How Derek Climbed Out Of 100k in Debt with Launch Jacking and SEO

Most people have a tough time starting their SEO business from zero. Building up sites, setting up a PBN… these things aren’t cheap when you’re starting out. So seeing someone start their business with -100,000 is fascinating. And that’s exactly what Derek did. After losing all his money in real estate, leaving him with $100,000 […]

How To Live an Epic Lifestyle While Managing SEO Clients with Armando Saenz

There’s this belief that you can either run your own websites, or you can be a slave to clients and never feel true freedom. I disagree. As does Armando. Armando was the first ever guest on the Lion Zeal Show, where he showed how he was making over $35,000 per month from client SEO. Since […]

How To Master SEO by “Testing” with Kyle Roof

The best SEOs in the world use testing to stay ahead. That’s a statement I’m willing to stand behind. If you don’t test things, you’re relying on other peoples knowledge for how to rank. When you test however, you know exactly what works because you’ve tested it. Kyle Roof is someone that believes in exactly […]

How Brian Hong Built a 100% Remote SEO Team For His Agency

Love or hate clients, it’s a great way of building up cashflow to fund scaling, or just living a great lifestyle. And that’s exactly what it did for Brian Hong. He’s one of the few people I know that shifted from affiliate SEO, to running an agency. That agency is now running smoothly with a […]

How Doug Cunnington Helped Flip An Amazon Affiliate Site for $235k

It seems trendy to talk about making money from Amazon, but while most people are talking, some people like Doug are making money from it. Doug Cunnington is an affiliate guy, who partnered up with my friend Rob Atkinson to help sell one of his successful affiliate sites. They went through a process of “switching” […]

How Steve Brown Built a 40+ Client Dental SEO Agency

One question I get a lot is whether someone should start a “niche specific” agency or just a general one. I always recommend niche specific. In this episode, you’ll see why. I’m interviewing my friend Steve Brown who runs a dental SEO agency with over 40 clients. He’ll be sharing why he targets only dentists, […]

Why All SEOs Should Be Using Facebook Ads with Dino Gomez

The Lion Zeal Show is finally back. This time I’ve brought Dino Gomez back on to discuss why ALL SEO’s in his opinion, should be using Facebook Ads. And rather than just tell you, Dino will also be walking through how to use them, including examples from his clients. Watch it here: Or Subscribe to the show […]

How Mr X made $22,000 in a day when he was only 17 years old

For episode 50 of the show, I’ve got a very special episode with a special guest, who unfortunately didn’t want to be named. Name aside though, nothing else is held back in this interview. You’ll see exactly how their business runs today, what Mr X is working on, and of course… how he made $22,000 […]

How Joe Sinkwitz Ranked #1 For Payday Loans And Brought in $50k/day

For the 49th episode of the Lion Zeal Show, I’m chatting with Joe Sinkwitz (Cygnus) about the history of spam, and how SEO has evolved over the past 20 years. Joe is one of the most experienced guys in our industry. He was doing SEO back in the Altavista days, when spamming Meta Tags was […]

Why You Should Build More Engagement Not Links with Bradley Benner

In this weeks episode, I’m discussing the semantic web with Bradley Benner from Semantic Mastery. Bradley is a fairly well known SEO in our community, mostly known for his emphasis on building engagement instead of links. So rather than mass-sending PBN links, you create different “entities” for your brand to establish it as a real authority […]

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