What 10+ Years of Data Tells You About Ranking in Google with Jason Duke

With all the backlink and competitor analysis tools freely available today, it’s insanely easy to get access to incredible amounts of data to help you with ranking.

But is this even useful? Why?

Jason Duke is the owner of a tool like this, and a self proclaimed data nerd that says it’s all about the data.

In this interview we’ll be breaking down why this matters, and how to leverage it for helping you rank.

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Topics Covered:

  • Do PBNs still work in 2017? Will they work in 5 years time?
  • The biggest changes in SEO over the past 20 years
  • The #1 thing to fear as an SEO going forward
  • How to use data to design your ranking process

Reader Interactions


  1. That Keyword Difficulty Tool Offered around the 36 min mark sounds cool. I’ll be interested when it comes out.

    • He had to rush off since we started 30 mins late, so haven’t had a chance to discuss anything yet

  2. Great episode man, Jason is an absolute beast. Big fan of the data approach for SEO and Inbound Marketing generally myself. Probably the best interview in a while for me!

  3. Great interview, you can tell he has been there and done that.

    Just curious Daryl, after talking to Jason and Nemanja will you be changing/adding anything to how you set up your PBNs? I am a member of your course and have been building PBNs as you recommended but after hearing those two talk it sounds like I might not be doing enough.

    • Hey Jeremy, honestly not that much is different. But just constantly focusing on ways to increase the quality, rebuilding old pages, looking at ways to make it look more like a legit site, etc. And getting traffic of course, which I’ve been meaning to expand on.

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