How To Get Your First 250,000 Subscribers on YouTube w/ Johnnycrazy

Do you incorporate YouTube as part of your SEO strategy, or use it as an additional source of revenue?

In this interview, Daryl sits down with YouTuber – Johnnycrazy, who has built up his channel with over 250,000 subscribers.

You will learn everything from how to start and grow a YouTube channel, how to rank your existing videos, how to get more views and subscribers, and most importantly, how to monetise it all.

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Topics Covered:

04:10 – How to build up to 250,000 subscribers

12:01 – How to utilize your keywords

28:40 – How to optimize your channel

43:30 – Promoting products and monetization

48:01 – Big mistakes to avoid


Daryl Rosser: Hey guys. Daryl Rosser here. Welcome back to another episode of the Lion Zeal show. I’m joined here today by Johnny Crazy, who’s a fairly well known YouTuber, at least in my eyes anyway. He’s got over 250,000 subscribers on YouTube an in this interview, we’re breaking down how he’s built that up and ultimately how you can go out there and do the same.

See, I know a lot of you guys are obviously not YouTubers so to speak, but knowing how to optimize videos to go out there and get more views is basically what SEO is all about. Especially, when you’re doing it in terms of ranking in a YouTube search engine because it’s the second biggest search engine in the world.

So, we’re going to talk about how you can rank in the search engine, how you can get more views on your videos, and ultimately how you can turn that into an audience, which makes you money.

That’s what’s what we’re breaking down in this interview. I hope you enjoy it. Let’s get straight into it.

Hey man. Thank you for joining me on the show today. It’s very awesome to have you here.

Johnny Crazy: Thank you for having me. It’s awesome.

Daryl Rosser: So, for anyone that doesn’t know you and I’m gonna assume that a lot of my guys don’t know you, the people that watch this show, unless we seem to steal some of your fans, which would be kind of cool, I guess. But, for anyone that doesn’t know you, do you want to introduce yourself, like what it is you do?

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. My name is Johnny. I am a YouTuber. I have YouTube channel that has over 200,000 subscribers. 250,000 subscribers, sorry. And, pretty much all I do is make videos online, collaborate with brands and sponsors, and live broadcast every now and then. And, that was what brings me out here to Chiang Mai.

Daryl Rosser: That’s awesome, man. How long you been doing this?

Johnny Crazy: I’ve been on YouTube for about two and a half years, but I’ve been consistent with my channel for about a year, so that’s pretty cool.

Daryl Rosser: That’s pretty cool, man. And, you’re a YouTuber, what does that mean? What do you do?

Johnny Crazy: Okay, so being a YouTuber … Actually, that’s a real small blogs. I’m more of a social media influencer.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: So, social media influencer means pretty much, like I said, we have a large following so we are able to influence the public on certain things. And, how a lot of you guys can relate to it, it’s pretty much … Like, the methods I use to generate views, and get sponsorships, and brand deals you guys can probably use that to log in your clientele lists for SEOs, and other affiliated entrepreneurs like that.

Daryl Rosser: Sure.

Johnny Crazy: I think it’s a little different marketing techniques that go behind my channel and my brand. And, I think if we combined that with other SEOs they would probably go really far.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. I think so too.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. Really far.

Daryl Rosser: So, what are your videos about?

Johnny Crazy: Well, I have a lot of reaction videos on my channel. And then, I have a lot of comedy skits and stuff like that. So, that’s pretty much what it’s about. It’s all in general entertainment based.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. That’s pretty fun. We keep everything light hearted. Not that much business stuff related. The only business stuff that’s actually out there is when I do the sponsorships-

Daryl Rosser: And the interviews.

Johnny Crazy: Or, this interview. Or, like I’m most likely gonna leak some information out for you guys to help you guys get views.

Daryl Rosser: Hopefully.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. That’s the call, right? But, yeah. That’s pretty much the business side of the entertainment, social media entertainment world.

Daryl Rosser: Okay. What level? Level, I don’t know. What about the views and stuff you’re getting? What sort of views are you getting per video these days?

Johnny Crazy: Well, my average per view, it fluctuates. But, I’ll say maybe around 50,000 is the average views per video. But, then of course you have the lower hitting videos that when the algorithm changes you get less views on that. And, I have my viral videos already out that are over 1.2 million and they just keep growing.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: But, in general, I have an audience of like 50,000.

How to build up to 250,000 subscribers

Daryl Rosser: That’s pretty cool. And, how long did it take to build it up to the level it’s at today? Like 250,000 subscribers, 50,000 views per video?

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. It took a lot of work. It took a lot of work for me because I was working a full time job at the time.

Daryl Rosser: I like the way also you call it work. I’m not just creating dumb videos on the internet, you’re actually working.

Johnny Crazy: Oh, no. Yeah.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. It’s content. So, it requires some kind of power behind it. But, for me, it was a lot of work because I had to manipulate a reaction video and turn it into something that’s artistic.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: So, I don’t know if you’re familiar with reaction videos, a lot of times people just sit in front of a camera and they just watch a video. And, their reaction is what goes on YouTube. But, with mine, it’s like actual comedic commentary behind it. And, I’ve incorporated film props. I’m really known for having a taser in my hand.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: And, reacting with the taser. That’s kind of what got my channel big.

Daryl Rosser: Do you use the taser?

Johnny Crazy: No.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah, no. But, yeah. The work that comes in play with it is like definitely the creativity behind it. In all my videos, the intro is usually whatever pitch I’m going for. So, if I have a sponsorship or if I just want people to be engaged in the video, that intro is the pitch. Okay.

How to choose the thumbnail

Daryl Rosser: Got you. I’m already thinking of the thumbnail. Just the taser.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. There’s different methods I have for bringing in the views and the thumbnail is a big part that helps.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: People tend to be tied to emotions and feelings.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: So, what I’ve noticed that helps me get views is if I have a title that’s not necessarily controversial, but it may seem like there’s a controversial meaning behind the title. But, a lot of the times, they click on my channel and they realize, “Oh my God, this is just like funny commentary. And, it was just all for fun.”

Daryl Rosser: We had someone around earlier, we were heading out right, and then so Garith looked at your YouTube channel and he’s just like, “Wow.”

Johnny Crazy: He’s was like, “Oh.” That’s a little …

Daryl Rosser: So, what do you mean with the titles?

Johnny Crazy: With the titles?

Daryl Rosser: Give me an example.

Johnny Crazy: Oh, okay. Yeah I can give you an example. A big popular series on my channel is the reacting to Fuckboy on

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: You’re like, what? I know. I know. I had to make this up. I noticed last year, trends were really popular. Trends were really popular till today, but they’re dying out and more creativity is what’s favored in the YouTube algorithm nowadays. But, I noticed last year was a popular trend.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: And so, I was reacting to other users musical.lys. That was a popular trend. So, I hopped on that bandwagon and I didn’t come up with the whole Fuckboy series. That was another YouTuber that I just piggybacked off of. And, followed that trend. And, it caused my channel to take off, pretty much.

Daryl Rosser: Awesome. So, just looking at what’s happening and what’s trending on social media already?

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. The reason why I did that was because nowadays it seems like to grow on anything you have to do a lot of research. And, you have to figure out what’s working and what’s not working.

And, my channel at the time, it wasn’t doing so well. So, I did a lot of research. I did in some keyword searches and I realized, okay, when I typed in there was like 10 million results from And, the competition was really low.

As soon as I noticed that I was just like, okay, this would be a good little niche for me to jump into because people are obviously searching for this and-

Daryl Rosser: Especially, the keyword research.

Johnny Crazy: I remember going like literally keyword research “”. Okay, high volume. Low competition. This seems like a good fit for, or good bet, to get views and generate something out of it.

And, how I pretty much … So, I made a couple of videos like that. And then, of course, a lot of brands started coming to me and a lot of sponsorship deals started coming to me because they realized, “Hey. You have an audience that is actually engaging and we have some stuff if you would like to promote it you can.”

And, I was like, okay. All right. It’s a good fit.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. And, you weren’t doing this … You said that when you started you had a full time job, right?

Johnny Crazy: Yeah.

Daryl Rosser: When did you decide to leave that and like, I’m just gonna be like a YouTuber.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. Okay. I decided to quit my full time job when I was … It was the first month I did 10K a month.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: That’s when I realized, I was like, okay, you know what, I’m obviously … I should probably prioritize social media a little bit more. It wasn’t necessarily the amount of money that caused me to quit. But, it did help. I’m not gonna lie. But, I would definitely say it was the amount of engagement at the time I was getting.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: And, I would say in any business in general, when you notice a high momentum and high engagement-

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: And, your clients, or fan base, or whoever wants more, a smart move would be to produce more. So, I knew working a nine to five I couldn’t make as much videos as they wanted. And, I knew that if I freed up my schedule and go part-time or quit my job, then I would eventually be able to produce more videos.

When I hit a 10K month with Ad Sense, and sponsorships, and deals, and stuff like that, I was just like, “You know what? It’s time for me to actually step it up a notch and give them more content.”

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. Makes sense.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah.

Daryl Rosser: Cool. So, let’s just get into the details that I’m interested in and I’m sure these guys are interested in as well, which is getting more views on our channels. And, optimizing our channels better.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. Okay.

Where to start as a beginner

Daryl Rosser: So, where do we start? You know better than me. Why don’t we start with that?

Johnny Crazy: With views? Okay. So, keyword research is a huge thing on getting views. I’ve noticed a lot of people in the little SEO niche or your world if they’re on social media, it’s usually SEO related. But, that’s a very small niche. That doesn’t mean you still can’t get clients, you still can’t get leads, but it’s just usually people in that bubble.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: What helps you get views and gets you more potential clients is proper keyword research. So, let’s say you type in “SEO” or “Marketing” and you see a million … There’s a little slide in Google. I’ll send you screenshots so you can put it in the edits.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: Okay. Just so they’ll get it.

Daryl Rosser: I can tell you’re a YouTuber.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. I’m like here, this is what I meant. But, when you go on Google and you look at their keyword researching, they’re able to tell you what a lot of people are searching on YouTube and on Google. And, they’re able to tell you if there’s a lot of competition in that niche. Okay. So, for getting views, I would say, proper keyword research is huge.

And then, I would also say, following what’s kind of trendy in your field, or your little niche, your little world also helps as well. Because, for example, if you did, “How to make a 10 million dollar month on SEO” and your video does really well on your channel, but I copy it. I have a different niche. That video doesn’t do well. I don’t get as much views. The are different algorithm bases. It just doesn’t work. It’s whatever your channel is based around.

Daryl Rosser: But, if we’re both in the same niche and you create a video on that and it works pretty well, is it probably gonna work well for me if I copy that?

Johnny Crazy: Usually. Especially, if you have a higher watch time, and you’re really engaging in your content, and your video ranks. Yeah. Getting your videos to rank is another huge thing. If you want me to elaborate on it, I really can.

Daryl Rosser: Absolutely. Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: Do it?

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: So, getting your videos ranked is really huge because when somebody types in how to tie a tie, if your video is the first one they see, most likely they click on it. They get more exposure. How you rank for videos on YouTube nowadays is all about watch time and engagement. So, the higher your watch time is, the more likely you’re able to get ranked on YouTube.

Daryl Rosser: And, that’s a percentage? Or, minutes? Or?

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. Minutes watched, percentage per click, minutes watched, kind of thing. So, pretty much if you are making a video and you have a lot of people that are actually liking, commenting, and watching the video all the way through, you’re video gets recommended a lot more easier than others. And, your video also ranks a lot higher than others.

Daryl Rosser: Does that mean it’s easier to rank a shorter video? A shorter video is easier to rank because then …

Johnny Crazy: Yes and no. Some videos that are three minutes long versus one that’s 10 minutes long, if 50% of people both watch the three minutes long video and the 10 minutes long video and both watch it half way, the 10 minute long video has more watch time. So, that one will go higher than the three minute long video.

There’s ways around it, but I would say the main thing to focus on is just making sure your content is really good in whatever niche it is. Just make sure it’s very engaging. I mean, you don’t have to be an extrovert or an outgoing personality, but it does help. If you’re not, create a script.

Daryl Rosser: If you’re not boring.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. If you’re not boring. Yeah. Create a script.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: Create something that would keep a viewer engaged besides just a very monotone voice. At least that’s what I would recommend.

Daryl Rosser: Do you cut your videos down to get rid of all the crappy parts?

Johnny Crazy: Oh yeah. ‘Cause I say nonsense sometimes. I say, “Um” and “Like” so many times. I cut that out because there’s just no point of having that in there. It’s like miscellaneous information. If you can speed up a video, or not necessarily speed it up, but if you can trim down a video and give people the most useful information upfront, most likely they’ll watch your video all the way through just because they have appreciation for your content.

So, example. If this video was titled, “How to make 10 million dollars on YouTube.” I would let you know that by the end of this video I will teach you guys how to make 10 million dollars on YouTube.

Daryl Rosser: Will you?

Johnny Crazy: Maybe. When I get there. But, yeah. I’ll let you know that, hey, in the intro I’m gonna teach you guys how to make 10 million on YouTube, please stick around and watch this all the way through for you to actually get the information.

Daryl Rosser: Sure.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. And then, that also helps with your watch time. It helps you ranking. It helps with generating views if your content is actually good.

Daryl Rosser: And, engagement.

Johnny Crazy: Engagement. Exactly. So, okay. One thing I’ve noticed on the internet is a lot of engaging audiences are usually younger. Now, in your niche, it’s not even. That’s not their world at all. Those are either their kids or their sister. You know what I mean? It’s not them.

But, you can push engagement. And, engagement is in likes and in comments.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

How to increase engagement

Johnny Crazy: And, how you push engagement is like having a call to action where you tell people, “Hey. If you enjoyed this please give this video a like.” Or, “If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave it in the comments section down below. I am more than happy to respond.” When you tell people that they’re able to respond to them … Or, you’re going to be able to respond to them, it pushes engagement because they want a reaction from you. They want you to leave a comment on their response.

Daryl Rosser: And, how do I do this when this interview is gonna be what 45, 50 minutes long? Is there an optimal moment for me to say, “Hey, go like this video.” Do I just interrupt this video now and say, “Hey guys. If you’re enjoying this so far, go like it.” Seriously, please. Do that. Or, do I like it at the end? How do I do it?

Johnny Crazy: How do you do it? So, what I’ve noticed is usually it depends on the person. I have no problem asking for likes in the beginning of the video.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: Just because if somebody’s in a good mood and they’re like, “You know what? Why not give this guy an extra like on his video if it helps him out?” I have no problem with that. Thank you so much for your generosity. But, other people only want engagement from people who actually care about their content. So, they will ask towards the end. It’s all preference based.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: I say, do it in the intro, let them know you’re after that engagement and you want that engagement. And, half of the time, they give it to you if you just ask.

Daryl Rosser: Okay. And, it makes sense anyway because it’s part of the algorithm for the ranking, right?

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. And, it helps with ranking. And, also, if you’re doing film or anything like that you have to remember, it’s entertainment. So, a lot of time people wan at way for them to interact in a video.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. Absolutely.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. Like, if you’re watching a scary movie, you want to get scared. If you’re watching something that’s action filmed, you want to feel the thrill. Or, momentum. Whatever. So, if you’re watching a YouTube video and you don’t really know what feeling you’re projecting out on camera, at least give them a feeling to like the video or leave a comment.

Daryl Rosser: Sure. And, what else for rankings? You’ve got the keyword research. You’ve got the watch time and the engagement. I presume you have to put the keyword somewhere in the title or in the description or somewhere to start ranking.

How to utilize your keywords

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. Okay. A lot of keywords, I list them in my hashtags. You can tag a video when you upload.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: You can also leave it in your description box. And, by leaving your hashtag in your description box, I’m not saying copy and paste your hashtags onto your description box, I’m saying write an actual paragraph or two with those keywords in your description. Okay. So, make it meaningful. If you’re creating a video on how to tie a tie or how to generate leads and SEOs, leave a description saying, “Hey. For this video, I’m gonna show you guys how to generate leads in SEOs by ranking, by blah blah blah, by this and that.”

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: And, that’s what helps your video rank up because your tags match your description. Yeah.

Daryl Rosser: Does any other … Is there any other factors that go into the ranking side of things before we move on to anything else? Does the thumbnail or any … I have no idea, I’m just suggesting-

Johnny Crazy: Okay. A thumbnail, honesty, is so big. I would say it’s just as important as the video because a thumbnail decides how many views you’re gonna get, pretty much. Unless you’re doing something crazy in the video and everybody’s sharing it.

I would say, make your thumbnails as eye catchy as possible. As click bait-y, as colorful as possible.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: And, especially because if you believe in your content, you know that it’s not just click bait or just BS. You know that, hey, this is eye-catchy. They’re gonna click on it for a reason. I know what it is. But, when they click on it they’re gonna get something out of it. And, that’s what I would recommend for any content creators out there or even business brands.

Daryl Rosser: So, what about this. Let’s give an example. We’re doing this interview now. We’re talking about YouTube stuff, it’s just two guys sitting in a room with lights in the camera, how do you make this click bait-y?

Johnny Crazy: Today I could be teaching you guys how to get 250,000 subscribers on YouTube. Boom. And, technically, I kind of am.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. So, the image is gonna have like 250K subscribers? What’s it gonna-

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. Lettering. Whatever the content is based around. I generally don’t click bait. I don’t really … I just exaggerate a lot. Some people call it click bait. I call it exaggeration. A little different.

Daryl Rosser: It’s not misleading in any way?

Johnny Crazy: Not at all. It really isn’t. The video is about that.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: But, I would say that. That goes in hand of before you turn on the camera, know what you’re gonna talk about. Have an idea of what you want it to be and how you want to represent it.

If you figure out something else within the content that you weren’t expecting, great. Use that to your advantage. Add that in the title, or add that somewhere in the thumbnail because that will generate views and that will get your stuff seen. And, when you get your stuff seen if you have like …

For example, I know we were talking about this earlier, how like if the majority of YouTubers had a product that they were advertising, it would be so much successful, which I agree.

But, let’s say if you were that special YouTuber who just so happens to have that product, if you did, include that in the video, include that somewhere in the title. Make people aware of what’s going on. It helps your business out just so much more. It helps your video out. It’s help everything out so much more.

Daryl Rosser: So, going back to the thumbnail for us. I’m curious. I’m just thinking that what can I do?

Johnny Crazy: What can you do?

Daryl Rosser: We’re gonna have the text, obviously, it says, “Get 250,000 subscribers” or “How to get 250,000 subscribers”, something like that. 250K, big text, stand out. What will we do with the image? Is it gonna be a picture of us? Something like this and then the headline on top of it? On top of the thumbnail in big text?

Johnny Crazy: Like, what can go into it? See, that’s where the research comes in play because you could also look at what other YouTubers have done. A lot of times nobody has an extremely original thought anymore. A lot of times it’s something that they’ve seen and manipulated it into like them thinking it.

What I’d do, if I were to make a video saying, “How to generate 250,000 subscribers on YouTube within 2 years” have a good chart showing your subscriber count going up. Or, have a good chart showing a subscriber account going up. Have dollar signs in the thumbnail. Or, have whatever … Put whatever it takes out there just to get the views coming in.

Because, the thing is, what a lot of people don’t realize is views are actual people watching your content.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. Of course.

Johnny Crazy: So, how ever many people are gonna watch it that many views are actual people behind the computer that are gonna be looking at your faces. I would suggest doing stuff like that and also, if you had a product, just throw it out there. Let’s say if you were selling merchandise or you were selling a water bottle, if you just made it a habit of including your merch, or you’re wearing your own merchandise, or you have your water bottle in your hand in your thumbnail, it’s kind of like an advertisement thing you’re doing here.

You’re putting it, you’re installing it in people’s heads as like, “Hey. There’s something that’s always affiliated with this guy’s brand. What is it? Maybe I should read the description box to check it out. And then, you can get another customer, another client, another lead. That’s something that a lot of people miss.

I personally don’t have any merch or any products. But, I know people who do and they always plug it in every single where no matter what. Even though you’re not saying it, it’s still there.

Daryl Rosser: Awesome. Is there anything we missed out on how to get more views? Different optimization techniques?

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. Also, what really helps, which a lot of people don’t do is cross promotion. A lot of people nowadays when they upload a video they’re promoting it on their Facebook. They’re promoting the same video on Instagram, Twitter, websites, blogs with their friends. A lot of people nowadays, they have groups dedicated to sharing their own content. So, it’s all about cross promoting it in any way, shape, or form.

If you have a huge following on social media, even if you don’t, you’ll be surprised the amount of people that actually just click on your stuff anyway just because you’re promoting.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: I would say, just to help you get a little bit more views, is if you can just consistently promote it. And, that’s just not by the day it comes out, but let’s say you have a video. It didn’t do so well the first week, promote it again the next week.

If you realized then, “Hey, this video is still not doing well.” Changing the title is a big thing that a lot of people just don’t know about nowadays.

Daryl Rosser: You mentioned it. Sorry. Continue. We’ll get into it anyway.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah, we are. Okay. Good. Changing the title is like a big thing. I’ve had videos on my channel that as soon as I released it, it was a flop. It got maybe 10,000 views the first day and I’m just like why?

Daryl Rosser: There’s some kids crying that you’re calling 10,000 views is a flop. This interview won’t even get 10,000 views.

Johnny Crazy: I may tweet about it. You never know. I got you. Let me know. But, yeah. If the video to you, if you’re noticing it’s flopping, or you’re not seeing as much views, or not as much potential out of it, change it. Literally changing the title and changing the thumbnail helps out a video in so many ways.

I’ve had videos, like I said, do 10,000 views that first week. I changed the title, within a month 100,000 views come in.

Daryl Rosser: Wow.

Johnny Crazy: Just by me changing the title and making it a little bit more click bait-y or more controversial for people to actually click on it. I haven’t really experimented, or oops, I’m lying. I’ve changed the thumbnail itself on a couple of videos of mine and within the first week it did 50,000 views. Within the first month it did over 250,000 views.

Then again, it all goes back to how much research you’re actually putting into your content, because if you realize what’s out there, there’s really no excuse for you not to be doing something every single day to generate views, to generate more clients, to generate more leads, to generate more brands. To get more business out of your content.

Daryl Rosser: Interesting. In internet marketing, we use the term, “split testing” do you know that term?

Johnny Crazy: Never heard of it.

Daryl Rosser: It’s basically when you have one version of something and then another version and you test each against each other to see which performs better.

Johnny Crazy: Okay.

Daryl Rosser: So, you kind of like what you’re saying with the thumbnails and the titles, you can actually go in there and change them later, which is almost like split testing. You can change it to a new version and see if that version out performs the other one. Can you just change it again if that one doesn’t work? And, just keep testing it?

Johnny Crazy: Yep.

Daryl Rosser: Really? Okay.

Johnny Crazy: You really could. And, also what helps is a lot of times people don’t realize this, but if you … Let’s say you have something that’s not just doing well, but if you add subtitles in a different language, that also … There’s a community for that too.

So, that’s a form of split testing that also helps you generate views. Because, let’s say that you are targeting a lot of American viewers, or clients, but you’re realizing that a lot of Americans really aren’t buying it at the moment. If you have a buddy that knows Spanish, or if you’re in South East Asia and somebody speaks Thai or Vietnamese.

Daryl Rosser: Vietnamese.

Johnny Crazy: Vietnamese. I’m an American guy so I’m sorry. I don’t know anything. YouTuber. If you have somebody that speaks a different language, you can get them to add subtitles in the video for you and then have another channel dedicated to a different language and see how that works.

Daryl Rosser: So, copying the video to a new channel and just adding subtitles?

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. Adding subtitles and changing the title into a different language. That works a lot. Like nine out of ten times. Especially, if you have something that’s done really well, you can literally just rip it and change it into a different language. And, you’ll get more views. And, you’ll get a whole new audience.

I have personal … A couple of my friends, half of their audience is French, the other half is American. And, that’s just because they have two channels. One is in French, the other is in American. Both videos are technically in English, but one has French subtitles.

Daryl Rosser: That’s very interesting actually ’cause I’m dating a Vietnamese girl and I’ll see she watches a video sometimes with Vietnamese subtitles on it. It’s English. They’re all speaking English. And, it has Vietnamese subs that are like it’s not on their channel. So, it’s on a different channel. Yeah. It might be due to what you said. Like a Vietnamese channel just for those people, which is …

She actually speaks English. I don’t know why she has the Vietnamese subtitles. She can listen to … I just think it comes up well when she’s searching for stuff. It comes up the Vietnamese ones rather than the English ones.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. And that’s good. ‘Cause that’s a whole new audience for that channel. Or that new entrepreneur that’s promoting their stuff on YouTube.

Daryl Rosser: Lion Zeal Vietnam, coming soon.

Johnny Crazy: Check it out. Subscribe now.

Daryl Rosser: That’s cool. Is the main thing for getting views that you covered?

Johnny Crazy: I would say so. I mean, there’s of course, more tactics that I probably haven’t discovered.

Daryl Rosser: Sure.

Johnny Crazy: And, there’s so much out there. I would say, definitely do your research. Figure out who’s getting the views or who would you consider successful in your niche. And, who’s generating views. And, just mimic what they’re doing. Honestly. That’s just-

Daryl Rosser: That’s what we’ll do next. Yeah. Just let people do all the work and then come and copy it.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah, rather than just doing it. Yeah.

How to optimize your channel

Daryl Rosser: What about channel optimizations? Is there anything you’re doing on the channel itself so it can get more subscribers or anything like that?

Johnny Crazy: Oh, yeah. Okay. All right. Once you get the views coming in, you could really optimize your channel. There’s so many different ways-

Daryl Rosser: God, I just love your energy.

Johnny Crazy: Thank you. People tell me that. Okay. Once you get the views rolling in, there’s so many different ways you can get people to actually subscribe, to buy, to click on sites. The reason why a lot of brands still come to me is because they realize I generate leads to get them downloads. And, I get them engagements on their website.

Even though it’s not even the same niche, they come to me anyway because they’re like, your people actually click on stuff and they download. Why? How? Can you help us? And, how I do that is having a call to action. If you let people know, hey, I have a goal of getting 1,000 subscribers. Let people know. Whoever’s watching it and genuinely builds a connection with you, just from watching your videos because they genuinely like you, they will help you get that. If they believe in your content, they will share it for you.

When somebody shares a video that’s additional promotion. And, it’s also free promotion. A lot of people say that word of mouth is the best kind of promotion nowadays. And, I kind of agree. I’ve had people recommend me YouTubers or recommend sales associates to me and I just followed them to the end of time because my best friend recommended them to me.

Daryl Rosser: Sure.

Johnny Crazy: So, I would say, what helps to optimize your channel is just getting them to help you out and share. Asking for help. That’s probably the best way. That’s literally the best way. And then, your content on top of that.

Daryl Rosser: Okay. So, people just adding in the video, hey guys. Go subscribe. Go comment. Go-

Johnny Crazy: And, there’s ways to do it. I would say look desperate. No, I’m kidding. I would say, just have it very … Just throw it in there. Not a subliminal way, but just a very generic, “Hey, I am also trying to get this, and this, and this. I would really appreciate it if people can help out.”

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: And, hit the subscribe button. Or, check out the link in the subscription box below for my merch or my product.

Daryl Rosser: Gotcha. And, you mentioned cross promotion earlier. So, you’re using Facebook, you’re using Twitter, and other platforms to promote your YouTube videos. Do you use them as well to hit those fans and ask them, “Hey, we’re trying to hit our first 1,000 subscribers, can you go.”

Johnny Crazy: Oh, yeah. Well, the thing is, with me, I have about 10 or 15 … I would call them friends, not fans. ‘Cause I know them personally. I know them by their first names. I didn’t know them when I started the channel, but they watch my videos, stalked me, I was just like, “You know what? I like stalkers. We can work together. Why not?”

But, I would say, yes, reaching out to those people helps a lot because the thing is, a lot of times, people don’t understand that some people go out their way just to help somebody else out.

Daryl Rosser: Absolutely.

Johnny Crazy: And, a share or a purchase is their way of doing it.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: And, if that helps your brand grow? Why not? I don’t see any harm in that. You know? So, I would say that. If you’re noticing a certain person that keeps commenting. Or, if you notice a certain person that’s really engaging. Reach out to them as well and ask for their help. Or, you can just keep in touch with them because that’s also a great thing. Just responding to them is huge. It creates a relationship that you just don’t have with anyone else because you’re only responding to them.

Daryl Rosser: You respond to every comment? Or, I guess it’s too much these days.

Johnny Crazy: I wouldn’t leave my house. And, I’m not even saying that to be cocky. I just really wouldn’t. I don’t respond to every comment. I try to like as much as I can. And, they’re notified when I like a comment. But, what I do is I’m always on Twitter. Or, I am live broadcasting to build other relationships and build a connection with them.

Daryl Rosser: For YouTube? Or?

Johnny Crazy: Through other sources like YouNow. Or, any live broadcasting out there.

Daryl Rosser: Got you.

Johnny Crazy: But, what I really think is a good way also optimize your channel is building a community around your certain niche. The one thing I’ve realized that helps a lot of creators, or even brands in general, if you are finally getting views or if you’re finally doing something that’s working and you build a community around that, that’s your support system right then and there.

And, if you build that support system to where it causes financial freedom, or it causes a crazy amount of views, or purchases to your company, whatever it is, you have something goaled. You have something that a lot of people don’t, which may be residual income or a certain fan base that just keeps coming back to you.

It all about building a community and making that community feel loved. Once that community feels loved and appreciated, it grows on top of that.

Daryl Rosser: There’s a really good book that I love called, “Tribes” by Seth Godin. I don’t know if you ever read it.

Johnny Crazy: No.

Daryl Rosser: But, it’s basically going out there and building … He calls it a tribe. And, I don’t really feel cool calling people that that watch our videos.

Johnny Crazy: My tribe.

Daryl Rosser: Like, you guys are my tribe. But, having that influence over having the people that follow you, and listen to you, and trust you because you actually genuinely care about them is powerful.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah.

Daryl Rosser: It can do so much. Like you were talking about financial freedom and stuff like that. They can purchase stuff from you. They can support you and encourage in numerous different ways.

Johnny Crazy: Exactly. And, when they do that, it’s one of those things where it’s just like, it’s so rewarding.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: Because, your hard work is paying off. The extra time you’re taking to respond back to these people is paying off. And, with all of that, that’s a win-win situation. I don’t see loss in that.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: Especially if you have a product. I need to get one. I know.

Daryl Rosser: And, we were talking about this.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. I’ll find a way eventually. But, it’s one of those things, again, if you have a product and you just start building a community around like SEO, for example, and it grows because of the amount of support that’s within your community, it’s a huge win for you and it’s a huge win for them as well because they’re getting that community support from you.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: And, essentially, you’re both profiting. Theirs is emotional. Yours may be financial and emotional. It’s a win-win.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. Absolutely, man.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah.

Daryl Rosser: So, is there anything else that’s being kind of fundamental for you to get to 250,000 subscribers that we haven’t really mentioned in this strategy so far?

Johnny Crazy: Consistency. Yeah. I should have mentioned that first.

Daryl Rosser: That was big.

Johnny Crazy: If you’re not consistent, you’re irrelevant. That’s just as good as it is. You have to literally show up in some way, shape, or form, every day.

Daryl Rosser: What time is it now?

Johnny Crazy: It’s 1 AM and we’re showing up for an interview. But yeah, without consistency, I honestly think you’re irrelevant. Because, nowadays, people are so active, and people are so hungry, and so driven, that they’re waking up every single day and they’re working. And, in my opinion, I think it’s like the greatest form of hustling out there.

If you’re consistent in your content. If you’re consistent in your engagement. If you’re consistent in your responses. Or, whatever product promotion it is. Brand deals. Whatever it is. You are generating something every single day. And, a lot of times, that something is positive because you’re caring about your content. You’re caring about your brand.

So, you’re generating something positive every single that that’s bettering you. It’s one of those things where it’s just like if you’re not doing that every single day, you’re irrelevant. If you’re consistent you’re kind of like nothing.

Daryl Rosser: So, you’re saying that we have to create content every day? Or?

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. Honestly, yeah. I would say every day. And, content could be a video. It could be a tweet. It could be a mention. It could responding. You just … Something every day that engages with people helps a lot out. Then again, if you’re in that nine to five, you understand what it is to wake up every morning and go to work. Or, wake up every morning from Monday to Friday and go to work.

Notice how from Monday to Friday, you’re really relevant to that business, or whatever, because you’re creating content for them. You’re actually going and providing a service for them.

If you did that with your own business, with your own company, or your own brand, it works. I feel like it’s called the nine to five for a reason. But, if you applied that to your own personal life, you will see the growth from it and you’ll just go far with it. You’ll grow on YouTube. You’ll grow with your personal brand. And, you’ll grow with whatever product or sponsorships you’re placing in your content.

Daryl Rosser: And, what about uploading? Consistency with that? Like, for this show we do it every Thursday. Is that a good thing? Does that help in any way?

Johnny Crazy: Oh, yeah. When you create something that’s … When you have a schedule. I’ve noticed when you have a schedule, it puts it in people’s heads, “Okay. Every Thursday Lion Zeal uploads a video.”

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: Even if you miss a Thursday, they’ll know to look out for next week on Thursday. It just triggers something in their head where they come back to it. It’s like your favorite TV show. You know every Monday and Fridays such and such comes on TV. So, you just recognize that over time, okay, on Monday at 8 8 o’clock my favorite show comes on on TV.

If you upload videos every single Thursday at certain time, that does help because it generates like I said, again, within that community, they know that, “Hey, every Thursday at a certain time Lion Zeal uploads a video.” It helps.

I’m really bad at that.

Daryl Rosser: Really?

Johnny Crazy: I just upload whenever. So, I need to take that advice for myself. But, I’m a one man team and my content is good. So, it’s kind of like you’ll get it when … When I put it out, you’ll get it. But, I do think that is a huge thing. I know a couple of YouTubers who have been consistent. They upload every single Monday, and Wednesday, and Friday. Or, every Monday and Friday. And, their channel has like … They started underneath me and they have surpassed me so much. And, the reason why is because they’re consistent. They’re creating content that’s doubling mine in size. Do you know what I mean?

Daryl Rosser: Sure.

Johnny Crazy: And, at the end of the day it’s just like I see that and I give respect because that comes with so much work. So much work. And, it’s just like you look at them, you look at yourself, and then you look at this person who’s trying. Usually, half of the times, the one who’s at the top is doing more in some way, shape, or form.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. Absolutely. They deserve it because of that.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. Exactly. People just flock to them because of it. They’re just more engaging.

Daryl Rosser: So, is there more benefit in … Presuming, obviously, the quality is very important, of course. But, presuming you keep the quality, does it help to create more content? Would it help me to, if I could keep quality and push it to three times a week, would that add more benefit?

Johnny Crazy: Yes and no.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: For example, with me, I upload once a week. Or, at least I try to upload once a week and maybe once every other week.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: But that’s because I take so much pride in my content. So, I know if I’m producing content four times or five times a week. If it’s not good as that initial one video a week, I wouldn’t want it and I wouldn’t recommend it for anybody to watch.

Daryl Rosser: Sure. Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: It’s one of those things where it’s like quality over quantity. But, if you could get a 50/50 in both, I’d say run with it.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: ‘Cause, honestly, that’s the stuff nowadays that goes out further. Of course, with a couple of exceptions every now and then, but if you can get a really good production value out of yourself and make really good content and if you can produce it really fast, oh my God, you’re just gonna grow so fast. You’re just gonna be better. It’s just good stuff of you.

And, that even with brands and with people who have their own companies, for example, they’re able to produce great quality content within their company and they’re able to have it more consistent and more available for people. Consumers buy that stuff all the time.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. That makes sense, man. Let’s talk about the algorithm. You’re talking about the algorithm is different this year than last year, what does that mean?

Johnny Crazy: Okay. I mentioned the algorithm because YouTube, and I’m sure Google, changes their algorithm-

Daryl Rosser: Constantly.

Johnny Crazy: Constantly. One thing I’ve noticed is … The mistake that I’ve made and I will never make it again as long as I’m making YouTube videos is once I figured out the algorithm you need to stick to it because it’s there for a reason. Last year, I figured out the algorithm, but I was working my nine to five so I didn’t really put enough time into it to really take off and grow.

This year, I’m struggling for my dear life to figure out that algorithm because it’s changed so much. But, then again, that’s my mistake. If I would have known the algorithm would have changed, I would have taken advantage of it right then and there when I knew it.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: So, it’s all about figuring out what that algorithm is, which is so hard to do, but I know some people have gotten it down. And, that comes into research. Like, I really wish I had more information on the algorithm. Trust me. I wish. ‘Cause we probably wouldn’t even be here. We probably would be out having beers celebrating because I’m like, you can get on this too.

But, if you can figure out what the algorithm is, I know nowadays it’s generated by a machine, but I know for a fact because I spoke to a YouTube agent about this, they want a lot of creators who are consistent and they want people who keep them on YouTube for a very long time.

So, if you can come on YouTube and make a pretty lengthy video, and it’s good content, and people watch it all the way, and they stay watching your videos, and they stay on your channel, or they go to another content creator, either or, they prefer you over a content creator who uploads sparingly. And, once they click on that video, they don’t even stay all the way, and then they just get off of YouTube period.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. So I do know the algorithm favors people who make their viewers or make their audience stay on YouTube, which does go against you promoting your product because-

Daryl Rosser: That’s what I was gonna ask next.

Johnny Crazy: Once you have that placement and they click on that link it goes off of YouTube. But, that’s kind of like the L you have to take. That’s kind of like the strike against you because you are sending them off of YouTube. But, then again, if you’re sending them off of YouTube, have it be your own personal business.

For example, content creators like me, who do a lot of brand deals and sponsorships, I don’t have my own product. So, all those leads and revenue I’m sending outer wise from me is going to another company who paid me probably just make more from that promotion. But, if it was yours it’s like you just … I mean, you don’t lose.

If YouTube doesn’t want to promote your video as much, okay, well you still have a good community that’s going to your own business.

Promoting products and monetization

Daryl Rosser: Yeah. So, would you not promote your own stuff in every video to try and keep them on YouTube more? Maybe make it every one in three videos. One in four videos and like that? Or, would you still just promote it in every video and just suck it up a little bit though that’s gonna ruin your reach a little bit?

Johnny Crazy: I would say it depends on your audience.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: If your audience is based around your product, I mean, promo. But, if it’s not like having it off to side or you wearing it. Or, you just having it somewhere in your video helps.

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched a video and you see somebody promoting their Instagram off to the top or to the bottom corner. I don’t know if you’ve seen it.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: That’s a form of promoting. If you do have a business and if you have a brand, I would say promote it every single video. Or, just keep people aware because there could be a certain viewer that’s new and doesn’t even know about your brand. Or, doesn’t know about your business.

So, I would say mention it in every video. Of course, don’t make it obnoxious, but a slight mention does help. And, if you don’t feel like mentioning it, at least have the product somewhere in that video. Have it sitting, wear it, in front of you. Or, not too much in front of you. Like, off to the side.

But, have somewhere a logo or something in your video.

Daryl Rosser: Okay. And, what about me? So, I’m doing this interview. I’m just like, what can I do, man? I have this interview and I’m gonna publish it. And, I’m gonna publish it on YouTube, and Facebook, and stuff like that.

And, on YouTube, I’m usually gonna add a link in the description to check out the post. And, the post has bullet points for what’s in the interview, links to any resources you mentioned, and a transcript.

Johnny Crazy: Okay.

Daryl Rosser: Should I link to the post from the video? Or, should I just try to keep it on YouTube and just increase the reach for that video?

Johnny Crazy: That’s a good question.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: Oh, that’s really good. What I’ve done in the past is I’ve just sent … I posted the link on Facebook or other social medias and I’ve had it linked to my channel.

Daryl Rosser: Yup.

Johnny Crazy: So, I kept the YouTube video. So, they can’t just click on it and not watch YouTube. But, then again, you have to think of … The thing is, it’s a business. Honestly, I would plug in, personal advice, it may not be the best, but this just what I think works. Or, this is what I’ve seen that works the best.

I would just plug in your link anywhere you can. So, if you’re uploading a video privately on Facebook and you have those links, I would upload those videos privately on Facebook and I would have your individual links privately as well on Facebook.

Keep Facebook content on Facebook. Keep YouTube content on YouTube.

Daryl Rosser: That’s what we do. Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: That’s what you do? And, I would say, that’s the best method because, for example, your video could go viral on Facebook and not go anywhere on YouTube. Same thing and vice versa. I think that’s the best bet.

Daryl Rosser: And, what about linking from the YouTube video to the blog post, which has the video on it again because it has extra resources, and a transcript, and stuff like that? Should we do that for YouTube or should we try and … Knowing that that might slightly damage our reach from the YouTube video, should we still link to the post or should we just try to get as much reach as we possibly can?

Johnny Crazy: I would say still-

Daryl Rosser: Still link it. Okay.

Johnny Crazy: Because, it’s going to your business. It’s not going to another provider for you. Do you know what I mean? It’s not going to a sponsor, it’s going to you. If that was my brand and my company, I would have a link to my business.

Daryl Rosser: Okay. It’s your business.

Johnny Crazy: That’s my thing. So, that’s what I would do. Yeah. I would do that. Definitely. Oh, yeah.

Big mistakes to avoid

Daryl Rosser: Okay. Cool, man. Anything else. Or, any big mistakes you’ve made? You’ve been doing this a while now. Yeah. I’m putting you on the spot for some mistakes. But, big mistakes you’ve made since building this channel up over the last year or two?

Johnny Crazy: Number one big mistake, know your audience. A lot of times when I have a video that flops, it’s because I’m trying something completely new, even though that’s not a bad thing, but it’s something that’s so far away from my community and my audience that I’ve built. They’re just not clicking on it. They’re not interested at all.

Daryl Rosser: Sure.

Johnny Crazy: So, know your audience. And, if you have an audience based around SEO, give them the best SEO or SEO related content that’s out there.

Another big mistake is also know your time zone and know where your audience comes from. If your audience is generally around the US or South East Asia, upload around those times.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: It makes no sense if your audience is in the US and then you upload a video that’s preferably for Asia or Australia. It’s completely two different time zones. It doesn’t do as well ’cause nobody even knows. They’re all asleep. Or, they’ve all just woke up.

Just know your audience and you’re there to give a service so I would just generally provide the best service that you can to your audience.

Daryl Rosser: Sure. Yeah. That’s good advice. Any final thoughts. Especially, these guys. These are very technical people. So, they’re gonna consume as much technical stuff as you can possibly think of. Any final thoughts or advice for my guys?

Johnny Crazy: For your people? Yeah. Okay. I would say if you guys are thinking about making YouTube videos and you have a business or you have a brand and you’re trying to promote that as well with your YouTube video, I would say, make your video about content and then put in your plug. As in like, plug in your brand afterwards.

Because, people will generally watch your video if they care about the content that they clicked on. So, if it’s SEO, make it about SEO and SEO related. And then, explain that, hey, you have a business that also teaches this. Or, you have a business that also can provide this service for you if you just click on my description box. If you just click in the link in my description box down below.

That would be probably the best advice for the people in your world.

Daryl Rosser: Okay.

Johnny Crazy: If you’re gonna upload a video on YouTube and you want it to do well, make sure it’s based around content and content that people are actually clicking to watch. And then, adding your plug afterwards.

Daryl Rosser: So, I should recording an outro video that plugs in at the end of this.

Johnny Crazy: Oh, yeah. That plug, yeah. ‘Cause they’ll do it. If they’ve made it this far, they genuinely care.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: If they’re not then they’re just not for it anyway. You should probably plug it in the intro. No, just kidding. That’s just like the YouTuber in me. Just plug it in the intro. But, if they’ve made it this far, they care, they’re going to click, they’re gonna help, they’re going to want to be a part of your community.

Daryl Rosser: Final question then. I only do long videos because I only do interviews. That’s all I do right now. So, every single video is 45, 50, 60 minutes long. Is that a good thing? Is that a bad thing? Should I try and add variety?

Johnny Crazy: Okay. So, what I’ve noticed on YouTube nowadays, usually interview videos, they don’t do as well. Or, they don’t grab as much traction at first.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: I look at some huge YouTubers like Maria For lou lo.

Daryl Rosser: Marie Forleo.

Johnny Crazy: Yeah. Picture her somewhere. Her. She, for example, she’s been on YouTube for over five years. And, I remember her putting out content and it wasn’t really going anywhere. But, over time, it grabbed traction, and it grabbed momentum, and it got … Now she’s getting a lot of views and now her business is thriving even more because of that. I would say keep what you know as good quality and keep it consistent. Because, honestly, that’s really what it takes.

If you do have an idea, let’s say, if you did shorten it. Or, if you only did certain segment and then kept a longer version and then uploaded that separately ’cause other huge channels do that as well. Like, the Wendy Williams shows or talk shows in general, certain segments they’ll highlight and they’ll upload that separate from their own.

Daryl Rosser: Yeah.

Johnny Crazy: I would recommend that. That also helps. But, if you are happy with long videos and long content like this, do it. It’s mainly about you.

Daryl Rosser: Okay. Awesome.

Johnny Crazy: That’s YouTube.

Daryl Rosser: And, where can people find you if they want to check out your channel and see some crazy stuff?

Johnny Crazy: Oh, yeah. That part. You can follow me on Johnny Crazy. That is my YouTube channel. Subscribe. Turn on all your post notifications. You can also find me on Twitter at theJohnnycrazy or follow my Instagram at Johnnycrazy.

Daryl Rosser: Cool man. I appreciate you joining me. It’s been awesome. Hope you guys enjoyed



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