How Jesse Built His SEO Agency Without Doing Any Outreach Or Advertising

For episode 15 of the Lion Zeal Show, I’ve brought on my friend Jesse Hanley to talk about the unorthodox approach he’s taken to building his SEO agency.

Rather than using outreach methods such as cold emailing or direct mail, he’s relied on one simple but under-utilised strategy to generate all his leads for free.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Jesse got his first ever SEO client for $5,000/month
  • How to manage your agency while travelling full time
  • How to get clients without outreach, paid traffic, or being an “internet guru”
  • 2 simple steps to getting your first client

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  1. I am fairly new to SEO this was one of the best interviews on the subject I have heard so far. I was looking to build foundations and security now not sure to sell everything and live Jesse’s lifestyle.

  2. That’s a great interview Daryl. Thanks Jesse for sharing your ideas and so much helpful info.
    I’ve been doing SEO for my own sites for the past 10 years but dabbling only – as I was running two and three small businesses. I’m only a complete starter when I listen to you guys.
    Thanks again for great content.

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