Building a Long-Term SEO Business with Jonathan from PBNButler

In this episode, I sit down with Jonathan Kiekbusch from PBNButler to talk SEO services, agency building, and creating a sustainable SEO business. In this episode, we cover: How to make your clients never want to leave How to get your first client within the next 2 weeks How to put together a team and hire […]

Building an 80 Person SEO Agency with Andrew Raso

In this weeks episode, we’re sitting down with Andrew Raso, a 27 year old SEO from Sydney. Over the last 4 years, Andrew and his business partner Mez, have built up an 80 person search marketing agency, running out of offices in Sydney, Melbourne, San Diego, and Belgrade. In this episode, we cover: The best […]

How To Build Next Level PBNs with Michael Milas

For episode 22, I’ve brought on Michael Milas to chat PBNs, clients, and lead generation. Mike is a lead gen SEO, with some interesting thoughts and strategies for building high quality private blog networks. In this episode, we cover: Where to buy high quality domains for your PBN, what to look for, and how much […]

Building an SEO agency with Matt and Mark from LCT

For episode 21, I’ve brought on Matt Stack and Mark Luckenbaugh from LocalClientTakeover, to have a chat about SEO and agency building. LocalClientTakeover is a Facebook group with over 8,000 members, helping each other build and scale local marketing agencies. They’ve also got some awesome training, and offer full white label services through their Web20Ranker […]

How To Build a Foreign SEO Agency with Edwin Twigt

In this weeks episode, I’ve brought on Edwin Twigt to talk about building a foreign SEO agency. I recently met Edwin for the first time, while he was visiting Saigon. He ended up sharing some interest things he’s working on with client SEO in the Netherlands, so I thought it would be fun to bring him […]

How David Added 4 SEO Clients To His Business In The Last 2 Weeks

For episode 19 of the Lion Zeal Show, I’ve brought on David Longacre. So David isn’t a “guru”, he’s also not doing crazy high numbers. But he’s putting in the hours and getting results because of that. In this episode, we get into some of his recent successes, specifically, how he’s added 4 new clients of $1,000+ […]

How To Build a PBN in 2016 with Patrick from SERPchampion

For episode 18, I sat down with Patrick Babakhanian from SERPchampion, to have a good all round discussion on PBNs and ranking in 2016. Patrick has been in this industry for years, was one of the first members to join the Lion Zeal Mastermind, and has a very popular SEO service business selling PBN domains, hosting, […]

How Matt Built a $17k/m SEO Agency While in College

For episode 17, I’ve brought on a longtime member of the community, Matt Van Dyck. Matt’s been building sites for fun since he was 15, and went from freelancing on Fiverr, to closing $1,000+ per month clients on SEO services. In this episode we cover: The big shift Matt had to take him from 4-5k/m and […]

How To Sell Your Affiliate Site For 6 Figures With Justin Cooke

I can’t think of anyone more qualified to talk about selling websites than Justin. Justin is a co-founder and owner of EmpireFlippers, an Inc. 5000 company that helps people buy and sell websites. Whether that’s $10,000 or $1,000,000 deals. For this episode, I asked Justin for his advice on selling affiliate sites. He’s already helped sell […]

How Jesse Built His SEO Agency Without Doing Any Outreach Or Advertising

For episode 15 of the Lion Zeal Show, I’ve brought on my friend Jesse Hanley to talk about the unorthodox approach he’s taken to building his SEO agency. Rather than using outreach methods such as cold emailing or direct mail, he’s relied on one simple but under-utilised strategy to generate all his leads for free. […]

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