How Cary Built a $40k/m SEO Agency With a Local Team

In this weeks episode I’ve brought on Cary Blackburn to discuss how he’s built his agency to around $40,000 per month worth of clients. Another interesting part of Cary’s agency is that it isn’t run from just his laptop and a team of VA’s, he’s running it out of his office in Vancouver with a local team.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to hire local sales people to convert your leads
  • Cary’s full process for ranking local clients
  • A simple strategy to multiply the number of referrals you receive
  • The most effective client acquisition method Cary has discovered

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  1. Also, what was the Australian based citation service Cary mentioned? Would he mind sharing that?


  2. HEY Daryl!

    I am 16 and very insistent on starting my own local SEO business in Brisbane Australia. However, I am intimidated by the fact that there are other local professional SEO providers who I will have to rank against to get first page positions for. How do I rank against these already established professionals? What if a potential client asks me why I am not ranking no.1? What sort of businesses should I approach to get atleast $500/month + about $1000 setup fee? How do I “teach them” and show them I am an “expert”? Please help me out here, would be very much appreciated mate.

    Btw Daryl you have no idea how valuable this information is(haha or maybe you just might) so I would like to thank you in advance!

    • Check out my educated close training: $500/m is pretty small, so most established local businesses will work at that level. Though I’d recommend aiming at businesses that sell a bit higher end services.

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