Free PBN Hosting – CloudFlare Alternative

One problem that many SEO’s often publicise is the lack of quality yet low cost hosting providers for PBN sites. CloudFlare has become increasingly popular, but there is limitations to how much of your network you can safely host with them. I’ll clarify that for all the people that have asked, yes, there are limits to how many sites […]

Beginners To Advanced Guide To Building A Private Blog Network

Updated: 2nd February 2018 In this guide we are going deep inside the world of private blog networks. Starting from the absolute basics, we’ll be guiding you through how to setup, manage, and use a PBN in 2018. With over 9,000 words of step-by-step training, even intermediate to advanced SEOs will learn something new. Let’s […]

How To Adapt To The Future Of PBN’s

Private blog networks are now getting more publicity than ever. It reminds me of penguin 2.0, when link building was pronounced dead. Once again, pure whitehats are diving in for their 2 minutes of happiness while they laugh at PBN owners for getting a small percentage of their PBN sites de-indexed.. before they retreat back […]

How To Structure Your PBN Sites To Pass Manual Reviews

As a follow up to the previous guide on writing content for your private blog networks, today we will be covering the importance of structuring, and how to structure your blogs to prevent de-indexing by manual review. In its simplest form, the concept here is to be creating a legit looking website. That is all […]

How To Write Content For Your PBN

People are regularly finding their PBN sites de-indexed these days. When it isn’t down to silly footprints, it’s usually due to terrible content. One look at most peoples sites and it’s immediately clear “something is up”. I follow a completely different content strategy to what most people do. It’s a technique I call PBN Padding. This works […]

How To Use CloudFlare For Your PBN

CloudFlare is a free CDN service that includes a feature that completely masks your real host, making it perfect for PBN’s. It allows you to put unlimited sites on a single host without anyone knowing they are on the same host – except for you. I’ve been using it for over 6 months without any issues. And recently, […]

How To Automate and Outsource PBN Creation and Management

Since reading it, I have deliberately structured systems into everything I build to make it very easy for my team to complete work to my exact specifications. One area where this seems to be unique from my friends and SEO experts is in blog network management. Not only is this process systemised, it is also […]

The Ultimate Guide To Hosting Your Private Blog Network

One of the biggest stress-points for an SEO is hosting. The billing, footprints, uptime, and all round hassle caused. In this guide we will uncover the services and strategies that experts are using to manage their PBNs. There are many ways of hosting your blog network, but there are only a small number that are […]