How To Make $1,000+ Per Month From Affiliate SEO

For episode 47 of the Lion Zeal Show, I’ve put together another special episode. Instead of interviewing one successful SEO, I’m sitting down with 5 different affiliates and asking them how they hit their first consistent $1,000 month. For anyone planning on scaling affiliate SEO as a business, I highly recommend watching this. Watch it here: […]

How Jeff Lenney Made $35k in one day with launch jacking

For episode 46, I’m chatting with Jeff Lenney about affiliate SEO and launch jacking. Jeff has a background in the internet marketing “guru world” and used that knowledge to get into launch jacking. It’s an interesting model that I’ve seen several people have $5,000+ days with. We get into what launch jacking is and how to get […]

How Brendan Tully Manages Over 200 Clients

For this weeks episode of the Lion Zeal Show, I’ve brought Brendan Tully on for the second time to share how he’s built his search marketing agency to over 200 clients today. It’s another episode full of nuggets and “low hanging fruit” opportunities to get quick results with local SEO, so I highly recommend giving […]

How Gareth Bull scaled his SEO agency to an 11 person team

While a lot of people are going the route of outsourcing and virtual teams, Gareth went in the complete opposite direction. In the last 4 years he’s build up an 11 person team, all working from their office in the UK. That provided him with a great source of cashflow, from all their clients, and a […]

What 10+ Years of Data Tells You About Ranking in 2017 with Jason Duke

With all the backlink and competitor analysis tools freely available today, it’s insanely easy to get access to incredible amounts of data to help you with ranking. But is this even useful? Why? Jason Duke is the owner of a tool like this, and a self proclaimed data nerd that says it’s all about the […]

How Holly Starks Ranked 3.4 Million YouTube Videos

For episode 42, I sat down with Holly Starks to talk about how to make money as an SEO spammer. Specifically, how to use automation and low quality links to rank endless amounts of YouTube videos – fast. A normal affiliate site will take you 6-12 months to rank. One of these YouTube videos? 5-30 […]

How To Get Your First 30 Clients with Travis Causey

In this episode I sit down with Travis Causey and breakdown how he got his first 30 SEO clients. Travis comes from a small town of only 35,000 people (according to the statistics). And to top that off, almost all of his client come from his local area. That’s how he and his business partner […]

How To Scale Your SEO Agency To 7 Figures with John Logar

If you’re running a consulting business, you need to know who John Logar is. John helps consultants in several industries (inc. SEO) to grow their businesses and attract higher paying clients. In this episode we’re discussing how SEOs can grow their agencies to 7 figures a year. Breaking down the “barriers” and changes you’ll have […]

How To Get Your First SEO Client

In this special episode of the Lion Zeal Show, I’m sitting down with 6 SEOs to ask how they got their first clients. Each interview is around 6-9 minutes long, and will be breaking down different strategies and approaches for getting $1,000+ per month SEO clients. Some ranging all the way up to 20k per […]

Why Nathan Gotch Quit Using PBNs and The Story Behind GotchSEO

If you’ve Google’d almost any SEO keyword ever, you’ve probably seen Nathan’s website. It’s a very popular SEO blog, with his top post containing over 1,000 blog comments. But before that, Nathan was just another guy hustling to get clients paying him money. In this episode we’ll be breaking down how Nathan built his agency, […]

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