How To Become an Expert and Authority Figure with Gabriel Machuret

The one proven way I’ve found to consistently attract clients is to position yourself as an expert. When you’re an expert, clients want to work with you. You’re not begging and pleading with them to give you a chance. That’s what Gabriel has done, and will be sharing how in this episode. Gabriel went from […]

The Keyword Research Strategies Quinton Uses To Make $13k/m

In this weeks episode, I sat down with Quinton Hamp to breakdown how he built his Amazon affiliate business up to 5 figures per month. Quinton started this journey back in 2013, where after a lot of reading, he decided to fully commit. He quit his job and went all in with affiliate marketing. As a result, he’s consistently […]

How Adam Colbert Built a Commission-Only Sales Team For His SEO Agency

For anyone that’s used cold calling to generate or attempt to generate clients, you’ll know how time consuming it is. And that, despite how successful you become with it, you’re limited by the hours you have in the day. The only way to scale it past that is by hiring people. That’s what Adam Colbert […]

How To Setup PBNs in 2017 with Nemanja Mirkovic

For anyone still struggling with PBN sites getting de-indexed, or worried about the sustainability of their network, you need to take some advice from Nemanja. Nemanja is the owner of PBNFox, who offer done-for-you private blog network setup services. And is one of the more careful people I know with how much attention they put into […]

How To Write an Amazon Top 15 Book For Client Credibility With Andrew Ludlam

This is an interesting episode for anyone struggling with credibility when selling SEO services. For example, if your prospect asks for a testimonial from a past client. In this episode, I’m sitting down with Andrew Ludlam to hear how he wrote a top 15 best-selling book on Amazon – for his category, and then got it […]

How Joe Troyer Same-Day Closes Local Clients on Pay Per Lead SEO Deals

In this episode, I’m sitting down with Joe Troyer to talk about local PPL for SEOs. Joe runs a local lead generation agency, where they build up local sites then sell the calls and enquiries to local businesses. In this episode, we cover: How to price your leads How to close PPL deals without even owning a […]

How Jason Swenk built a 100 person agency using these 8 systems

In this episode, I’m talking with Jason Swenk about building and scaling a successful agency. Specifically, the 8 systems every agency needs to succeed. Jason was an agency owner himself, building an 8 figure agency with a team of around 100 people, that worked with clients like AT&T, Coca Cola, and LegalZoom, before selling the […]

9 Simple E-Commerce SEO Strategies For Ranking in 2017 with Brendan Tully

For this weeks episode, I’ve brought on Brendan Tully to talk ecommerce SEO. Brendan runs TheSearchEngineShop, a 5 person SEO agency in Australia, working with local and ecommerce clients. He’s also built his own online store in the past up to multiple 7 figures per year revenue. In this episode, we cover: The upsides and downsides of […]

How To Scale Your SEO Business with Matt Diggity

For this weeks episode, I’ve brought on Matt Diggity to talk SEO and scaling. Matt runs a popular SEO blog where he teaches a very systematic approach for ranking with PBNs, he owns the highest rated PBN link building service in the marketplace, and hosted the recent SEO Mastermind in Chiang Mai. In this episode, […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday SEO Deals

25th November 2016 Today is the shopping day equivalent of Penguin roll out day, a serious deal. Black Friday. To make this even better for you and help you spend every last cent of your bank balance, I’ve connected with a few SEO service providers to give you an exclusive deal for today and Cyber […]

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