FREE Plugin: Instantly Mask Your PBN Sites from ALL Competitors and Bots

Watch the video below to see how to make your PBN links invisible to everyone except Google:

What is Ghost?

Ghost is a free plugin developed by Lion Zeal. It enables you to prevent your competitors from finding your private blog networks within one click, by removing your outbound links to all visitors aside from the Google, Bing, and Yahoo bots.

This enables search engines to fully index your links, while they remain non-existant to regular users, competitors, and backlink tracking tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any footprints?

There are no more footprints involved with using this than any standard "bot blocker" plugin.The only way for it to be a footprint is for search engines to start using other user agents to identify people exploiting this, and then comparing the code differences.We also mask the plugin directory, if anyone attemps to access it directly, it will trigger a 404 error page.

2. How will I know it is working?

Simple. As soon as the plugin is activated, links within your posts will completely disappear.You can test it's working for googlebot by installing a user agent plugin, or use Safari developer tools.

3. Who created this wonderful plugin?

This plugin was developed by Lion Zeal, check out our free PBN guide for over 5,000 words of step-by-step training to creating a PBN that works in 2015.