How To Handle Objections and Close SEO Clients with Wilson Viera

Know how to deliver SEO results, but struggling to sell your services? In this episode, Wilson Viera breaks down the best sales tactics to land those tricky sales, how to perfect your sales techniques, how to handle potential customer objections and everything in between. Watch it here: Or Subscribe to the show on iTunes. Topics Covered: 04:26 […]

How To Build and Manage an SEO Team with Mads Singers

Are you currently running an SEO business but are having trouble scaling it to the next level? In this episode, Mads Singers breaks down exactly how to scale an SEO team to grow your business. You will learn how to build up a successful team, how to manage that team, and how to ensure that […]

How To 2-3X The Revenue From Your Existing Traffic Using CRO with Kurt Philip

Do you want to make more money from your existing traffic? In this episode, you will learn advanced tips to optimize your sites and increase your conversion rates. You can do this for affiliate sites, or even local sites as Kurt teaches you how to get up to a 100% increase in your conversion rates. […]

How To Get Your First 250,000 Subscribers on YouTube w/ Johnnycrazy

Do you incorporate YouTube as part of your SEO strategy, or use it as an additional source of revenue? In this interview, Daryl sits down with YouTuber – Johnnycrazy, who has built up his channel with over 250,000 subscribers. You will learn everything from how to start and grow a YouTube channel, how to rank your […]

Behind The Scenes of Matt Diggity’s 7 Figure SEO Business

Ever wanted to get a behind the scenes look at a successful 7-figure SEO business? In this episode, Daryl is joined by one of the biggest names in the SEO space – Matt Diggity. Matt shares everything from his SEO processes, his team building processes, how he lives the life of a digital nomad, and […]

How To Build Outreach Links at Scale with Gareth Simpson

Do you want to become an outreach specialist? In this interview, you will learn step-by-step how to build outreach links for your clients, how to create linkable assets, and the automation tools needed to simplify this process at scale. You can use the exact same processes that Gareth breaks down in this interview, to start your […]

How Kevin Graham Built and Flipped Multiple 6 Figure Sites

Are you looking to grow and then flip a 6-figure affiliate site? In this episode you will learn exactly how Kevin built up, and then flipped 3 6-figure affiliate sites. Kevin breaks down everything from how to build up the site, to exactly how to handle the complicated sale process, and everything in-between. Watch it here: […]

Top 10 Lion Zeal Episodes of 2017

I thought it’d be fun to look back over all the interviews last year, and do a quick recap showing the top 10 most popular episodes of the year. Listen to it here: Or Subscribe to the show on iTunes. 10. How To Scale Your SEO Agency To 7 Figures with John Logar At number 10 we […]

How Diggy Went From Supermarket Cashier to Digital Nomad

Do you find it hard to stay motivated long enough to grow a successful business? In this episode, Daryl sits down with Diggy to discuss how to get started, building up your business, and mindset traits that you need to run a successful business and then scale it. With the wrong mindset, your business will […]

How Jarod Makes $20k/m from UpWork at 20 Years Old

Are you struggling to land high paying SEO clients? In this episode, Jarod Spiewak explains how, at twenty years old, he makes $20k per month from clients he landed on Upwork. Even better, he explains how this client acquisition process is almost completely automated. You will learn step-by-step how to do this to land clients […]

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