9 Simple E-Commerce SEO Strategies For Ranking in 2017 with Brendan Tully

For this weeks episode, I’ve brought on Brendan Tully to talk ecommerce SEO. Brendan runs TheSearchEngineShop, a 5 person SEO agency in Australia, working with local and ecommerce clients. He’s also built his own online store in the past up to multiple 7 figures per year revenue. In this episode, we cover: The upsides and downsides of […]

How To Scale Your SEO Business with Matt Diggity

For this weeks episode, I’ve brought on Matt Diggity to talk SEO and scaling. Matt runs a popular SEO blog where he teaches a very systematic approach for ranking with PBNs, he owns the highest rated PBN link building service in the marketplace, and hosted the recent SEO Mastermind in Chiang Mai. In this episode, […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday SEO Deals

25th November 2016 Today is the shopping day equivalent of Penguin roll out day, a serious deal. Black Friday. To make this even better for you and help you spend every last cent of your bank balance, I’ve connected with a few SEO service providers to give you an exclusive deal for today and Cyber […]

How Rachel Partners with Web Design Agencies to Sell SEO Services

In this episode, I’ve brought on Rachel Mazza, an SEO and copywriter running a client consulting business. What’s interesting about Rachel’s business, is that she’s focusing entirely on partnering with web design and graphic design agencies to send her clients. On top of that, she’s also running the business remotely while travelling the world full time. […]

Live Interview with Diggy on Client SEO

In this episode of the Lion Zeal Show, I literally sat down with my good friend Diggy from MarketingInc, to chat about client SEO and building a marketing agency. Diggy was my first coach when I got into SEO a few years ago, introducing me to the concept of PBNs through his first course. Today, he co-owns […]

How Venchito Went From VA to 12 Person Agency Owner

In this episode of the Lion Zeal Show, I’m joined by Venchito Tampon, a 23 year old SEO agency owner from the Philippines. Venchito is a SEO that’s been featured on SearchEngineLand, Ahrefs blog, SearchEngineJournal, and a number of other blogs. He currently runs an agency in the Philippines dealing with clients all over the […]

How To Turn SEO Relationships into 6-7 Figure Deals with Gary Morris

This episode features Gary Morris, a long term listener to the show and member of the community. Gary runs an SEO agency, sells software solutions, and has found success in leveraging his relationships for creating 6-7 figure deals for his clients. In this episode, we cover: How to build highly lucrative relationships A simple deal […]

Building a Long-Term SEO Business with Jonathan from PBNButler

In this episode, I sit down with Jonathan Kiekbusch from PBNButler to talk SEO services, agency building, and creating a sustainable SEO business. In this episode, we cover: How to make your clients never want to leave How to get your first client within the next 2 weeks How to put together a team and hire […]

Building an 80 Person SEO Agency with Andrew Raso

In this weeks episode, we’re sitting down with Andrew Raso, a 27 year old SEO from Sydney. Over the last 4 years, Andrew and his business partner Mez, have built up an 80 person search marketing agency, running out of offices in Sydney, Melbourne, San Diego, and Belgrade. In this episode, we cover: The best […]

How To Build Next Level PBNs with Michael Milas

For episode 22, I’ve brought on Michael Milas to chat PBNs, clients, and lead generation. Mike is a lead gen SEO, with some interesting thoughts and strategies for building high quality private blog networks. In this episode, we cover: Where to buy high quality domains for your PBN, what to look for, and how much […]

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