Why "CPS" is a bad approach for affiliates

Here’s how the Amazon affiliate program works:

It’s a standard “Cost Per Sale” affiliate model. Meaning you get a commission of every sale.

Most popular ecommerce stores have a similar program, here’s just a few I found in the home furnishings space:

Some of these are arguably better than Amazon:

  • Higher commissions
  • Longer tracking time (30+ days)
  • Less strict and less likely to randomly ban you

Though, you’ll have to test that for yourself.

The curious thing is that most people don’t realise CPS is only ONE model. And not even the best one.

As an affiliate of this model, there’s only a few main keyword types:

You can’t rank for information keywords because they’re useless for commissions. Nor can you rank for “buy” keywords, as they’re dominated by ecommerce brands.

So you, and two million plus other affiliates are all targeting the exact same "Level 2" keywords.

And with this keyword type, there is buyer intent, but it’s not sky high. So on the higher end, you’d be very happy with 1-3% of visitors to your website purchasing something.

This is your model then:

Not too bad. Amazon is a proven, trusted brand at least.

Again though, the best you could possibly hope for is $0.35 per visitor to your website.

Switch your model though, and you can literally 10x this.

See there’s several types of affiliate offers:

I’ve tested all of these, but the two I’ve profited from the most are CPA and PPC.

See, rather than competing with 2,000,000 Amazon affiliates to make $5-$50 for selling something…

I’m promoting companies that’ll pay me $15-$100 (or more) for a single phone call, or a form submission.

Which do you think is easier?

It’s also completely normal for 10% of the people that visit my websites, using the keywords I’m targeting, to complete this action.

Meaning with a $25 offer and as little as 10 visitors a day. You could be making $25 a day, as an example.

Even on the lower end...

I recently showed an example in one of many niches I’m in, where I have 2 separate websites promoting one offer.

Last year they had a combined 30,420 visitors. The whole year.

And generated $29,900 profit.

I topped that off by sharing that I spent all of ZERO minutes working on those sites last year.

(That’s not bragging, it’s idiotic, I could have made much more money - but I was slacking off)

The "trick" is finding the right niches and offers.

Created by the Lion Zeal Team