About Lion Zeal

Lion Zeal Mastermind

Lion Zeal was originally created by Daryl Rosser in January 2014 as a small mastermind to connect with SEO’s that use affiliate marketing to monetize their websites.

Since then it has evolved into a general SEO mastermind, and training blog which launched in September 2014.

The blog was created to become the ultimate resource for up to date information on building an SEO business.

It wasn’t that long ago we were using 20% exact match anchor text ratios and ranking consistently, now-a-days that would be begging for a penalty.

Rather than sell you a product every time there is something new to launch, or keep our strategies private until they are over-used, you can see exactly what we are using now to rank and make money.

Our article ideas, and some times even articles, are crowdsourced from the mastermind group. If you have any questions you need answered, or would like to contribute to the blog in other ways… join the Lion Zeal Mastermind.

This isn’t some “guru” blog where you’ll be spammed with launch emails every other week. We are a community of SEO’s giving back, to help others so we all benefit from it.

Introduction to Daryl

darylHey guys, welcome to the Lion Zeal blog. I created this blog after accumulating over 500 posts on various forums discussing SEO strategies, monetization techniques, and helping others out.

I’m really passionate about helping other people build their businesses and wanted a free resource and community to contribute to this.

I’ve been building websites since I was 13, starting out with free sub-domains, but eventually turning it into a real business of affiliate marketing at 16.  I’m still doing affiliate marketing to this day, but now run a six figure per year SEO company, and make most of my money from consulting real businesses.

Over the years of being in this whole ‘IM’ industry, I’ve had a number of experiences and learnt a lot from it, including…

  • Earning and losing $800,000 in less than a year
  • The mindset of the poor (I watched a biz partner blow $70,000 in single a trip to Vegas) and how to think rich
  • The wrong way to form partnerships (how I lost the $800,000 biz) and how to do it right
  • Travel is hell’a fun
  • Seeing years of work suddenly come together in an “overnight success” e.g. a $20,000+ profit day
  • Turning around business failure and how it’s 90% mindset

I’m not a millionaire yet, but I love what I do and my business is growing practically month on month. I don’t make my money from teaching SEO, I make it from actually implementing it – by doing it for clients or my own affiliate sites. I can’t promise you any results from reading this website, but I can show you exactly what I do and hopefully help some people out by doing so.