How To Build Outreach Links at Scale with Gareth Simpson

Do you want to become an outreach specialist? In this interview, you will learn step-by-step how to build outreach links for your clients, how to create linkable assets, and the automation tools needed to simplify this process at scale. You can use the exact same processes that Gareth breaks down in this interview, to start your […]

How Kevin Graham Built and Flipped Multiple 6 Figure Sites

Are you looking to grow and then flip a 6-figure affiliate site? In this episode you will learn exactly how Kevin built up, and then flipped 3 6-figure affiliate sites. Kevin breaks down everything from how to build up the site, to exactly how to handle the complicated sale process, and everything in-between. Watch it here: […]

Top 10 Lion Zeal Episodes of 2017

I thought it’d be fun to look back over all the interviews last year, and do a quick recap showing the top 10 most popular episodes of the year. Listen to it here: Or Subscribe to the show on iTunes. 10. How To Scale Your SEO Agency To 7 Figures with John Logar At number 10 we […]

How Diggy Went From Supermarket Cashier to Digital Nomad

Do you find it hard to stay motivated long enough to grow a successful business? In this episode, Daryl sits down with Diggy to discuss how to get started, building up your business, and mindset traits that you need to run a successful business and then scale it. With the wrong mindset, your business will […]

How Jarod Makes $20k/m from UpWork at 20 Years Old

Are you struggling to land high paying SEO clients? In this episode, Jarod Spiewak explains how, at twenty years old, he makes $20k per month from clients he landed on Upwork. Even better, he explains how this client acquisition process is almost completely automated. You will learn step-by-step how to do this to land clients […]

Why (And How) to Upsell AdWords to SEO Clients with Ed Stapleton

Have you ever considered upselling additional services to your SEO clients? In this episode, Ed Stapleton explains why he quit SEO to sell Adwords exclusively. And how SEOs can upsell PPC services to multiply their client’s results and ultimately make more money. Watch it here: Or Subscribe to the show on iTunes. Click here for the PDF […]

How Gregory Ortiz Went From 0-100k/m In Under 2 Years

Gregory Ortiz is a fairly well known guy in our side of the SEO industry. He owns the #1 ranking agency for “New York SEO”, has coached thousands of people through Source-Wave and Source University, and also built a highly profitable affiliate business. In this interview we’re breaking down how he’s done it all, including […]

How Kris Reid Gets Prospects To Pay Him For Proposals

If you’re going to spend hours creating a proposal, why not get paid for it? That’s what Kris Reid does. Before he’ll even offer you his services, you’ve got to pay for a custom marketing plan aka proposal. Not only does this instantly eliminate “freebie seekers”, it massively increases his conversion rate from proposal to […]

How Derek Climbed Out Of 100k in Debt with Launch Jacking and SEO

Most people have a tough time starting their SEO business from zero. Building up sites, setting up a PBN… these things aren’t cheap when you’re starting out. So seeing someone start their business with -100,000 is fascinating. And that’s exactly what Derek did. After losing all his money in real estate, leaving him with $100,000 […]

How To Live an Epic Lifestyle While Managing SEO Clients with Armando Saenz

There’s this belief that you can either run your own websites, or you can be a slave to clients and never feel true freedom. I disagree. As does Armando. Armando was the first ever guest on the Lion Zeal Show, where he showed how he was making over $35,000 per month from client SEO. Since […]

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