Top 10 Lion Zeal Episodes of 2017

I thought it’d be fun to look back over all the interviews last year, and do a quick recap showing the top 10 most popular episodes of the year.

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10. How To Scale Your SEO Agency To 7 Figures with John Logar

At number 10 we have the episode with John where he teaches us how to scale an SEO agency. If you’re running a consulting business, you need to know who John Logar is.

John helps consultants in several industries (inc. SEO) to grow their businesses and attract higher paying clients.

You’ll learn how to grow your agency to 7 figures a year while breaking down the “barriers” and changes you’ll have to go through to scale past each of the important stages of growth.

9. How To Setup PBNs in 2017 with Nemanja from PBNFox

For anyone still struggling with PBN sites getting de-indexed, or worried about the sustainability of their network, you need to take some advice from Nemanja.

Nemanja is the owner of PBNFox and knows everything is to know about PBNs. He is one of the most detail orientated people you will ever meet, and has focused all his attention on creating quality PBN sites.

In this episode, you will learn the #1 reason PBN sites get de-indexed. Why your PBN needs a “reason” and how to create one. In addition you will learn how to setup PBNs that fly under the radar of algorithms or competitors and most importantly, how to create systems to simplify your work.

We also partnered up with Nemanja in Operation Freedom where he completely revamped the PBN Mastery course. If you want access click here.

8. How Mr X made $22,000 in a day when he was only 17 years old

For the 50th episode we had a surprise guest who wanted to remain nameless. That surprise guest turned out to be me.

I held nothing back in this interview which was conducted by Matt Diggity. In the episode you will learn how I run my business today, how I managed to make $22,000 in one day when I was only 17 years old, lost it all and then rebuilt everything, and how I lives as a digital nomad in Vietnam.

7. How Holly Starks Ranked 3.4 million YouTube Videos

For this, I sat down with Holly Starks to talk about how to make money as an SEO spammer.

Specifically, how to use automation and low quality links to rank endless amounts of YouTube videos – fast.

A normal affiliate site will take you 6-12 months to rank. One of these YouTube videos using Holly’s strategy? 5-30 days.

Holly breaks everything down and teaches you how you can follow her strategy to get the same results

6. Why Nathan Gotch Quit Using PBNs and The Story Behind GotchSEO

If you’ve Google’d almost any SEO keyword ever, you’ve probably seen Nathan’s website. It’s a very popular SEO blog, with his top post containing over 1,000 blog comments.

But before that, Nathan was just another guy hustling to get clients paying him money. You also learn about the 3 biggest mistakes he made and how to avoid making those mistakes

In this episode we broke down how Nathan built his agency, created his now-famous blog, and some strategies he’s using to grow his business today. Including his thoughts on PBNs (hint: he’s not a fan anymore).

5. How to get your first 30 clients with Travis Causey

Coming in at number 5 I sat down with Travis Causey to break down how he got his first 30 SEO clients.

Travis comes from a small town of only 35,000 people (according to the statistics).

And to top that off, almost all of his client come from his local area. That’s how he and his business partner built it.

So if you think your local area is too small, or you come from the wrong place… this is going to show you that you may be underestimating it.

4. How To Get Your First Paying SEO Client

In this special episode of the Lion Zeal Show, I sat down with 6 SEOs to ask how they got their first clients.

Each interview is around 6-9 minutes long, and broke down different strategies and approaches for getting $1,000+ per month SEO clients. Some ranging all the way up to 20k per month.

If you have no clients yet, or are struggling with consistently attracting them, this will help.

In this episode you can learn how to use Craiglist for video outreach, how to leverage your own social circles and how to land clients using the video audit technique.

3. How 5 Affiliate SEOs Hit Their First Consistent $1,000 Months

The third most popular episode for 2017 was another special episode. Instead of interviewing one successful SEO, I sat down with 5 different affiliates and asked them how they each hit their first consistent $1,000 month.

For anyone planning on scaling affiliate sites as a business, you don’t want to miss this episode as each guest had their own unique way of hitting that first 1k month.

Chris just copied the structure and setup of an already successful site, and applied it to a different niche

Ken tested and “failed” with multiple low competition niches until he found one that works, then become an authority in that niche

Matt tried multiple niches, found one that worked, then doubled down on it by building multiple sites and taking over the first page

Aqib bought a site and applied basic SEO (PBNs, onpage, etc) to scale it up

Clarentino built multiple EMD style sites focused on the forex niche, then gets paid a commission of peoples deposits

2. The Keyword Research Strategies Quinton Uses To Make $13k/m

In this episode, I sat down with Quinton Hamp to breakdown how he built his Amazon affiliate business up to 5 figures per month.

Quinton started this journey back in 2013, where after a lot of reading, he decided to fully commit. He quit his job and went all in with affiliate marketing. As a result, he’s consistently earning 5 figures per month now from only 3 websites.

In this episode, you will learn how to decide which products to promote, sneaky keyword research strategies most people don’t know about and then how to build the actual sites.

1. How Joe Troyer Closes Local Businesses on Pay Per Lead SEO

In the number one spot for most popular episode of 2017, I sat down with Joe Troyer to talk about local pay per lead strategies.

Joe runs a local lead generation agency, where they build up local sites then sell the calls and enquiries to local businesses.

If you are looking to get into the PPL game, you don’t want to miss this episode.

You will learn, how to price your leads, how to close PPL deals without even owning a website, the best type of industries to work in for SEO PPL, the 3 biggest mistakes most people make when doing PPL, advice for beginners on how to set up PPL deals, sneaky PPL ranking tricks and loads more.

And that’s that.

Let me know in the comments section what your favourite episode of 2017 was.

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