geeze, 12,000 average. 14,000 last month. It’s a bit too long, so let’s try “echo CS 310”. Let’s try “echo CS 310” with a space, and “echo CS310” with no spaces. So I’ll take each of those chainsaw keywords, for example. There we are. 29,000 searches last month. You can also get different ideas. CS400, CS310, CS 310. I’ll just do that.

I’ve got spreadsheets which I’m not going to show you for a few other niches that are pretty massive where I just kind of did that. Then I’ll also go to keyword shredder at Übersuggest . And I’ll do the keyword suggest tools, and find out what else is being searched for. I’ll take those 300 keywords and plug them in here, and see what’s being searched for.

So we’ve got the “echo CS 310”. That’s our keyword there, so that’s just one example. Let’s look at “echo CS 310 review”. People want a review before they buy it. It’s not quite as high as the product itself but let’s take a look. If we do a Google search. This is the easy and cheap way, which is not completely accurate, but within quotes here.

Daryl Rosser: It’s very buyer intent if they search for reviews and stuff. Yeah.

Jeff Lenney: Look at this guys. You see that? 49,000. There’s only 49,000 people that have that in the phrase. So let’s look at “in title”. So here. Echo CS310. Let’s add review into that. 41 results. So chances are, if I did a brand new website right now for Echo CS310 review, which I know nothing about, even the price point. There we are, $200. I’ll probably get the top five pages right away.

If I build out a bigger site where I review multiple chainsaws, it’s going to be pretty easy to rank fairly quickly. Again, I’m not an Amazon guru, but I’m learning this stuff here. This is what I’ll do with digital products, with physical products now as well.

Yeah, I mean, that’s going to be a pretty kickass keyword. It’s got buyer intent there, definitely. Yeah, $200. I think that’s what? A $14 commission, like a low level. Of course you build on multiple sites making a few thousand bucks a month a pop. You can flip them later if you want or keep building them, or whatever. But there’s a lot of cool things you can do.

Daryl Rosser: Awesome, man.

Jeff Lenney: Let me see if I can show my face again. Can you see me again?

Daryl Rosser: Yeah, perfect. We’re good.

Jeff Lenney: That’s awesome. All right. Again, I can talk on this for days, but I know we’re a bit short on time here so, what were you going to say? I’m sorry.

Daryl Rosser: That was a really good way to wrap it up. No, that’s really cool. Final question then, just to help people out again.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah.

Daryl Rosser: Do you read? Do you have book suggestions? Blog suggestions? Anything interesting where people can go and learn some stuff? And your site, of course?

Jeff Lenney: I need to read more. I’m not huge on reading, because I’m lazy. But I read one called ‘Trust Me, I’m Lying’.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. Yeah. Ryan Holiday.

Jeff Lenney: Exactly, yeah. Ryan Holiday. He was the former marketing director for American Apparel I believe. He’s done so many huge viral marketing campaigns. Buy it, get it on your iPhone, on your Kindle or whatever, it’s $10, $15. It’s called ‘Trust Me, I’m Lying’. Fantastic book. I need to read more. I don’t read as much as I should.

I just read, not the ‘4-Hour Work Week’ but there is one where he interviewed billionaires about their lifestyle. But I don’t read as much as I should. I read like one book every couple of months. I’m not the best guy to ask for advice on reading. But no, ‘Trust Me, I’m Lying’ is an awesome book. It made a great impact. It gave me some really cool tips as well. That’s my best recommendation right now.

Daryl Rosser: It’s good to get the contrast that, some guys are like, “You need to read a book every day to be successful,” and other guys are like, “I’m kind of lazy. I don’t really read much.” The most point is to finish out their work and getting stuff done right.

Jeff Lenney: That’s why I like SEO. I can just rank it and take a nap or whatever. Or travel to Hawaii with my family every now and then.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. That’s cool, man. How much do you work then, do you think? Final question.

Jeff Lenney: Well, you know, it depends. We can go for another hour if you want. I don’t know. It really depends on what I’m working on. Today I probably worked for an hour and a half.

Daryl Rosser: Okay. Wow.

Jeff Lenney: That’s today. Yesterday, maybe four hours. It depends. It really does depend on what I’m working on, if I’m building a new site, if I’m doing keyword research for a new site. I don’t really do too much client work, so client back and forth, which is nice.

It depends on what I’m doing, what I’m working on, and what I’m trying to rank for. Today was just a lot of keyword research using that same method I showed you for some Amazon ideas. I’ve got a pretty massive spreadsheet now of best keywords, reviews, product categories, subcategories, products, et cetera.

Yeah, hour and a half. The most I do in a day, four or five hours maybe?

Daryl Rosser: You do a lot less than me.

Jeff Lenney: I know I could do more. I could easily hustle and grind like they say, and do three times as much. But I’m definitely content with what I’m doing.

Daryl Rosser: That’s cool.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah.

Daryl Rosser: That’s cool. All right. So, I guess we can end on the final thought of, go and do what you just showed them, right? Go search some key words, go find some opportunities, and just test things out.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah. If you want to try the product launch jacking like I suggested, feel free to google “launch jacking”. You’re going to find my site. I’ve got some resources on there that talk about upcoming internet product marketing launches. is one of them, for example. Chris Munch from Ireland, a good guy.

Yeah. Get out there and do it. Do research. Try to find your chainsaw. Try to find something on Amazon. Go to Amazon. Find a best-seller and break that into a subcategory, and break it down. I just found a profitable keyword in like 30 seconds live, and it’s something I know nothing about. I mean, I might do a chainsaw site now. I don’t know. I’m not a lumberjack, but I mean, hey. Maybe.

But yeah. Get out there and do it. That’s the best thing I can do. Don’t just say, “Wow, Jeff. That’s a good idea. You sure know what you’re talking about.” Get out there and actually do it yourself. Fail. Fail again, fail again. You’re going to learn from your failure, and I promise you’re going to come out on top when you do. Again, I tried, literally for maybe three, four, maybe five years before I had even a decent success because I’m stubborn. I didn’t give up. Yeah.

Daryl Rosser: That’s the best way. All right man.

Jeff Lenney: Absolutely.

Daryl Rosser: Where can people find you if they want to go check out your site? I think you mentioned it a few times but one more time.

Jeff Lenney: Yeah, thank you man. Thank you. Yeah, if you want to go to, that’s It’s just a blog, nothing fancy, but that’s me. You can also find me on Facebook. Just do a search in Facebook for Jeff Lenney. I’m easy to find.

Daryl Rosser: All right. Appreciate you coming on the show. It’s been really cool.

Jeff Lenney: Awesome. It’s been a lot of fun guys. Thank you for having me. I appreciate it. If you have any questions, email me. Don’t be shy. I’m here to help you guys out.

Daryl Rosser: All right. Hope you guys enjoyed the episodes, and I’ll see you guys next week.


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  • Supers786  May 30, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    Hey, Cool vid. The part were Lenny’s is showing how he does his work, only shows half the screen. Any chance you can show the full. It’s about 53:40.

    • Daryl Rosser  June 1, 2017 at 8:09 am

      Sorry don’t have it, my recording software automatically cuts and edits them together. Thanks for tuning in though, hope you learned a lot!