Why Promoting Amazon Is A Bad Business Model For Affiliate SEOs

WARNING: This article goes against "popular opinion" and may sound controversial. It's supposed to. I’m not trying to start arguments, but I feel this needs to be said.

“I lost almost $20,000 on this”

On March 1st 2017, Amazon rolled out a commission structure change, heavily impacting larger affiliates.

Most of them lost anywhere from 15-40% of their earnings overnight.

For others, it was worse:

Say you were selling televisions, as an example, you could have went from an 8.5% commission, down to 2%.

Meaning a $300 sale used to be a $25.50 commission, now it’s $6.

If that was an income for you of $1,275 per month, you would stand to lose $975 of that.

I remember a friend telling me he was lucky to be only losing around $20,000 on the sale of his website.

And while I couldn’t help get caught up in the news, I was in a very different boat.

I’d deliberately avoided the Amazon affiliate frenzy.

At a glance, it seemed fascinating:

Promote the largest ecommerce brand in the world, get paid a commission for everything they purchase, and rank for high "buyer intent" keywords.

(Buyer intent being a measurement of how likely someone is to buy)

But look closer, and the issues were always there:

Amazon affiliates were never “partners” or “associates” of Amazon. They’re puppets.

And I say this as someone that spends a lot of money with Amazon.

The whole thing reminded me of the ongoing Adsense banning saga

Looking familiar?

Now the problem isn’t that they’re banning publishers, it’s understandable they ban people for breaking the rules.

What’s unacceptable is the lack of care or clear rules for affiliates.

Look in any forum or community and you’ll find constant questions and confusions about what is or isn’t allowed.

All of this combined leaves an army of affiliates left in confusion and paranoia about how long they’ll continue being paid.

Combined with Google’s clear anti-affiliate” stance

It’s no wonder the model has shifted from building up affiliate sites for the monthly income to building and flipping them.

But aside from the risks of relying on a single company for your income, there’s a bigger reason not to promote them.

Created by the Lion Zeal Team