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"How I Get $3,000+ Per Month Digital Marketing Clients From Sending A Few Simple Emails"

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Daryl Rosser


  • How I Get a Positive ROI For Clients Within 30 Days
  • My 7 Figure Email Strategy and Template
  • The Simple 2-Step System For Closing High Ticket Clients
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Daryl Rosser is your typical computer nerd. After luckily landing his first client for SEO, he bought a course, studied hard, and got them ranked #1 in Google within 3 weeks.

...Only to spend the next 7 months messing up sales calls, throwing away leads, and endlessly struggling to land his second client.

8 months later he eventually got client #2. Then #3, #4... And despite being an extremely shy nerd with zero sales experience, he took his agency to 6 figures within the next 6 months.

In this FREE training, you'll see how he did this and how you can start your own digital marketing consultancy.

Daryl usually charges $15,000+ per year for consulting, but this training reveals the exact same methods for FREE.

Zachary Loke

Zachary Loke

Started with no clients and built a $10,000+ per month SEO agency within 9 months.

Kevin Dhimitri

Kevin Dhimitri

Started with one client and within 2 months landed 3 clients worth $6,700 per month.

William Ma

William Ma

Started with zero digital marketing experience and landed a $1,500 per month client in 30 days.

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